Became the Emperor in the Hero Game
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Became the Emperor in the Hero Game

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용사 게임 속 황제가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Became the Emperor in the Hero Game

I was possessed by a game I enjoyed. Not as a Hero, but as an emperor.

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  1. simplethrone says:

    No harem, not even romance, yet. Heck, are we sure there’s even a heroine in here? maybe his teacher, the dragon girl in the cover, but we still don’t know whether her affection is romance or overprotective mother (MC is her brother’s descendant).

    Also yeah, MC is not weak. The story starts after the demon king was defeated, and now it turned into a war between gods and transcendentalist. MC is a transcendentalist who ascended into divinity, a deified mortal if you will. He’s about to solve the problem of his kingdom and conquer the continent, but that’s red herring because the enemies got activated first and the entire continent had to kneel before him since he’s the only one who can somewhat repel them. Also, the light goddess worshipped by the church decided to ally herself with him early.

    The hero is also actually a reincarnated god, and he decided to become MC’s special right hand man, as our duo fight other gods and created allies with several others as a newly ascended divine from humanity.

  2. Ken Ken says:

    so no romance or harem then ?

  3. Apollonas says:

    I don’t know what story the person above read, but mc isn’t weak, like not even close. He is one of the strongest people in the continent, and an extremely talented mage, probably the most talented in that world’s history as he said so himself. He could even defeat the hero with some time to prepare (as evident in chapter 42). That aside though, although the plot itself is pretty solid, the author is completely incapable at creating characters. All of them feel like puppets in a play, with no real personality, they just do things. Which is why, although the way things unfold is interesting, the story as a whole is unfortunately not very enjoyable. Add to that the fact the practically asexual mc while we have to watch the hero running around with his harem, and what’s left is a story that had a lot of potential that was ultimately wasted.

  4. It’s a good story, better than many, but like other said, it’s very fast paced!

    I read up to Chapter 75 and enjoyed it. It’s mostly battles and intrigue, with a powerful MC Emperor.

    That said, this story does fall into the one flaw of being a story that goes: plotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplotplot with nary a break in-between. Because of that, it becomes a bit exhausting to read at times, but it’s still a good story.

  5. Feng says:

    Ain’t. No. Wayyyyyyy. An emperor mc that isn’t spet at like a dog???????? No wayyyyyyyy

  6. White yama says:

    i can’t believe that… emperor with strong authority in his empire

  7. Read until chapter 40, although the pacing is too fast, each chapter is written simply and easily understood. Though, there are too many characters introduced in a short arc by the author. Shortly, the MC possess the emperor and becomes friendly with the male hero. The story will start after the heroes party defeats the Demon Lord when the MC plans a war with the neighboring kingdom. First arc will focus on the MC’s attempts to fix his kingdom’s problems. The MC is weak, but smart and strategic; later he will acquire dragon word power (similar to love letter from future). There has not yet been any romance in the story, but many female characters are attracted to MC. Don’t worry, no NTL with heroes party either (till last chapter I read) that are mostly female.

  8. Basreng anying says:

    Ajojing ala ala ajojing ~

  9. says:

    Aight is going in because I love the experience of massaging my forehead every few chapters because it is a poison and because of the cover.

  10. They really are throwing away the usual zero to hero stories these days. Reincarnates as the emperor hun

  11. Shivam says:

    Good luck.

  12. Lullaby Lullaby says:

    Well, it sounds interesting, we need poison testers!

  13. I will poison test it , wish me luck

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