I Don’t Want To Be the Main Character
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I Don’t Want To Be the Main Character

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Don’t Want To Be the Main Character

He was reincarnated as the eldest son of an insignificant aristocratic family.

Even if the reincarnated world is a little strange somewhere, it’s covered for a while.

– Eileen, Grand Duke of the North, is aware of the return and is confused.
– Realizing that Admiral Racile has returned, he soon turns the fleet around.
– Princess Elena ponders the past and prepares for a visit to Count Weiss.

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  1. Enter says:

    MC is a reincarnator (an adult from our world) who lived in another world for 20 years (adult + 20 years).
    And during these 20 years, being the son of a count, he does not know the name of the one who rules their country.
    At the same time, he directly calls his brain a genius and himself a genius in the next sentence after he says that he does not know who the ruler of their country is.
    This is enough for me to understand that the author of the novel is the son of a dog and a hippopotamus, judging by IQ.

  2. Just in case guys it’s not new in this site. The cover shot has changed

  3. Len Len Len Len says:

    i’m sorry my comrade poison taker, i won’t test this one, it’s harem tag and i already stopped my harem intake anymore because i believe there is no tastiness in there and nothing to be addicted from the same substance. i’ll leave it to other comrade to taste it.

  4. Thinking about it, you’re comment said something about soldiers. Every South Korean male is drafted for like 2 years of service so yeah he was a soldier. Again, thinking about the military service made me think about how maybe that’s why Korean protagonists can adapt so quickly to situations that would normally shock people, because the military has instilled into them the thought process of staying calm and thinking rational rather than panicking and losing your calm. Then again, I’m not in the military so what I am saying could just be entirely false and that the military doesn’t teach you anything related to being calm and rational.

  5. I think the MC whining about stuff is the point. It says in the novel that he’s cursed, and while the effects of the curse aren’t at its most maximum, it’s at the start. So the normally easy tasks anyone could do are starting to become harder for him to do because of that. I think he’s also kinda lazy but the curse does have some part to play with that.

  6. Prettyboy099 says:

    As everyone said, the mc reincarnated in a novel world, but didn’t notice until 20 years as everyone else got TS-ed and the world is a gender-reversal world… But the twist is that the five heroines regressed to save the mc from a curse…. The mc got notified of their regression…. and that’s all…

    As for the FMCs, I like them a lot, as expected from female dominated world, they are all yanderes trying to kill each other if not for some kind of pact made before regression…

    As for MC, he is one of a whining btch… When in home, he keeps talking that he is in a caged place wanting to go to mage tower and now that the count wizard took him as discipline, he keeps complaining for not having enough sleep time… even though getting 7 hours sleep which is much better than mage tower where 3~4 hours given… He even keeps taking action without consequences of such action.. He mentioned that he was a soldier in previous life, I can’t see a thing about it… So far little frustrated with the mc…

    Read upto 20 chapters….

  7. Misib says:

    Protagonist is 20 y.o then his “system” tells him, the 5 regressors are back and then he learns that he reincarnated into a shoujo novel qhere the main is a girl vs 5 males, but in his life the genders are changed, 8 years later he is gonna die, but the regressors are obsessed with him, and want him, and to cure him, so no, it isnt your typical history where he ends up in a novel world, since he is the only that dont know the future, rofl.

  8. Misib says:

    Mc gets reincarnated in a otome game(or novel) as the heroine plus 5 male leads, but… They all change gender, so mc is a man and the 5 women are ts.

    So expect otome game feels but with changed gender rofl.

    And all five are regressors i think.

    It looks like fun.

  9. Guinea says:

    So is it good or nah?

  10. Novel lover says:

    Thanks to our hero T1 who happily tested the poison, if there is no news from T1 after that please observe a moment of silence for him

  11. Divine_Paragon says:

    Come forth the souls of warriors from immemorial era and test the poison here.

  12. Extra says:

    Poison testers? Any good?

  13. T1 002 T1 002 says:

    Basically MC gets isekaid to a new world and as hes deciding what to do, a status window pops up letting him know the 5 main heroines all regress at the start of his journey.

    Think the main heroines are trying to kill me, but the MC doesn’t regress, only the heroines (so he doesn’t know what the f is happening).

  14. Atra says:

    Yeah, really… What is this?

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