The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed
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The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed

Read full chapter The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed, Light Novel The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed english, LN The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed, The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed Online, read The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed at Noble Machine translations.
용사의 동생은 우울할 수밖에 없다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Hero’s Brother Is Bound To Be Depressed

I became a lump of inferiority complex in the novel I wrote.

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  1. H H H H says:

    The novel has already been completed on novelpia
    Plz update it

  2. this novel is actually pretty amazing
    the characters feel like people and the stories within the novel made
    me cry like twice

    I can understand why people who read up to the part where he got tortured
    and didn’t resent the princess that makes me mad too but the reason for that
    is due to the skill he got where it helps him ignore the torture so no pain no trauma
    if anything to him it was all a waste of time as he was saved by the principal
    the thing I found stupid was that he was accused with helping the warlock with good analogy but no evidence to back it up.z

    if you can make it past 20-30 it’d be smooth sailing
    also Ellie is not the FML

  3. Vandis says:

    Truly a unique novel. Hope it will be updated soon.

  4. King PJ King PJ says:

    I dont know why there are so many negative reviews, this is one of the best novels on this site.

    Many people are complaining that its frustrating to read because the original protagonist’s harem are b*tches, and it’s true but this novel doesn’t center on them, MC found his own group outside the main characters cast, they were extras on the original novel but they are far more interesting that the original main cast plus they form a true friendship with MC based on trust despite him being talentless, this is much better than any other novel where MC sides with the main heroines or similar.

  5. Anonim says:

    If you want him to put the rest of the chapters, you have to ask for it on discord
    otherwise they won’t listen to you

  6. Tet says:

    Update pls 🥺

  7. ISSA says:

    Can we get ch 201?

  8. novel reviewer says:

    122 123 154

  9. novel reviewer says:

    smut chapter 154 beast

  10. Blue Shadow says:

    and chapter 180 is just wow

  11. novel reviewer says:

    smut chapter 123 paradox of love

  12. Blue Shadow says:

    Well my bad, its wrong what she did.
    Oh yeah, dont read chapter 133-134 just skip

  13. willianpk1 says:

    blue shadow desculpe o erro no nome

  14. willianpk1 says:

    sobra azul =salvadora? isso que ela faz e basicamente uma dependência tóxica se ela de verdade já o tivesse considerado um amigo não o usaria e seus sentimentos para se aproximar do irmão na minha opinião ela pior e mais assustador que a torturadora ela manipula os sentimentos e emoções dele se aproveitando da sua situação frágil bullying etc ela quer ser amiga tudo bem mais que ele fique com outra uma que o ama de verdade não uma louça manipuladora que se aproximou dele pra ficar irmão ele tóxica e manipuladora mano sinceramente ele um pouco nojenta ate pra ser amigo com amigo assim que mente pra vc e ou manipula brinca com sentimentos mesmo se não tiver malícia que precisa de inimigos. bro foi mal o texto longo e alguns erros de escrita

  15. Blue Shadow says:

    @Misib u right about that, that is not get me angry. Its the MC, after all the torture he just left no feelings what so ever, no anger, no resentment, its just like MC feel like “Finally im out of this place”

    And for people hating mc Childhood Friends i think u guys needs to read more until chapter 100+. Basically she know MC has feeling for her and using it to get close to his brother. And MC know that, and also because she keep coming to him, MC who has feeling for her gets happy as she is the only friend. And from in the 100 chapter they basically reconnect again as friend who works together. Oh also she the only friend who talk to MC so she kinda like savior for him after all almost everyone ignores or bullying (including his parents)

    So just read u will know it

  16. I had read up to chapter 27. Then i gave up and read some of the later chapters because i was curious if Ellie was the heroine.

    Two things made me drop this. Ellie and the brother hero. Both of them are so annoying and Ellie is mentally sick tbh. Mc’s behaviour towards them also made me drop it. If it were me i’d spat to Ellie’s face and never see both of them again.

    Brother is a good person. But being around him is nothing but bad. Starting from just being uncomfortable being near a harem hero but the harem is a danger itself. Princess heroine puts Mc into a torture chamber inside church for days because he was sus. Mc uses his brother well to solve problems require violance though. It’s just annoying to be around someone who has the world working for him. Not jelousy but weird

    Honestly above comment is right. There are good settings. As intended author makes you feel Mc’s drawbacks well. You feel the inferiority complex. The girl mc’s body likes uses mc to get closer to his brother. But Mc can’t hate her because of his body restrictions and because he created her character. But she is a psycho. When both Mc and her have different lovers she kisses the Mc and asks her to have her first time. She says his brother wouldn’t mind it because he is a harem hero.

    It’s not even like the setting of “inside the adult game as a former hero”. Since Mc’s body has restrictions first he got jealous that his childhood friend liked his brother.

    I can’t do this. I’m putting a bookmark if i someday return here and get out lol

  17. Feng says:

    OMFG the characters bro the characters are so annoying again. Elle is literally a psychopath. She is the reason original Ross is like that. She manipulated his whole childhood and ruined him so that she could make him into her fucking dog . Fuck don’t read man . Story is good . But characters will make you puke and unable to sleep. 6/10

  18. Misib says:

    I came here to say, read it, here the deal is how the novel is different between your average read mc start as a pussy, but is kinda debuff og Ross had, girls use him or torture him, but he dont do shit because he cant afford the consequences, so yeah.

    a very worth novel, perhaps it may be a bit offputing as mc isnt your munchkin op mega chad mega ultra op,
    his brother is, also his brother is the one with harem, his brother only get kindness, too so he is bright person, thats why heroines are needed like people above said she tortured mc, and was going to kill him, mc still let her go, but for the right reasons, she is a snake, she deals with dirt stuff his brother dont need too see or know, also she is his brother greatest shield, so yeah, it feels bad not having revenge, also seeing someone else have a perfect harem and our mc doesnt, feels strange but good, like the world dont goes around or mc, mc knows a lot of stuff, but he makes mistakes too, even his plan are using against him sometimes, so here is a most complete history than u think, cf itself likes hero not mc. i cant say much cause is spoilers but a worth novel, a bit off puting in some parts, but author did follow a cold scenario where mc follow the “right route”, instead of declaring war with people he cant nor shouldnt touch.

    cant say is a marterpiece, has some things that dont feel good to read too, also has holes, but here author follow some original and right decisions and mc find his own way trough his hard ordeal.

    not fan of this one not being harem, but it is till okay i guess.


  19. Feng says:

    ack! wth did i just read. yacklyucklyuck! MC is so fcking bland and goody two shoes. The girls are

    S0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 annoying and mc doesnt do anything about them. Specially that BELLE ARRRRRRGGGHHH I WANNA RIP HER TO PIECES FCK.SHe almost tortured him to dead with the intent to kill him but he just fcking lets her go fck

  20. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    ellie is a btch and luna is the best girl

  21. Tea O Ais Tea O Ais says:

    so he got torture and fine with it? well, I’m not reading this shit then. Good luck to you guys. thanks for the review.

  22. Blue Shadow says:

    This Shadow, Codename is Blue
    *Reporting my review!!* (Spoiler) Read up to 100, well some i skip

    MC, is an author who write a +18 novel where the protagonist is a munchkin and he possessed the younger brother of protagonist of has inferior complex. At his first day possession he kinda just accept that, or maybe the system force him?. After that you who read this will sometimes will angry toward him because of his feeling like i am. He’s using the knowledge to get super rare magic, and save villiage also study alone. He endure bully, bad rumor about him.
    Even after that he still accused being traitor and guess what he get tortured for 2 days straight in interrogation room. And just cool with that (i was so angry at him in this chapter) and left the room. He slowy began The ‘Character Development’ and its all good actually hes doing even better than i thought but you must read at least to chapter 75+ if you want to read. Well MC from trash to a better person he want to became a HERO.

    Heroine or the OG heroines? The Heroine here only 1, she so sweet, but they’re progress kinda fast so.

    Og heroine? Childhoom friend first she know he has felling for her so she use that to get close to protagonist, and in around 100 chapter they became friend, they both relying to each other, MC got help by her if not probably MC already suicide, and MC helP her to get revenge. So they still bestie.

    And the MFkng Princess i hate her so much her name is ‘Bella’she the type everything is for protagonist she doesn’t care anything else, even tortured MC because he was suspicious after all thing “coincidence” happpens, and still like that after 100, MC says he can get her to kneel, i want to keep read this to see that.

    The big boons heroines i think she the kindest heroine mc ever meet beside his girlfriend. She even trust MC after telling lie that his brother love woman who has mustache. Honestly i wish to see protagonist end up with her.

    I think there one more heroine, but she has less scene below 100 chapter.

    And the world is supposed only about sex in this world is dark, like what happened to MC master, i hate MC for writing that kind stories in his novel.

    The villain, is actually a lot and MC trying to save people that cant be save from his brother in the novel.

    Note : Maybe i miss a lot chapter or maybe im wrong but this mostly true

  23. Hope says:

    When comedy genre coming?

  24. Blue Shadow says:

    *Small spoiler

    Bro, this is Shadow code Blue. Honestly i was pretty angry at the MC because he didnt feel angry or resentment to ‘Bella’ the saintess who tortured him for 2 days straight, broke-heals, again again for 2 days god dammit, and no freaking revenge he feels like ‘finally its over i can go now’ and left the room bro u just got tortured. this is i was so angry at hum

  25. Well that matches with the synopsis?

  26. OnlyTruth says:

    This most frustrating novel ever don’t fcking read it its full of inferiority complex

  27. Luiz felipe Oliveira says:

    almost every female character in this novel is trash

  28. Extra Extra says:

    So it’s a false harem with many potential female love interests but the MC only ends up with 1? Like The Novel’s Extra?


  29. Esse says:

    Novel was almost perfect without the weird crush with Ellie.
    Why didn’t bro just leave after he was cured by one of his defects

  30. TheBoredOne says:

    Nvm this isn’t harem. He only stays with 1 girl.

  31. delusional bith hater says:

    chapter far no useless women misunderstanding and falling in love with mc

  32. TheBoredOne says:

    For those who are saying this doesn’t have romance, well it does and possibly harem aswell

  33. Novel lover says:

    I swore I wasn’t here because I saw a mountain that was too big and about to spill through the gap

  34. KaltWieEis says:

    Could you upload Gyeongseong’s Hunter Academy?

  35. lmao too much pure love, harem and obsession as traumatized people alot

  36. Reio M Reio M says:

    It’s a pure love? Maybe? There is a misunderstanding with another girl… and the few r19 chapters are with the same partner..

  37. Bluebro says:

    No romance? Doesn’t look very promising

  38. Jack Silver says:

    Wtf the comments got me ROFL 🤣😂😂

  39. Jackysito says:

    No look? Doesn’t promising very harem.

  40. Moki says:

    Harem promising? Looks no very

  41. JustEatTheThing says:

    No pure love? Doesn’t look very promising.

  42. No promising? Looks very harem

  43. Apollon CK Apollon CK says:

    No harem? Doesn’t look very promising.

  44. Poison tester says:

    exactly my criteria. no harem or obsession? Im in

  45. putu says:

    need a tester

  46. Laughing Narwhal says:

    No harem? Looks promising.

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