Another World Warrior Who Uses a Shop
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Another World Warrior Who Uses a Shop

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Another World Warrior Who Uses a Shop

Hyeon-joon, who was dragged to another world and wandered at the bottom.
Kill goblins and get stronger with status windows and shops.

‘I will not live being trampled on anymore.’

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  1. jony oli jony oli says:

    I read all the chapters and I liked it, a story without forced love, of harem with women with big breasts more annoying than the others whose presence is justified only to arouse the libido of the readers .

    The hero is a young adult who has always felt crushed by society and by chance found himself in another low fantasy medieval world and we follow his adventure to find his place in this fantasy world, It’s a good story.

    I don’t like to rate stories but here I give it an 8/10.
    Certified by an old reader who has been reading LN for 12 years Lmao.

  2. It’s a shame, but it got kind of bland after the story started to develop in the direction of getting involved with the nobility. It would have been better if he had continued adventuring. I also didn’t really like the decision that he can only collect mana by buying in the store in a very overpriced way. If he has mana sensitivity and mana control, it doesn’t make much sense for him to be held hostage by the shop in that sense.


  3. Qes says:

    Quite good. MC not OP from the start as the shop only gathers point slowly and its impact isnt big immidietly. A lof of conflict MC is not stomping the enemy and instead is in the position to outsmart the enemy. A lot of politics involving nobles, royalty and church but done well and isnt a chore like other novels in this site. There isnt anyone thats really an antagonist thats out to get MC for no reason, they all have their angles and what to gain.

    All in all pretty solid read definitely needs an update. 7/10

  4. Of course, when I say he’s not dense, I mean being able to read the situation, for example, deciding to run away from Birman without a second thought. There haven’t been any romantic interests so far, so I can’t say whether or not he’s dense in that sense. lol

  5. It’s surprisingly interesting. When we think of a story that involves a status window and a store to buy talents, usually the MC just needs to breathe and he buys the talent to be the best swordsman in the universe by chapter 3. In this one, the pace of growth is not neither fast nor slow, the protagonist isn’t dense as a rock and is pretty quick-witted. I read up to 20 for now, but I will continue reading.

  6. swadf says:

    man seriously after chapter 100 or so. there is no shop anymore or rarely show up, no more quest, and forgotten karma such a waste of good novel. its like it become different kind of novel, a political novel no more adventure and monsters.

  7. mr joster mr joster says:

    i read to ch64, there is no romance, but i gonna read all of this


    But is there ROMANCE?

  9. Workout says:

    Read a little, 5.5/10, alright if you’re bored and want something interesting quickly, maybe I’ll change it as I get further into the story

  10. Workout says:

    I’ll give a review, mc’s father dies and he got a construction job and made good money, and he saved it all up, he want through high school well but he started to waste money and lackey moderation, eventually he he started to reflect after a hangover and whisked to dissapear and guess what happened, he went to a different and he starts in prison?
    (All about ch.1)

  11. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    A loli shows up around chapter 25, has Novlemtl finally seen the light?


    Poison testers? I don’t wanna go in yet please tell me there’s romance…

  13. Reader says:

    Is there romantic

  14. TIP says:


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