There Is No Salvation for Extras
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There Is No Salvation for Extras

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엑스트라에게 구원은 없다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis There Is No Salvation for Extras

This world is full of things that cannot be solved by effort alone.
For those who are not protagonists but extras, there was no talent, and nothing improved despite their hard work.
There was no kind world for mere extras, and there was no salvation for an extra who ended up living in such a world.
This is just a story of an extra struggling to survive.

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  1. TheSinglesLord says:

    Is it bad that i kinda liked it?

  2. amogustimestwo says:

    I can’t decide whether this is mid or good. near the end its good but the beginning is really slow. I don’t know whether it was worth reading tbh…

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I am still in the 30s, and it has been a slog; it is really slow. And the characters are not well drawn. Other than the MC, the childhood friend, a couple of the Repentance folks, and the principal, I can’t remember who any of them are and have to go back to prior chapters to try and figure it out.

      When does it start getting better?

  3. simplethrone says:

    Nah, people are too harsh. This is just the usual. It’s a hero vs villain world, where hero is a job and the villain actually controlled most of them. MC is the guy kicked from academy and finally became a villain to kill other villain. Too bad his enemies controlled public opinions, so it’s a thankless job. I forgave most of the edgy part cause it was on-brand. This story wants to be edgy, and it caters to those kind of people in the first place. A sub-sub-sub-sub-subgenre for specific kind of people if you will.

    What is the problem however, is your usual narrative choices, mistakes made by new authors. Because MC had to be a villain, everything he does will result in and cemented his position as one. Think about it as plot contrivance, the scale of heavy plot armor. This results in unnatural choices, all for the sake of fulfilling the fantasy, leaving the readers feeling heavily disjointed. Especially for those seeking fun simple power-fantasy stories.

    Not for me. Though I’ll do skip read and jump several chapters if this ever ends, I’m a fan of those “zamaa/regret” stories, just to see those moments happening.

    1. Rader says:

      We are not at all harsh on this story. Let me show example of FFF class Trash hero.

      In that novel MC was acting rationally in first run but since his actions were not as per “Heroic Standards” laid out by gods he was rated FFF. But even if every major character treated him as a Villain as they were required to do so if someone breaks that standard the villages he saved by not acting as only a hero but removing root cause entirely hailed him as a true hero. Not only that everyone who saw his acts and was able to thing outside of the standards laid out by gods praised him even if he was being worse than Demon King.

      In the end when standard was removed one the main Heroine set up by the Gods, even after all her version memories got combined, loved him. She had 1000 of her versions or even more but even then feelings of her 1 version with MC was so strong that it overrode other versions.

      Similar thing happened with Egostic. He was a villaing, he even called himself a villain, but almost everyone was able to see his actions as good. It went on to such a degree that he had to hire someone to post content against him. Yes someone can brainwash few people, but brainwash whole world doesn’t seems to be right.

  4. Zzz says:

    The translation is quite good

    Novel sucks and i hate hero&villain genre
    Idk what the regret is about but i cant hold on long enough before i lose my last remaining braincell on this novel so i am stopping here

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Disagree that the translation is good – it’s pretty mid.

  5. Daver55 says:

    Wait… this got uploaded today? I’m sure I’ve seen that cover before… weird stuff.

  6. amogustimestwo says:

    Is MC or FL on the cover?

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      Oh yeah it is. Except MC wears a mask and i think has red eyes.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        and has a ponytail.

      2. amogustimestwo says:

        nope he has blue eyes

  7. milky violet says:

    I’ve been cooking in my thoughts but I didn’t write it down!!!

    I just- oh nvm I have it

    So y’know how fantasy novels have the hero and demon king right? Why don’t we head to the beginning, the first hero!!!

    First hero, first encounter with demons, first everything. Dubbed the greatest hero!! Balikshar or Beatrice of the Woes in translated modern
    English. But anyways, first encounter with demons does not go well!! Human spears do jack against thick demon ogre orc whatever hide so they are losing the war.
    “Wel humans are adaptable, they will make new weapons ☝️🤓” it hasn’t reached that point yet!! Demons move fast and strike hard, humanity and maybe her allies are always on the back foot because new enemy new tactics- must study. I say maybe her allies because it’s only human land getting destroyed right now.

    Oh now would be a great time to get into the world- one big old continent, demons to the west, humans in the middle, and everyone else to the east. There are otherfolk kingdoms and trinkets bordering the demon lands, but they’re too rural and untamed to be of any threat. But the general gist is that humanity is in the middle!!! Oh yes there are more lands and continents but they don’t matter because not story.

    Anyways, but then comes a stupid girl who cuts through demons like butter, really talented and generic first hero legendary traits like
    “EX+ DRAGON HEART: Infinite mana”
    or “SSS+ DEUS EX MACHINA: Why don’t you wish for it?” and then she becomes the first hero blessed by the goddess or something and yabadabadada kills demon king, demons run away and humanity claims 43% of their land, lady becomes a noble with last name I’m not good with creating names, and yay happy ending!!

    OR DO THEY?? Yes because it is a demon king and hero story, they must fight forever and ever. Nah the DK is just a loser and every hero past the first sucks- not as good. But it’s hard to live up to the name as the first hero, I mean she literally has 9284923029 achievements and ended racism. Literally impossible to beat.

    Oh yes, and the strategy and technology will evolve over the course of the story. Humans figured out that demons aren’t scary, they were just really dumb. I mean using a spear against an ogre?? Use magic dumb fool, it’s like punching a grown man instead of using a nuclear bomb against a toddler

    The sequel takes place 574 years later. Generic Korean male called something like “Kim Hyun-Woo” scolds the author for destroying the sequel of a novel, and is then transmigrated into stupid hero land by the god author. Academy 🤢, and also becoming the fourth hero to earn the title “legendary/great/supreme/awesome” (there’s been like 326 heroes in total btw)

    I can’t think

    1. milky violet says:

      Title would be something like: “I became an Academy’s old master man” because I will retcon the entire thing above and go hehehe the god author just hates MC, so now he has to live through the chaos era and the academy 🤢 era

      He does not like school.

      1. milky violet says:

        Nah that sounds boring though. Let’s make it a game, ‘MC’ is the character you play as and you go through the chaos era and academy time. Chaos era is just so you get a feel for how terrifying and powerful the DK and Hero are, and the academy is just to go “oya~ I am the monster” as you hero everywhere and finish the DK once and for all.

        Now enter uhhh korean name something like Seo —- who is a dirty water of the game and played it 938439 times. So prime candidate to be possessed into the game.

        Oh but wait a minute, transmigrators and possessor- they don’t actually matter because this is a novel. So the real protagonist is a lucky feller who will write a mean comment, let’s call him… I’m not good with names… but he will be possessed into the novel and now has to fight two monster class heroes that know Korean and are. Not enough tension and reader hair pulling, let’s make them girls now too, so now the MC has to juggle between things.

        Hmm I’m going to make the girls but they won’t enter the MCs harem hahahahahahahahahahshahahahahaha, oh did I say harem? NONE!! I- he only strives for the white haired characters and no one has this hair color, probably. Maybe? Hmmm maybe someone will

  8. Extra Extra says:

    No salvation for Extras?

    Me: ….

    1. Zorrow says:


  9. Luckyzero says:

    Okay I guess It’s time to make a comment since I dived

    I won’t rate it, It’s ambiguous for me whether this poison is good or bad, and I feel like I’m admitting that I wasted my time if I did that

    I really like the nonsense where the MC become a villain for a girl at the start (Some of you may not like that, but that’s okay atleast you won’t waste your time anymore reading something that’s not to your liking)

    I manage to empathize with how the MC become a villain and I enjoyed reading that part because I was curious how the ch. 0 happened

    But yes, I think that’s the only pros for me in this novel

    Maybe It’s too early for me to say this but the setting doesn’t explain much about what happened to other countries or the history of what happened after humans gained powers, or were there superpowers since the beginning of this world?

    And about the awakening there’s no explanation on how it happened or why

    Lastly I think I really got bored out because after reading the part on how the MC become a villain I feel like I’ve been out of immersion reading this since It just time skipped to the part where the MC become a full fledged villain with his companions that I don’t really care about

    (by the way I finished reading until ch. 11)

    To summarize the my complain:

    If only this novel made like maybe 50 ch. on what happened after reincarnation to how he become a villain (To make us empathize on MC’s hardship and feel the worth of sacrificing himself for his childhood friend)

    And maybe like another 50 ch. on how he became a full fledged villain ( atleast don’t time skip to break our immersion and make us feel his growth after awakening)

    Then I don’t know… Maybe this thing would have been one of my favorite regret novel if that happened lol

    1. Luckyzero says:

      Maybe It’s too early for me to review this novel, but I’ll just do it to since I said I’m diving it

  10. Big Blackclock says:

    Huh. I am pretty sure there was someone’s comment here and I replied to that person. But I can’t find it anymore 🤔🤔

    1. Rader says:

      Same. Mods removed his comment because of offensive words, it has happened to me too in past.

      1. Big Blackclock says:

        And I thought this poison I just took had an extra effect that gives illusion or smth. Thank god.😮‍💨

  11. Rader says:

    Same. I will be scared and fascinated to the magic and other things, saving some Heroine will be last thing in my mind. Most probably I will let the game world burn while I research Magic and find the ones who are researching dimensional magic, then call on the people of Earth and invade this world when it’s at weakest.

    Well, maybe this is the reason that mostly gullible people are MCs of such types of novels.

    1. Rader says:

      This was a reply to Mohammad guy, his comment got nuked huh. Everyone use * in case of offensive words like id*ot or stup*d. Mods here can remove even slightly offensive comments.

      1. Big Blackclock says:

        Ahh. Okayy. Thanks for telling me🫡

      2. Well thanks I didn’t know that
        Yes I have the same opinion as you why would you sacrifice your whole life note that this his second life which supposed to be more precious since he died once
        He can look at the wonderful new world magic and superpowers not oh I like the female game character so I will waste my life for her

  12. Rader says:

    I am a human and can make biased decisions. So after reading the prologue where MC sacrifice his entire being to save one heroine I am out.

    Yes there is Egostic and Stardust combo but there MC didn’t tell in first page that he will sacrifice everything for her, and their dynamics improved a lot as they became a proper couple. But here I can’t see that happening.

    Yes, this may be a great novel. But I have seen only 1 good novel where MC is sacrificing but in style, rest were some regret garbage or a diary of Mega Simp. Anyways this time it’s on other poison testers to chart this seemingly poisonous territory, looking forward to their report.

    1. Apops says:

      I’m one of the few who actually blindly likes that trope of MC sacrificing their lives for stranger (then) fictional character. But it’s rarely done except for Academy Player, ORV, I am Loved by the Villains, Saving My Beloved from a world of destruction, This World needs a hero, etc.

  13. Big Blackclock says:

    To the people who don’t want to read this novel cause of my spoiler, please don’t forget that the spoiler I put below is only from the beginning chapters (around 1-20). It might get better later.

  14. Big Blackclock says:

    Similar to ”I became the villain the heroine is obsessed with” but wayy darker.

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      A spoiler of the beginning chap:- Mc gets transmigrated as an extra. He does his best to get stronger. But couldn’t get as strong as hus favourite character in the game(fmc and childhood friend). Mc’s ability is to cut small objects. The story contains heroes an villains (no demons and monsters), It’s shown that most of the heroes only work to get fame and money in that world.

      Mc fights against the villain, and uses his ability to cut the villain’s hand, but instead of praise or rewards he is put into the probation for violence(I that this logic). His childhood friend and other guy(I think real protagonist of the game) still supports him. But, due to the jealousy and contempt, people starts throwing stones, even flower pots at him(cause of that ”violence”). He still manages to endure it. But later, when a villain was abt to kill a student, he awakened his power(got a lil bit more powerful) and chopped off the villain’s and the students’s hand. He was called into the principal room and told to expelled. The student also called him monster. Despaired, he killed the principal, who was actually a villain and ran away and started a new villain organisation that haunts down another villain organisation.

      1. Big Blackclock says:

        Also, he basically forces himself to convince that the world is only a game of a fight between heroes and villains. Self hypnosis or smth similar to that.

      2. Big Blackclock says:

        (I hate this logic)*

      3. Big Blackclock says:

        Sry for so many grammatical
        and spelling mistakes. I am not used to write long sentences like these.🥲🥲

      4. D1Grandmaster says:

        Thanks for the review but ngl this looks trash asf. I just hate novels where Mc purposely gets shlt on for no reason during the whole story. Noblemtl needs to stop fxcking uploading 8.8 trash fr

        1. Insufferable says:

          He forgot to mention that the villain principal was the one that influenced the pubpic and spread the rumors that mc is a violent and villainous person. In fact his original friends and classmates never hated him but only the “extras” are the one influenced.

          1. Insufferable says:

            To reiterate it. Itbwas the student villain that he killed the second time that used his powers to spread rumors and influence the minds of the public and jealous students to harm mc and despise him. The reason why the clearly blatant mind control is not investigated is because the principal is a villain that allowed it to happen

      5. Frenzy Plant says:

        Too dark for my taste. Thanks

  15. Crosz says:

    Please do give an update my fellow degenerates who make heroic sacrifices by reading this novel…

  16. Buckget22 says:

    Looks interesting and has a regret tag…. high chance of poison but willing to take the risk because of the pure love tag. Wish me luck 😋

  17. Random guy says:

    This harem or nah?

    1. Random guy says:

      Actually nvm

  18. Luckyzero says:

    I’m gonna give it a dive, a novel without the word “obsessed with” and “academy” is rare

      1. Luckyzero says:

        Didn’t delve deep but there’s an academy at first, I doubt it whether the MC will go to the academy as a student again

      1. Luckyzero says:

        Yep, you’re first mate

  19. Darkness_Enjoyer says:

    Yo, I am fast.

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