I Became the Son of an Evil Dragon
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I Became the Son of an Evil Dragon

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악룡의 아들이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became the Son of an Evil Dragon

When I realized she was starting to see me as something other than her son,

I ran away from my mom.

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    also red hair is light enough though doesnt even compare to THE WHITE HAIR

  2. Golden d Golden d says:

    está va a ser la primera, última y única vez en la que voy a expresarme de esta manera

    si yo fuera mc, hubiera buscado una manera de matar al dragón, o directamente me hubiera quitado la vida

    en calidad es sobresaliente, en historia empieza de una manera encantadora. pero a la mitad todo se va a la mierda

    a partir de los 30 capitulos lo pasé rápido solo para ver si mejoraba, solo empeoró

  3. Rader says:

    This one is a borderline fetish while it’s not true Incest it’s crazy in itself.

    It’s a story of a child whose parents ran away and was raised by his Grandmother who hated him because he was a burden on her last years. She never gave her much love, she could not actually and she didn’t try it and also hated his existence. When she died the 10 year old boy was on route to die in cold home but an injured dragon came and he helped her. Dragon decided to give him a wish, and he asked for family.

    This is a novel where MC has severe mommy issues and the dragon playing as mommy is a freaking virgin, she never even experienced lust or sexual pleasure and this will undoubtedly become an issue later because his wish was for “family”. Dragon can not be a mother of adult MC, she can be sister or wife, she decided on other and became Yandere.

  4. Milf Lover Milf Lover says:


  5. Hell knight says:

    Well is it incest ? Of it’s so, i am out.

    1. Dootdeedooterson says:

      True incest as in they share blood? No.

      Incest isn’t even in it BUT some people consider even step siblings or calling someone your family I. E like how Koreans call older men oppa or JP call older males onee chan to be incest as well. These people are stupid and dont know what they are talking about.

  6. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Reverse r*pe 💀
    Na i am out

    1. Daver55 says:

      And I’m in! Just like mc’s dik in his own mom… I hope.

      1. SenatorArmstrong says:

        I was just about to write this. Lets GO.

      2. rob z rob z says:

        Totally dating myself, but you get some straight up Ray William Johnson – “Doin your mom”

      3. Mundane says:

        My man really got mommy isue 👁👄

  7. Guys? Did your bookmarked novels also good removed from your IDs? I just checked and found that only the 3 latest ones are bookmarked left in there.

    1. “*Also got removed”*

    2. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      i have them there, maybe you deleted the browsing history and the page cache. the bookmarks are not linked to the accounts

    3. Myaha says:

      Yes, my bookmarked novels also got removed after I closed the browser. So now I have to bookmark it the traditional way.

  8. miecio says:

    Another master piece from this author

  9. Zero says:

    Is this about the mother that start seeing the son as prey? Or is it just love? I’m confused, can someone pls tell me?

    1. rob z rob z says:

      It’s hard core yandere / obsession with some NSFW chapter, so maybe both?

      She doesn’t want to kill him if that’s the question (but all other humans are fair game if they get in her way)

  10. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    Ladies and gentleman if you would please read the synopsis and the last 3 chapter’s titles it would lead you to various conclusions

  11. Reii says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a “true” incest, I have delve into the abyss and came back for you. You can safely go in and enjoy the bliss of yandere

    1. Lazy Kuro Lazy Kuro says:

      Thanks brother here i go

  12. milky violet says:

    Incest, ugh sorry I only tolerate siblings, but even then I am disgusted. No amount of white hair could convince me

    1. No incest, unfortunately.
      The son want a family so the dragon granted by making him son, but overtime its change to better(worse?).

    2. Daver55 says:

      Genuine question, why people hate incest? More now since certain game got backlash thanks to that theme… seeing in Twitter the geh hate on that game cuz incest is weird, like dude, you do someone of your own gender, isn’t that just that weird? The hypocrisy. Or furries who are cowardly people who doesn’t have balls to get into the real stuff. *sigh* Seeing those groups hate on incest is weird af. Why can they hate on something they dont like but I can’t or they call me phobe?

      1. Dootdeedooterson says:

        Because incest IRL leads to horrific issues. I hate it if it’s IRL but don’t care much if it’s in novels etc.

        Most people on Twitter that hate it also think that the way younger Koreans call their seniors or their boyfriends oppa automatically makes it incest to. So ignore Twitter because it’s brain rot.

  13. Busy Poo says:

    Okay…. the synopsis looks a bit sus…

  14. Eshya says:

    Romance yandere without harem ? Let me in

  15. Catfights but no harem. Interesting.

    1. TheSinglesLord says:

      No way are you my big black clockwork?

  16. Freak says:

    Second✌️. My first time coming before the chs.

  17. Big Blackclock says:


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