Exiled and Became an Academy Scam Villain
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Exiled and Became an Academy Scam Villain

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추방당하고 아카데미 사기 빌런이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Exiled and Became an Academy Scam Villain

I possessed as a gacha game extra.

I’ve worked my ass off, I’ve taken the brunt of the abuse.

made my favorite female lead’s hero party famous

What, you want me to leave the party now that you don’t need me?

“I don’t need a filthy gold sun like you at my party.”
“We should have known better when you let a half-awakened person into our party.”

“We’re tired of covering for you.”
“Will you stop being a d*ck and leave now?”

Ha… But I’m not going back to any of your parties without me, are you serious?

That moment of betrayal was a wake-up call.

A fraudulent hidden villain that doesn’t even exist in the original.

But what am I going to do now?

I’m a real villain now, so I can do whatever the hell I want.

I don’t think I’ll bat an eye.

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  1. Enter says:

    First paid chapter ch. has 334 likes last paid chapter has 15 likes.
    There is no harem.
    The author does not have the concept of morality, empathy, in general, for all those who like to screw a spoonful of sh-t with worms (like the FFF Bastard), it will be incredibly interesting.

  2. Enter says:

    I read up to ch.43 and lastchapters 213-214.

    Imagine a story written by a 10 year old moron who grew up without parents playing online games.
    Here is a story about a case of such a brain disease.

  3. I mean MC only end one with one girl (the girl maid in the cover)

  4. There is no harem at the end of this story. Author just put harem to attract readers who enjoy harem stories. I am not a fan of novels with a regret tag, particularly when the author makes the heroine regret their previous treatment to MC, make them obsesses with MC, then tortures all his ex-party members throughout the story with their regrets, and always makes the MC appear to be the only righteous one in the story. This is what happened in this story. So only 4/10.

  5. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Yeah, I pushed myself hard to read to chapter 70 but I felt indifferent and unhappy. The story starts off strong but because of the harem tag it just ends up a trashy mess.

  6. Imax says:

    Read up to chapter 30ish, then couldn’t take it. Fking boring as Hell, wold building weird as sh*t. Too descriptive probably 70% of what I read is how that or that magic works what’s it made of etc, like bruh I don’t need to know every atom or every millisecond process of it damn.

  7. Misib says:

    Review for me:
    Heavy regret content, if u want regrrt read it, if not more than half is it, protagonist from the one u pity become one u hate, author also cut off cf from the focus lot even what she amount to is taken by the main girl.

    Mc corrupt the 3 girls and it ends jp boring cause they all amount to just stupid betrayers to slaves to mc.

    Its a very gray area if what they did is okay(forced and stupid).

    But its not like they have to pay with their entire life and mind 4ever lol.

  8. Its a below average read for me. Many of my brain cells were damaged and I need an urgent therapy…

  9. Samu says:

    Emilia best waifu

  10. Cloud says:

    @Azeizel MC is pretty dense. He went to a movie, held hands and ate out with a girl and when some other girl asked him if she’s dating him he instead says they’re just friends.

  11. Khun says:

    Wow Thanks9 @Blue Shadow

  12. Azeizel says:

    Hey is this not like those JP novel with Dence mc right! RIGHT!

  13. While this novel has Regret and Obsession tags, admin probably didn’t read it so he forgot to add more prominent tags.

    Revenge and Corruption.

    Yeah, this isn’t a R-18 novel yet though.

  14. Forgotten one says:

    Waaaa another Yandere regret novel…..🎉🎉

  15. First chapters he’s like “oh well, I guess that sucks but I’m happy if they’re happy” then in the middle he’s like “heheh I can’t wait to be an asshole to the main characters!”

    Huh? Why did you change so quick, I would get it if you were already bitter at the start but you weren’t, you were still a goody two shoes. Milking the main heroines just feels wrong, and you can’t justify it with the “acktually you kicked me out!” bs because he literally stated he was fine with it earlier on the novel.

    The smarter way to end the main heroines situation would’ve just been, after the heroines realize their mistakes, mc going “yes I accept your apologies and am proud of your regret, however what occurred back then has broken my heart so much that I just can’t rejoin. I sincerely wish for your best and, if fate allows it, I hope we can start again on new terms” then at least I could feel better when the MC starts to milk them because they started anew. I don’t know, I just needed a sense of closure before he started being manipulative ass.

  16. Red says:

    I lost sooo many brainceels reading this it’s okayish 4/10

  17. matachi says:

    i agree with vektor, i cant understand anything about the world and story background, the mc only explained its a gacha mobile game.
    i dont know the main point in this novel, is it about the revenge? harem? or academy story?

  18. vektor 189 vektor 189 says:

    Misunderstandings are inherently a bad tag. And it’s even worse when a novice author takes on something similar.
    The storytelling sucks, constantly breaks and doesn’t move linearly. It feels like first you’re on a train, then it goes off the rails and suddenly you’re flying on a plane.
    The system is poorly developed. The work of the protagonist’s powers is almost never explained, not to mention other characters.
    Fights are a simple listing of skills.
    The characters are trying to have some of their own characteristics, but they fail.
    The world is almost in no way explained, except for very small inclusions.

  19. Blue Shadow says:

    Its only small misunderstood

    And @khun the world is modern world like ours, in that world there’s called hunter and villain, you know bad guy and good guy. And the under world where many villains in there. And MC have quest in that underworld so sooner or later he will do something to underworld. And for live streaming its start from highschool, mc do that for money because taking care party need a lot of money, not only money he build fame for the party using streaming

  20. Blue Shadow says:


    This is good, so its reincarnation not possess. He literally live 20 years in the new world as an orphan.
    The world he reincarnated is gacha game, and mc is 2 star

    And about the world settings is a modern just like now, and in that world there is hunter and villain. And the power system is called awakening, But idk if every person who awaken has a system like MC. And mc has hidden identity

    Mc is weak, but smart because he live 2 times and a gamer like the previous live and still gamer in new world, So he build reputation of his party using live streaming and he act as manager

    Mc became a manager who taking care everything, what i mean is everything is like, diet, when to Streaming, the light for stream, choose people to help (because the hero obsess with JUSTICE) and do everything to party because of that he didn’t have time for his self expect for midnight i think so he only practice at that time and always late for class. Because of that his reputation get worse

    MC build 3 years with the party but they all thinking he incompetent (the saint) , scumbag (the hero) and so so(the mage), so they all agree to kick him out the party, and well well they slowly realizing that his presence is more that a manager but they pride is high as sky. The party is blind to see reality, its like they’re eyes are closed to see

    Well its harems, from i see its already 4 potential harem, the childhood (shit she is yandere), friend (tsundere, and she stalking mc for a year), instructor (she love talent, so you know where this going) and the tsundere’s mistress (a mistress who care for her friends).

    P. S this novel has misunderstand. U will know when you read

  21. Khun says:

    I’m just very stupid to understand the world building in this novel, livestream, hunter, underworld all of these mixed in 10 chapter… Sorry I’m bad in english

  22. Hash2O says:

    I see flags everywhere in this synopsis, are the tester still alive?

  23. zorrow says:

    Let’s dive

  24. Extra Extra says:

    Is it safe to consume?

  25. Vivala says:

    Anyone tested the water here yet

  26. Blue Shadow says:

    Ouh from synopsis this guys will do everything he like not like other where they act like forced to be protagonist without them knowing.

    And hes a freaking Golden Sun but there’s yandere and obsession tags in this novel.

    Well we will see if he do everything he like and not forced to save the world or something like

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