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The Wise Lord

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현질하는 영주님!
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

Synopsis The Wise Lord

[Remove Ads + Unlimited Growth Buff Ticket (500,000 G)]
[Knight Training Center Lv.5 Upgrade (4,000,000 G)] [
Transcendence Grade Equipment Draw Ticket (30,000,000 G)]

ps: No tags in source

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  1. Yu Mi Yu Mi says:

    It’s a game like system not transportation into a game world. The tags are insufficient.

  2. Light says:

    I enjoyed it. I wish they would update it soon

  3. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Okay, I’ve reached chapter 51 and I can honestly say I’m enjoying it. there were several moments when it made me laugh. Though a warning, if you dislike the protagonist always winning and things just somehow goes right for him, then this is not for you.

    Personally, I enjoy drama sometimes, but I prefer to read some light-hearted novels that don’t have some high stakes and drama. Though the best novel in my eyes is when the protagonist struggles fiercely but in the end he manages to gain victory without losing anyone he cares about. This is not that novel but it seems to be a light-hearted novel with not much of a serious tone, though there are some moments but it got resolved quickly. So yeah, I recommend giving this a try.

  4. fallen gr fallen gr says:

    i am at chapter 100 and i like it

  5. Lord Web Novel Connoisseur says:

    In my opinion , it was refreshing and would welcome if admin were to add similar type of stories about cheats and becoming a lord of some territory.

  6. Nightune says:

    Agreed, but as an excuse I tend to raise my standard quality when finding novels on this site cause sometimes I unconsciously treat this site as normal novel reading site unlike a normal MTL because It’s translation are somehow on par with a normally translated novel unlike other sites like koreanmtl, on-page google translation of syosetsu and MTLnovel

  7. Apops says:

    Finally pointed that out. But most are braving the MTL-infested lands to find goodies not trash

  8. Blue Shadow says:

    And @Arcus 101 u write better synopsis

  9. Blue Shadow says:

    Honestly just the read novels when u guys bored, its doesn’t have to be good or bad just read to pass time. U guys already read more than 100+ novels so u knows how which novels is good or bad thats why just read to pass time or when u didn’t have novel to read

  10. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Sian Ellandor is the trashy youngest child of the Marquis of Ellandor however, being the bastard child of the Marquis and a handmaid lead to him being oppressed by the family. Eventually, his stepmother decided to have him exiled in the guise of appointing him as the Lord of Ruben, the territory that is known as a land of death where demon beasts roam freely. Having no choice but to accept her decision he goes his new territory with his loyal guard Hans.

    The first day on his new territory, he encounters a group of demon beasts and is chased down by them. Almost running out of stamina, he manages to run to a cave that happens to be able repel demon beasts. Inside the cave, he found a rectangular magic tool-like object shining in the darkness of the cave. This encounter changes his fate forever. Will he be able to find an opportunity in this crisis and flourish as the new Lord of Ruben?


    As for my opinion on it, I’ve only read until the 5th chapter so I can’t really say much on it yet but so far it’s not that bad. Also, I doubt that he is a reincarnator since he can’t recognize that certain rectangular object that I mentioned on the synopsis.

  11. stallion says:

    lately, all the trash novels have been update!!!!

  12. Rone says:

    Not gonna continue it, the writing is bad

  13. Rone says:

    Yeeeaaa, it’s about a bastard child who got exiled to a territory because of a legal wife scheme. It doesn’t say that the protag is a regressor or reincarnator, but behave suspiciously like one. Not all the time tho, but suspiciously do when the situation tell him so.
    And then he got a system, and you’ll likely know where this is going. Territory management etc. Etc.

  14. MISIB says:

    Okay got it, u mean it is a loss of time to read right?

  15. Hah~
    I want to retire already from this stuff

  16. ——————————————————————————
    Soldiers, The moment we had been waiting for again come upon us. We need your help out brave ones. Lend us your power and show us what is beyond this divine book to the inhabitants of this sites.

    We wish you all the best to you soldiers.

    When you come back, each surviving soldier will be given the title of “Saviour”.

  17. fallen gr fallen gr says:

    I am gonna read this my brothers

  18. kk77 says:

    no tags… title gives nothing — and synopsis too of course, also gives nothing. As is tradition.
    where do we go from here
    be glad we can deduce it’s isekai fantasy at least ig

    jumping in blindfolded, ears plugged, arms bound, who is brave enough. not i

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