The World After Leaving the Hero Party
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The World After Leaving the Hero Party

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용사파티 탈퇴 이후의 세계
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The World After Leaving the Hero Party

After defeating the demon king, he said goodbye to the hero party.
They were devastated, but it had nothing to do with me.

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  1. After reading 65 chapters, I must say, this novel isn’t that bad. It has some flaws (IMO), like the main character who behaves like a machine, not expressing any kind of feeling. He doesn’t love nor hate anyone, he doesn’t see anyone as his friend nor his enemy. The only thing he takes into consideration is if the character is useful for him or not. Sometimes he acts like he is punishing those who wronged him, but no, in reality, he is just being rational and taking the most effective action. Well, maybe he will change till the end of the story, what I think will most likely happen, considering there is a reason for him to behave like this.

    The “regret” part is also kinda lame. The heroines bullied him like crazy and once he parted ways with them, they became desperate? Albeit not being a nonsensical setting, it is kinda lame, I wish the author had put some more work while building this specific setting.

    But the biggest problem here is not within the story or the characters, it’s in the translation. Seriously, this is one of the worst translations I read on this site. It is quite hard to understand most of the paragraphs, the guessing work is quite hard here. Some times you just have to let it go and forget about tryint to understand what exactly the text in some paragraphs mean.

    Well, to finish it up, apart from the fact that this story is centered around events that happens AFTER the demon king is defeated, which I found a little bit fresher than most of the other “hero x demon king” stories out there, the rest here is the same as always, an OP protagonist (be it by knowledge or physical/magical power) who has the “curse” of make all female characters fall in love with him… hahahaha…

  2. Exter says:

    The author of the text so violently fap in front of the mirror that I have to dodge the his flying sperm ataks from the monitor.

  3. I M I M says:

    Idk if it’s me who became numb to regret novels, but this one’s pretty boring and dull

  4. grivech says:

    bad story/ dont read

  5. Horne Monke says:

    Anyone know the artist of the cover?

  6. Zorro says:

    I see Regret, time for an all-nighter!

  7. Wallahi says:

    Why are Saints in these stories always dressed like whores

  8. CP says:

    SPOILER end : end only 1 Wife

  9. Gustavo says:

    Regret, but not Harem?

  10. Gustavo says:

    Score 9.4? how does it work?

  11. Gustavo says:

    mc dont give a shit XD

  12. Ryuu says:

    The hero party is annoying what to do?

    Korea = I quit. (left the party)
    Chinese = Revenge! (join the demon lord)
    Japanese = Seppuku! (left the world)
    Indian = left the bomb to them and walk away while wearing sunglasses. (you can see their suprise face one by one for 10 seconds)
    North korea = send the nuke here.

    p.s : they don’t do this in real life. Right?

  13. Nay says:

    I sure hope it isn’t so predictable like some other regret novels

  14. Dont know about the novel but loved the tag

  15. Another regret novel…time to read i guess. (:

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