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Reincarnated User Manual

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환생자 사용 설명서
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Reincarnated User Manual

One day I suddenly had a younger sister.

Only I know the brat’s true identity.

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  1. yake says:

    After 50 chapters, the plot is barely watchable, full of boring everyday interactions, with no powerful enemies or wits. The characters are not well shaped, the behavior of the MC and his sister is too childish compared with the adult mind, and the maids just dote on the MC without further shaping. In addition, the main character’s motive is not reasonable, he was killed by his sister in the original book, but now he obviously does not need to worry about death after dealing with the relationship. His sister is strong and will save the world, the MC has no need to be strong himself, so why would he force himself to be strong and reduce his reputation by bullying others just to prevent him from being noticed by the bad guys? I don’t like this gangster MC.

  2. I have read somewhere just over 150 chapters, and I can say that this book is… Intriguing. It’s hard to call it either bad or good, and it’s not entirely “interesting,” so its rating is more “curious.” There’s nothing that could really hook you, but the development of the book is relatively good and enjoyable. I don’t know, I have very mixed feelings, to be honest. Perhaps this work could have been something more, but I don’t know what it’s missing. Some kind of twist, maybe?

  3. A slight lie from everyone here. There is incest, but it’s like medieval type stuff so it’s “fine”.
    He marries his cousin guys.

    It’s a pretty good novel but it loses the charm of the beginning further on. I wouldn’t say that’s bad because growth, but I’d like an MC that’s just a sh*t head. Oh yeah, and a lot of the r-18 scenes seem very unwarranted besides his cousin. I mean they’re all consensual besides his cousin who literally just r*ped him.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’d feel pretty nasty if me and my step sister whom I’ve known for all my life just decided to bang for no reason. As cruel as it sounds, I think the r-18 scenes would work more if they were forced cause then I could gaslight myself into thinking it’s justified to add in.

    1. The MCs personality, I don’t like it. He indulges too much in debauchery and me personally, I’d like a more grey type character.

      Otherwise, it’s just your typical hero story. I mean the plots pretty good though.

  4. Bluebro says:

    Thanks you Noble for posting this.

  5. Rader says:

    And about attract the Aggro part. It’s like this, in game and reality if MC has good Karma the Apostles will come to him so he made bad karma to get this effect because he was weak. Later as he gets strong he decided to remove the penalty points and increase Karma.

    Thing is that MC is a hero but he is not powerful than most around him. In fact people around him falls under Top 10 strongest people. One is a talented genius who appears in 1000 years and becomes his wife, other is reincarnated Hero with all memories and a sword as powerful as holy sword, his uncle called as strongest human, his father even more powerful than his uncle and can solo 4 Apostles, his maid is as strong as Apostle, he has a dragon teacher, and an Archmage Elf as companion.

    In short, yes MC is weak but he is only relatively weak. He has a goal to meet his first love which entered the game world before him and now is an Angel. He is selfish and not the best MC around her but it’s okay. Heroines are fleshed out so that’s a plus in itself.

    1. Thank you for the in depth review, going to give this a read.

  6. Rader says:

    There is no incest. What the hell these guys smoking? It must be quite powerful.

    MC is not genetically related to Reincarnated Hero. And they banged at age of 20, she started loving him since childhood and since mental age were not far apart there is no problem here. In short, there is no taboo thing, moment she told him they were not related MC buried his cock into her pussy and made her cum multiple times. And her appearance is small because her new body is genetically small size, she is not a Loli

    1. Bluebro says:

      Thank you for your review. Too bad there is no incest :/

  7. Cero says:

    I do not recommend it. The premise is interesting but the author did not know how to handle It and ir becomes boring after chapter 40.

  8. Below average novel.. the premise had lots of potential, but the author ruined it. I don’t understand the role of MC here, except he is just there without purpose. He is neither strong, not smart… Just an adult in child’s body with absolutely no control over his emotions and acting childish. And the plot felt more like slice of life but kid’s edition.

    Not sure about later chapters, but till the chapter I read, its below average and totally bland…

  9. Interesting novel till chapter 48. He starts the trope of “Become an asshole and attract aggro because I want people to look down on me” I’m sorry I can’t handle it. Please can someone tell me if it’s worth enduring those chapters…?

  10. Reii i Reii i says:

    As the legend says of a man who said incest is “win”cest, there should be no problem trying this to get into jail time

  11. Oyvey says:

    This sounds a lot like Regressor Instruction Manual…

    1. RealEason says:

      naw bro RIM is so much better

  12. It’s fun. It’s fun. It’s fun. I’m getting older and more mature so all I’m really looking for is stuff that entertains me. Funny how standards can become so flexible as you grow older.

    Anyways it’s fun and… cute?

    1. Don’t take my word for it tho since I’m a big smoldering hypocrite. If I don’t like a novel I will focus on its negatives and rant about it (I don’t magnify and exaggerate it tho so +1).
      But if I like a novel I will intentionally (lol) gloss over some negatives (which this novel definitely has) and just say it’s fun and cool.
      But since I’m a person that judges a novel based on how annoyed I am or not, you can still use my reviews as a reference on whether your blood pressure is at stake or not.

  13. Shadow says:

    Well anyone actually willing to say if this is good or not? Inc*est or whatever aside, an actual story rating?

  14. Suherman Joshua says:

    Hahaha MC character basically delusional, or maybe the weak lucky bastard. MC possessed the game mirror villain in the origin story, who jealous of his younger sister. MC doesn’t have a system to back it up, but believes that if he does what’s in the games he plays, he’ll improve his stats, like running in the snow and wielding a sword multiple times. His attitude made her younger sister confused and very worried about his older brother’s physical and mental health. His interactions with his little sister are always interesting. Her younger sister is the reincarnation of a hero who lived 400 years ago, weirdly she became a descendant of her own family, while she never had children during her life. She don’t wants to be a warrior and wants to enjoy her new life as a woman who likes reading books, but her brother’s always drags her into fight.

    1. Luckyzero says:

      I was wondering wether to read it or not but your comment makes me interested so I’m gonna dive in

  15. IwantemBed says:

    I like it, no , I Love it a lot, there’s just something about it like a junk food or comfort food, it ain’t gonna give you much but it sure as hell Hits a spot like scratch in the back that hits the itch

  16. After watching Yosuga no Sora at a fairly young age, I have become quite accepting of inc*est, so I suppose this is a great book to delve into and observe the relationship between strange (possessor and reincarnated one) siblings. I hope I won’t be poisoned.

    1. Couldn’t have said better myself

    2. I went on a degenerative streak at a young age watching plenty of inc*est h*ntai. So yeah I think I’m pretty used to it. I still hate it, but if I were to see it I’d probably go “…okay”

    3. Supcolors says:

      I remember when I first started watching anime, Yosuga no Sora was one I always saw next to some other anime I watched. I thought the cover was interesting but skipped it. When I finished all the animes I wanted I thought to try this one too. Boy I was shocked when I saw all of it. Don’t even remember how I got through all episodes. This also made me aware of the existence of hentai… good times, I think…

  17. Zreomurderer says:

    as soon as I came back the chapter 200 was great

  18. Hehe says:

    Ahahahha finally haremmm and 100 + chapters

  19. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    If only we have milfcest it would be better

    1. Jahe Manis says:

      No milfcest, but milf of thousand years obasan that act like mother to MC.

    2. Padre damaso says:

      For you cultured reader there is indeed a milf yandere action going on

  20. Jahe Manis says:

    Warning: it’s contain inc*est. But if the heroine, younger sister of the MC, that actually reincarnator with mental age of hundreds of years, and the MC is the possessor, can that be categorized as inc*est.🤔 There’s also MC’s cousin that obsessed toward MC.

    1. It’s inc*est if they are related by blood, whether their souls are different or not.

    2. Daver55 says:

      More like childhood friend of MC dies and goes to another world, there she dies again, gets reincarnated in the same world 500 years later as some half sibling of a dude who looks like our MC, dunno how IRL she makes a game telling the story of her 2nd reincarnated self, and dies in the real world going back to my first sentence, after her death IRL MC plays game and gets inside it and possesses the dude who looks like him… or something like that?

    3. Bluebro says:

      Incest? I’m in!

  21. Cover got me sold alright let’s see.

    1. So….you are a lolicon…?

    2. Haa~>>>….i am tired of these mid level works. I already tried other and I can’t read trash anymore continuously. Even tho I am reading other novels, their updates are slow on nu, and same with fanfics. Someone who knows a good story with harem and academy, pls ask noble to add it to this site… It’s stressful to repeat this over and over again. Good thing i am not an infinite regressor. Otherwise, even just 1 single day, would become 2 or more or maybe years for me to read new novels or the next chapters of the novels I am reading. And that would be hell for me. Real fuking hell.

      1. If anyone among you is an infinite regressor, my condolences. May you get out of that hell fast.

        1. Chaitanya says:

          Becoming Professor Moriarty’s Probability. Harem+mystery+yandere+obsession love. Great novel my personal favourite but I cannot find it’s mtl

  22. nishino says:

    yes an harem without obsession now please be good

  23. salcrimson says:


  24. Zreomurderer says:

    too fast, no chapters

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