I Became a Wendigo in a Fantasy World
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I Became a Wendigo in a Fantasy World

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판타지 속 웬디고가 되었다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Wendigo in a Fantasy World

When I came to my senses, I had become a bipedal monster with deer antlers.

I planned to live in hiding, as being treated as a monster and hunted was out of the question…

But at some point, I began to be worshipped.

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  1. Chaos_Dwarf says:

    I can see why some people are disappointed with this novel and im a bit too, though i still enjoy it.

    The thing is, despite the MC transmigrated into a Wendigo, other than his appearance and “power” he’s not acting like a Wendigo. Honestly, this could’ve been titled “I Became a cryptid monster in a Fantasy World” and nothing would’ve changed.

    I don’t really mind the writer having to take creative liberty on the Wendigo myth, cause you know, having a story about the MC unquenched hunger/greed and how they keep eating everyone makes it a depressing and uninteresting story to me (I rather read the og myth if thats the case), but a “rational mind” wendigo seem like a much more interesting premise to me so this part is fine to me. HOWEVER, there’s taking creative freedom and theres completely changing it into something else.

    Like I said, other than the MC appearance and a bit of his “power” there;s nothing about the MC that resemble anything of the terrifying Wendigo or at least there’s no burden/danger in him becoming a wendigo, its just come up as “Oh hey i can’t seem to get full if i dont eat meat… oh well”, or “Oh i can kill people but i don’t feel guilty… oh well” theres no tension there. Thats why i think its more accurate to say this is more the MC transmigrate into a monster that just so happen looks like a wendigo rather than him turning into a wendigo and when you think about it thats probably the case, this is not the MC og world so he might reincarnate into a monster look at himself and goes “Oh that looks like a wendigo, so yeah im wendigo” but this is a whole new world and myth and he can’t just bring his common myth from his world to this one, if thats the case then it makes sense he’s not acting like a wendigo, but cmon… we’re here for the wendigo not “oh i think this is a wendigo” xD.

    But okay fine, i can still let this slide though i understand why people are really into cryptid would find this disappointing. Its like reading a fanfiction of your favorite series but the character is not acting as they supposed to, it can get frustrating.

    BUT, what i don’t like is how the “mystery” and “cryptid” vibe of the novel immediately got thrown out the window as soon as he meet the “heroine” which turn this novel into the “confused beast meets outcast girl” story. I kinda wish at least they still have this mystery vibe, where people even the “heroine” don’t know what is a Wendigo, what is his goal, why he is helping the heroine, and maybe add a bit of misunderstanding-horror where everything the MC did looks scary to the people even heroine but he somehow always help the heroine. Yeah technically there’s all that here but its presented in such a light hearted tone there’s no… well… cryptic and spooky mysterious feeling about it.

    Instead what we got is the heroine going “Oh my god you scary”, “its okay im chill”, “oh okay”, and now they’re traveling companion and wendigo is like the heroine step father.

    Honestly i think this is more like “Ancient Magus Bride” than a “I become wendigo” story, and somehow Ancient Magus Bride still have more of a cryptid feeling about it than this hahaha

    But hey, I still enjoy it because even if its not as cryptid-like as i wanted it. i still wanna read more of mc reincarnate into a monster story, even if this one doesn’t sit well with wendigo fans theres still some appeal of a 12 feet tall monster with a deer skull as a head being wholesome or accidentally scaring people lol.

  2. Reader says:

    There’s a clear difference between Fantasy and Magical Realism. This story, and most stories on this site, are Fantasy, so it’s not that big of a deal of the author takes the idea of a wendigo and alters it to be more suitable for his fantasy story. Idk why people are so butthurt that the author isn’t being absolutely accurate with his depiction of a wendigo in a fantasy story, but if you are so concerned about accurate details, Magical Realism is what you want to read, not Fantasy.

    1. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

      We are “butthurt” because we are disappointed. I don’t really get the need why you need to distinguish between fantasy and magical realism. Thats not the point. The point is we expected a wendigo but got something not even close to one.

      When you think of a troll, goblin, dragon or any other fantasy creatures the readers will already have some idea about their distinguishing features and such.

      Its the same thing with such a highly recognized cryptid like a wendigo. In fact there have been many interpretations of the wendigo from different cultures outside from the original native american myth, but one thing is common with all those version: You can’t have a wendigo that its not driven by an intense hunger for human flesh because thats simply not a wendigo. That characteristic is a MUST of a wendigo since its based on the idea of a human committing a taboo in times of hunger or greed.

      I’d assume the “butthurt” people you speak of are those people who genuinely like cryptids such as the wendigo and got disappointed when its not even close to one.

      1. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

        But like a previous comment this story is not bad if you ignore the wendigo bit, but sadly as a fan of stories of cryptids like the wendigo I simply cannot look past the butchering of the concept.

      2. sense-san says:

        Its probably the author’s lack of familiarity with what a Wendigo actually is. Its like how JP transformed the creature called Kobold from a goblin lile creature to a dogkin.

        1. simplethrone says:

          That actually had a deeper reason: mistranslation.

          Early DnD book for Japanese people described Kobold as “dog-people” instead of “dog-like noses”, same with Japanese depiction for orcs, becoming pigmen instead of the usual pig-like noses.

  3. goblinator says:

    another actually interesting concept ruined by permavirgin beta asian behavior copypasted on an otherwise good idea,shameful
    whole point of going to the korean reads was to get away from the japcringe

  4. milky violet says:

    If you were to reincarnate into a wendigo, you would likely be.

    Cannibalistic or just predator of humans depending on your moral view
    Very cold
    “In the first age of the first era of the first month of the first day of the first hour of the first minute of the first second, there lived a being…”

  5. Reii i Reii i says:

    This is an insult of a cryptoid. I think this wendigo purchased a skin from fortnite to look cool, but the reality is he just a op wannabe Pokemon on a journey with his trainer that worships and puree love him. Also as a matter of fact he can eat vegetables and dresses up with drip made by his trainer. I truly hate when something promises something and not delivers it. 5/10 for that title. If not 7/10. If it was a wishfullfillment fanific, I wouldn’t have gone on a rant like this. and English isn’t my 1st language. pity for you eyes..

    1. Hu Tao Hu Tao says:

      After reading for a while I’ve decided to look at some of the comments because I genuinely can’t get over how “un-wendigo” like this character is. Like going into this I was expecting some sort of internal battle with the insatiable hunger of a wendigo and the sensibilities a human.

      But alas even tho it was a disappointment its still a decent read so far.

      I just really dont understand why bother be a wendigo if its not a wendigo.

  6. VelconTill says:

    I read all that we have, and I say I liked what we got.
    While its not the deepest in terms of story I think what we got was pretty nice. I like the MC and the other characters in it. There is no such thing as drama or the such and nothing big is happening(yet), its just MC as he lives in a forest and living his best life with people helping him. Also might be “pure love”, MC has a girl that pretty much worships the ground he walks on(Which is somewhat odd imo) but she is pretty much a soft yandere in this case(I just dont get how she found a Wendigo hot, just a blush machine). But to ruin your parade, MC is dense.

    All in all, 8/10, this story gives what its title holds sort of.

  7. Dagonsuznyx says:

    East Asians think not acknowledging their position and trying to undermine their efforts is humility. That’s why you always see “oh it was nkthing”, “I did it, but it meant nothing, so please don’t make a big deal” etc. etc. instead of accepting the gratitude and acknowledge their own position. You are literally a monster my guy, why do you even question the way they treat you? Do you expect to blend in when you are literally a monster? What do you even want by “not sticking out” when you are, again, a literal 3 meter monster. Accept the fact that you are no longer human, accept the higher position that you have, and act like the higher being that you already are. This novel is frustrating. The MC repeats each and every single thing said to him. It goes like this; “X is praising you” MC: “X is praising me??”, or ; “they are spreading your name” MC: “they are doing what??” Etc. it’s not fun to see this. The greatest strength of humans is their adaptability. If you cannot accept and adapt to the new situations, then you are nothing but a talking watermelon.

  8. Phantom . Phantom . says:

    Never in my life considered a cryptid isekai. Also reminded me of Wendigoon. His youtube videos are really good.

  9. Guywithaname says:

    I bruh I swear to god these novels will have every whacky AHH protagonist except an academy janitor

  10. Broken Doll says:

    I summoned you poison tester !

  11. Insufferable says:

    What if we get a protagonist that is transmigrated as a skinwalker?

    Imo that’s a good angle to explore. It’d be cool if the mc is an unreliable narrator and just narrates everything lightheartedly, and we just get cut to another pov of absolute body-horror f**k-fest.

    1. TheSinglesLord says:

      The idea of a transmigator being a skinwalker is akin to a possessor(isekai) itself. It’s just that the story of having to wear the mask of another being and doing shenanigans is already overused.

    2. That is somewhat similar to I’m the only one with a different genre. MC is a protag from comedy tag where it’s impossible to die + tropes that is common in humor tags. MC got transmigrated to tragedy tag with all the tropes intact. Other POV is hilarious, looking at MC like some kind of monster that doesn’t die + organs that talk lol

  12. Big Blackclock says:

    His chest(two eyes) and stomach(teeth) looks like a face.

  13. I googled wt heck a Wendigo is and it seems pretty cool

  14. Yorghuul says:

    Firsto desu ne kawai

  15. Xjaksoxa Xjaksoxa says:

    I requested it but I don’t know if it’s any good just seemed interesting

    1. Have no fear, Xjak, I’ll go in ahead and check for poison before you!

      Lieutenant Poison Tester, signing out!

      (if you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours, assume the worst)

      1. So far, I’m on Chapter 6, and it feels a bit amateurish/unrealistic.

        Villagers in a world of Spirits, Witches, and Demons are willing to risk their lives and angrily confront the daughter of a known Witch, a woman they believe is accursed, AFTER BEING TOLD SHES CONTRACTED A POWERFUL SPIRIT AND IS KILLING PEOPLE.

        I just can’t fathom ignorant villagers that grew up in a world like this going “Nah, no way the daughter of a Witch could possibly ever find a Spirit that will contract with her.” after THE VILLAGE GUARDS tell them she did so.


        Why would their own guards lie to them?

        “Everyone knows she tried to make a contract with a Spirit and failed before! There’s no way she inherited her Mother’s talent!”

        “She probably just found a dead body and is playing tricks!”


        One line later and they all get killed by her.

        It’s just like… these “fiery tempered” villagers are incredibly unrealistic.

        I know this may seem like a minor thing, but consider: This is the type of logic the author will be using in his novel going forward…

        It doesn’t give me much hope.

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