A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension
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A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension

Read full chapter A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension, Light Novel A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension english, LN A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension, A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension Online, read A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension at Noble Machine translations.
아차원을 가진 전생자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis A Reincarnated Person With a Sub-Dimension

Hard work can’t beat natural talent,

talent can’t overcome a given environment.

I thrive in a truly “different” environment.

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  1. Fff says:

    10\10 argument both poison tester has their reasons

  2. You = Him = I says:

    5/5, A good plot and escalation. I like the part where they both disagree to each other, it’s fun to read, definitely worth it. (I’m not referring to the novel.)

  3. Is this Harem or not.

  4. The Duchess needs more updates says:

    Poison tester corps hahaha holy shit you guys are amazing. I love this comment section and I’ve been missing out on this this entire time.

  5. MoonlightWalker says:

    *me watching 2 poison tester while eating popcorn*

    This just turned into an epic debate.

    (Anyways debates aside can someone tell me are there other sites still continuing [MY ALTER EGO IS BECOMING A GIANT]. I love this kind of novel.)

  6. F poison testing,
    Anyone want to debate why the earth is cone shaped with me , gets your a$$ over here

  7. LittleBrotherDesir says:

    Im sure… Didnt even try to read the novel, but the fight between the poison tester must be far better than it!

  8. Einar says:

    I aint readin allat

  9. kk77 says:

    eh, i very recently read another novel on this site, and literally everyone in main comments was complaining about how completely generic it was, meanwhile i see them just after reading all like “O_O?? tf yall mfers ON about” – because it was the one of the most refreshing stories and mc i’d read about in months, so i know what you mean-


    to see a self-proclaimed *ranked* officer of the poison testers gush so hard over a release, and it’s NOT objectively one of the absolute top novels on this site, nay, the concurrent WN scene, upon immediate inspection?
    I will see you at court-martial yet, SIR! At the very least probation – for to don the mantle means to bear the responsibility, and the unbridled scrutiny that must follow every recommendation.

  10. I think we just disagree kk77. I didn’t find it that generic at all, but perhaps our reading experiences differ.

    The writing itself, in this novel, is far better than the vast majority of novels on this site. It has consistent details, background, setting, a real world, and an actual plot.

    Many novels on here are just vague settings with vague worlds with few details and few characters (99% women + mc).

    I just don’t see how it’s generic, though. I found it to be a breath of fresh air that was very entertaining.

  11. kk77 says:

    i managed halfway… no more… mercy.. x_x

    utterly and thoroughly unremarkable, absolute waste of my time. normally i wouldn’t give something so uninspiring a second glance, let alone any chapters, but i don’t know what possessed me to actually put faith in another’s words.

    Lieutenant; technically it wasn’t poison – your only saving grace – yet somehow i feel nauseated all the same. consider yourself lucky that i will be restraining myself from writing a strongly worded letter to the Tester Corps to have your ass decommissioned immediately. For now.

    as for anyone else, you can try it if you want, as mentioned there’s nothing real bad, just incredibly generic. you might like it, if you dont mind the bland mc, his underwhelming ambitions, inconsistent personality, uncreative use of powers, the complete lack of any–
    *ahem* I’ll refrain from the rant. I doubt I’d have received this so negatively had I not let myself be led into having non-zero expectations for a novel on this site thanks to you-know-who *glares menacingly*

  12. Okay… kind of doubtful but will try to read it

  13. It’s an error. He didn’t consciously let his father die. There was nothing, physically, that the MC could do. His superpower is limited to purely himself, and can’t affect others.

    I just finished reading all 53 chapter available.

    My final review:

    This novel is REALLY good! I HIGHLY reccomend reading it!

    It’s about a MC who died in a post-apocalpytic Earth, becoming reincarnated in a world of magic and swords. Our MC goes on adventures, gains power, and is a general badass.

    I won’t spoil anything more, but I have to say, it’s a 10/10 series for me!

  14. R says:

    MC was 6 when his father died. The sentence you misunderstood was saying his father sacrificed himself protecting others was his(father’s) choice.

  15. Tian says:

    oh, i was waiting for someone to read more than me to know if it was good, when i read that he consciously let his father die i lost the will to continue, but maybe it’s a translation error or i read wrong. i only read 3 chapters.

  16. I’m only on Chapter 5 so far, and here’s my opinion:



  17. Alright, lads, I’m going in!

  18. Luiz Felipe says:

    A fking flat earth

  19. YellingSnake says:

    As a cone earther I approve this cover

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