The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory
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The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory

Read full chapter The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory, Light Novel The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory english, LN The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory, The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory Online, read The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory at Noble Machine translations.
파혼당한 소영주는 영지에 집중합니다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Young Lord Who Was Disengaged Focuses on His Territory

young lord whose engagement was broken off. Elwin Frontier.

Returned to his territory after 4 years.

But that place was not a paradise either.

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  1. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    chp 39
    the story has been boring so far with stupid mcs acts and an even stupider father

  2. Rader says:

    Chapter 13 is chef kiss. It tells us that author is going brain dead. Imagine an Economics graduate not knowing how credit works, he is a eldest son of a duke, a person having at least one of the top position in the whole Empire but moment he had no money from buying more slaves he decided to not buy the livestocks which were also his agenda.

    Then the merchant slave came and explained him that he can use credit. And MC says that he is not considering it. Why?? Even basic Economics teach about debt and equity but MC treat them as just a normal things only relevant in books. Heck people hire economics graduate for consultancy, he could have also became a teacher or so but he went for a black company not even doing economics. Something wrong with Author, he nerfed him to hell.

  3. bozakir says:

    (at chapter 40)
    Sure MC is a herbivore late bloomer. But boy some of you virgins here need to go outside and touch grass. If you had any relationship experience you’d know how good that ex is at being an ex. She bankrolled his farm business (even though she wasn’t expecting it to succeed). She supported his sister when sister was isolated. She even invited him, if he lost the heir position and have nowhere to go. And all that after they broke up. I had girlfriends acted worse than that during relationship.

    In short. This is not your classic, she dumped me for an upgrade and fall into a beehive face first then sold into slavery while i got a catgirl, shortstack and kuudere harem novel.

    MC had an arranged marriage. But girl, while having some affection for him, needed a better partner. Because it became obvious he was losing the heir position and she was losing her heiress position. So no ntr, no cheating, no dog blood drama. Relationship did not work so they broke up. Pretty grounded as far as things go.

    My only complaint is MC is too much of a japanese herbivore dense protagonist pattern. It took him two deaths to learn how to say “no” to people.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Your last statement is all I need to know. Japanese herbivore (I call this beta) dense protagonist. Assuming its true, that is absolute poison.

  4. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Read to chapter 100, it’s a territory and system novel. The development is fairly quick at the start and slows down a bit latter. As for regret ? Very little of it, maybe Mc will marry someone else and the 2nd dukes daughter will regret but for now it’s just a business relationship.

    I read all 100 chapters today, I guess I liked the story. It doesn’t have many exciting parts but it keeps going steadily.

  5. I know it’s weird to say this when i reached to ch 87 but i think it’s boring. I mean it’s good old generic territory management. Also the fact that Mc keeps interacting with the ex despite she dumped him because he was too passive and decided on another guy annoyed me. Mc is not really dense or anything, it’s just romance is not his main focus. But the regret tag is kind of a mistake to use here. Yeah she regrets dumping him, but there is no clear rejection or signs of moving on from Mc so she doesn’t have much to regret about

  6. IME says:

    still waiting new harem novel.

  7. Suherman Joshua says:

    After reading up to chapter 5, I felt uncomfortable with the storyline. MC is a reincarnator, in his first life, he was known as a passive and obedient person, described as a total failure in his first life, died, he was born as the eldest son of Nobel, was rich, had a beautiful fiancé and cared about her (although not satisfied with MC’s character, note that she needed a partner to help her survive in her family power struggle). MC feels like he hit the jackpot in 2nd life even though he has no talent for magic, of course things don’t go his way. As a nobleman, he was caught up in political power struggles too. The MC’s character makes many people look down on the MC, and makes him easy to use. The story would be good if the MC learned to improve his character to be better person slowly, his past is economy degree graduate, so he must can use his brain right, unfortunately the author instead gave the MC a system after MC lose in war that allows him to be able to do magic, and possibly become an OP character.

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      He’s not really OP, it’s more like the plot lets him become a top-tier Stardew Valley/Minecraft player. And not immediately either. Also there’s no regret so its not too much poison. I don’t wanna read anymore though. I think I might need a Noble Break. I read on here everyday and I think I’m addicted… I need to read some real books now. But anyways the plot is decent but I’m bored so I’ll quit.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Oh yeah it was interesting when he kind of develops. Before he died he said “What would’ve happened had I said NO” (pretty much, although the NO was in caps lol) which was pretty interesting and he tried to be more confident. That was probably what made this better than most AI-cover, rip-off sounding title, KR webnovels. Not that its better most in general but, the boring academy/i got divorced so now i’m OP/etc.

      2. milky violet says:

        Might I recommend A Regressors Tale of Cultivation? Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 100 chapters already translated, plus’s 300 raws out on the web hahahahahahaha read it. Arc 10 is the wholesome one

        1. amogustimestwo says:

          I looked it up and it seems good according to the comments? Except everyone is talking some guy named Fang Yuan and selfless and righteous tag. Ig I’ll read it anyway tho.

        2. Suherman Joshua says:

          I also read it up to chapter 93, I don’t think it’s an amazing novel. MC, Seo Eun-hyeon, becomes strong in every regression, from martial artist with first rate level to three flower gather level, finally become cultivator, it is clear that eventually he will be able to compete with the heavenly being cultivator who took his colleagues. The author makes every event too melodramatic, but he don’t take other characters, except Kim, well it understandable, it’s regressor story, just pity. But honestly, it’s make story like yaoi novel lol, because it’s story about two men, obviously when people saw the cover, they will think same. When I read it, it’s true, I felt homo tension between Kim and Seo lol. MC always think about Kim, Kim, Kim, in his head

      3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

        I’ve been reading Chinese novels and manhua lately. I’m not sure why but lately the selection of novels on the site has been kind of boring.

  8. Guywithaname says:

    Y’all are overreacting. While this may be generic but it’s not that overly poisonous this is just mild poison, but depending on your type of MC this might change although I tolerate simp MC not everyone does

    1. I read a few chapters and the mc literally a super simp his fiancée treat an animal better than him and order him like a dog and he has no problem at all and you tell me that we overreacted to this
      How much of a simp more than that

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        He’s just a servile beta I guess you could say. However a few chapters further in he does change quite a bit, although I can’t say it makes the novel way better. It’s just an improvement and it does make the novel unique.

        1. Well you opinion and I respect it
          But what changed a little bit make the story unique is totally wrong for my opinion at least
          We have like more than 200 novels here where the mc become a saint and forgive everyone
          Here his family and fiancée treat him so bad and he already died so at least after you back life again you should become a new person not like when his fiancée come and like ask him questions and he have to answer everything like a dog to his owner
          And he didn’t even get an apology from her

  9. Cero says:

    Regretful ex-fiancee, just a rubbish cliche 😒

  10. Well I’m ready to stop reading Korean novels
    Although they have depth in the story and characters but I can’t take the main characters anymore always simp doesn’t have self respect or any worth always forgive the girls who betrayed you even if they caused the death of the mc he have no problem at all
    At least the Chinese mc have self respect for themselves

    1. محمد says:

      I agree with you, most of the characters created by Koreans are weak in personality and have no respect. Or Chinese characters, most of whom are arrogant and arrogant. 😂😂

      1. Yes I agree with you but at least arrogant is way better than simp weak and no self respect
        The mc in Korean novels when a girl talk to him he will be like (oh what I have to say she’s a heroine the world would be destroyed if I don’t make her stronger and he will become super sayian sump)

    2. Luckyzero says:

      Hmmm, I think most regret novel has 70% chance of having a simp MC regardless of the author’s origin so I always wait for the poison tester in the comment section before diving in to regret novels.

      Seems like my judgment? or theirs? have save my time that I will waste anyway in trivial matters such as reading another novel rather than doing my research that I will have to present tomorrow

      I must truly be insane to comment despite the trial that I must face

      1. Regret novels doesn’t have the mc to forgive
        The author could simply make the betrayal suffer or show you how his life going down
        It’s not necessarily (oh my ex fiancée threw me and now regret now should I have forgive her)

  11. Nameless says:

    24 chapter in, idk if it generic but it quite good

  12. Zen says:

    Chapter 14 i can’t go on… Bro is a super simp

    1. Yeah i also lost interest in that chapter.

      Spoiler: But judging from that chapter Alencia’s older sis Benia might be a/the heroine too. She may even be the cover girl.

      1. I meant the last released chapters

        1. Zen says:

          But still unless he doesn’t do something about Alencia, MC can be considered only a disgusting simp without a backbone and if it’s a brain-dead harem then it is not worth it.

          1. Yeah I got to ch 48. Well i was only skimming the later parts because i was bored… but yeah I really hate how he treats Alencia. Where is the regret?

  13. simplethrone says:

    Imma gobble the poison up

  14. Cero says:

    My god, ethical regret, it smell like generic poison 🥶

  15. Insufferable says:


    1. Insufferable says:

      Also, regret huh. This is a hit or miss for sure. But wisdom is interesting, is it more mature and less edgy than other regret novels? Does it have more actual life lessons?

      1. I am guessing wisdom here means territory management

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