How a Calamity Necromancer Retires
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How a Calamity Necromancer Retires

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재앙급 네크로맨서가 은퇴하는 법
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis How a Calamity Necromancer Retires

Han Ji-hyeok, a necromancer who saved mankind on the Seron continent.

He returns to Earth to live a peaceful and happy retirement, but from his first day his retirement plans are completely twisted.

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  1. Fan says:

    As a Muslim, chapter 107 is disturbing

    See the reality

    CIA is the mastermind of Many terrorist attack, including 9/11
    As a result, many people see islam as a terrorist, and accepting genosida in Iraq by American soldiers as a “war on terror” or so they say
    But because of that, many Americans curious about Islam, read the Qur’an and convert to islam, Alhamdulillah.

    But this novel blindly write islam as a terrorist without factoring the repercussions

    American propaganda tools like movies, news channel, cartoon ect. Making Islam as the villains and describing Islam as a terrorist, the results is, people mind when they see islam, they think terrorist.

    Alhamdulillah, now people can see, who is the real terrorist. It’s not islam, but it’s america, CIA, Israel, communism ect.

  2. SenatorArmstrong says:

    @Wry Vent is right. This is just a repost. Only change is a word in the title. Oopsie Woopsie lmao.

  3. Nightune says:

    @Missiperfectlive24 same I remembered this novel. If my memory serves right the cover wasn’t even changed.

  4. Wry Vent Wry Vent says:

    Repost of How a Catastrophic Necromancer Retired.

  5. @missiperfectlive24 I also remember this novel. Maybe we all were transported from parallel universe

  6. Missiperfectlive24 says:

    I think I’ve remember reading this novel, about MC who transported back to earth but losing all of his saving (like gold, gem, and jewel) worth of his old age, but he’s back to his younger age. Then, he re learned nercromancy and built bussiness using skeleton such as vehicle, skeleton-man power factory level, and in wide level area almost making his summoned skeleton an important variable on human life or hunter cycle on earth. Of course it’s all due to upcoming transgression from his previous transported world and earth will be thrown in chaos so he made his own preparation by making necromancy were not a dangerous power since its purpose to help production etc.

  7. Lonelydaoist says:

    Sounds just like Seoul Necromancer

  8. Gean says:

    I think It’s like rich second generation

  9. Q D Q D says:

    What is chaebol, it’s like ‘chad’ or something

  10. Wasn’t this already posted?

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