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Taming Her Highness the Princess

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황녀 전하 길들이기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Taming Her Highness the Princess

What must be done to save the world from perishing?
There is only one answer.

“Why do you look like that? If you made me wait, it would be natural for you to be punished accordingly.”

He had to thoroughly educate the princess in front of him.

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  1. Daver55 says:

    Avoid modern women. Long story short, I had to take a course cuz work, first 2-3 days everyone was “shy”, 4 day we all already knew the s*xual exploits of half the girls there, because they were proud about them, like X girl who was flirting with me when telling me she did *nal to her BF and made him wear her clothes. And another one, she looked like a dr*g addict, tried to flirt too, but when I told her my actual job and my dream job, lawyer, she said “call me when you became a lawyer”. Like man, the entitlement was just bizarre. She considered me not to be good enough for her lmao. Also the next week we discovered that more than half of the girls there were also bi. It’s just sad, really. Most dudes just want a loyal woman, not pretty, smart or whatever. But its impossible in the age we are living. And that’s why fantasy is the way.

  2. Truth to be told seeing these comments i can’t help but not read this novel. In the first place harem genre is getting too frequent like hell, man, there is no end to it. I mean as a male i too like harem but i do have my standards, and not to mention the usual op protagonists that are too op, don’t even struggle unless it’s final battle or whatever. In fact, i would prefer novels that have the same vibes as “The weakest demon-limited hunter” not to mention wise and chad mc with badass vibe are even better. I would recommend op protagonist novels like “narrow eyed munchkin of the academy “. The academy novels are certainly becoming more generic but i would rather say its up to my taste because i prefer school days. I hope this comment didn’t offend anyone even if it did its not like i care, some peoples talk won’t affect me in the slightest. Well have fun reading novels.

  3. Sometimes I like to go back a few days and look at the novels and then head to the comments to think: man, why tf did I write that.

  4. Broken Lamp says:

    dont forget i hope theres a edit feature in here

  5. Broken Lamp says:

    me too
    need some good romance with no obession, im tired read that need something sweet

  6. Kaniya says:

    Well…the matter ends here….I am waiting for a good novel

  7. So don’t worry, and it’s Hash2O whom my clarifying comments addressed.

  8. Meh, Kaniya, I understand you. Perhaps for girls, your words would be offensive, but… Where would girls come from here? They won’t be reading books that are clearly targeted towards men, will they? (I would be interested to see such a girl.) Due to the fact that in my profession, female faces are more common than male ones, I have personally witnessed how girls treat their boyfriends behind their backs and how they generally view relationships. It’s amazing, but it’s actually girls who show much more interest in casual intimate relationships than men, haha. And it’s very disappointing, to the point where I’ve decided to die alone unless there’s some particularly unique individual out there. I don’t think anyone will forbid me from quietly reading books, working exclusively for myself and not worrying about anything in solitude, hehe?

  9. Kaniya says:

    is anyone read the novel named supreme magus?

  10. Kaniya says:

    Is not that I’m misunderstanding your opinion guys…it just that all the girls I met and seeing is very proud to be a non virgin…I am or I will 💯 % try avoid them …..

    Previous comment was offensive to others and I apologize for that.

    Sorry .

  11. However, a small clarification. Earlier, I spoke about fantasy from the perspective of an author of such works. Why does it even exist as a genre? What makes fantasy better than realistic books? I do not believe that the only purpose of fantasy is to satisfy the reader’s desires, as some of my colleagues have suggested. Rather, I believe that this genre can offer a lot of value. I previously discussed the value that can be found in this genre and why it was foolish to use classic works as examples of criticism, such as “that’s impossible, it doesn’t happen like that.”

    Yes, I suppose I am a bit petty if someone misunderstanding me on the internet upsets me…

  12. Hash2O, I will not comment on your response as a whole, as it seems you have read it in your own way and understood it in your own way – let it be. It’s strange to get upset on the internet about someone misinterpreting you. But I would like to clarify one fact – no, I don’t think I’ll be the main character, and yes, I fully understand that what I am capable of, others will be able to do as well. Is fantasy really that bad where everyone can afford a little free labor in the form of homunculi, ha-ha? I think if I had a choice between a car and a submissive homunculus girl, I would choose the latter. Overall, everyone can afford a car, but getting a good one is still may be a difficult task.

  13. Kaniya says:

    Make you happy?

  14. Kaniya says:

    If the girl is not virgin in real life or in novel just don’t marry her.. simple as that .

    If she can’t protect her purity …how the hell she will you happy?

  15. Kaniya says:

    If you regressed…you should start from the beginning…how the fook you tame an 17 years twisted minded girl (from 8 to 16 ) is the perfect age to be mature.. but when you cross the line..can you force fully change the mind of a adult?

    Correct me if I’m wrong (sorry for my english)

  16. Su 183 says:


  17. rob z rob z says:

    When I first started reading this novel, I thought I was going to come here and post a glowing review, and the first 22 chapters were excellent – I would easily rate an 8/10. The novel did not suffer from the conventional flaws that Japanese light novels of this type suffer from: MC was direct and merciless in his approach; possessed a number of strengths but not OP; despite having knowledge of the future, it turns out that knowledge wasn’t quite so valuable – not because of “butterfly effect” issues, but because he realized how little he knew even in that first life of all the grand machinations that were going on behind the scenes that lead to the end of the world; relationship with FMC was progressing well, etc.

    And then you hit Chapter 22, and it was like a different author took over. Plot development slowed down and then basically ceased, and the story was inundated with repeated, stupid misunderstandings of a sexual nature (both with FMC and with MC’s sister) – basically something that would require the “gag” tag. It was a real struggle to get through to the 40s, when the story start coming back briefly, but I am much lower on the story than I was.

    OK, for all those complaining about “taming” novels, which is such a broadly generic concept it can mean all sorts of different things, this was a bizarre novel to pick to b!tch about it. (As a side note, a lot of these novels use different terms that generically get translated as “taming” – this one uses 사육, which I understood to be something more like “raising” in this context; Taming of the Villainesses uses 길들이기, which I think is more literally taming – but I defer to our Korean brothers and sisters on this one. )

    Regardless, in this novel, FMC is 22 at the very start of the novel, and 17 at the start of the regression. Although I did not see MC’s actual age on the first read through, the FMC and MC would seem to be relatively close in age based on the age of their fathers and given the MC was apparently some young genius who IIRC correctly graduated the academy at 14. So basically, even given MCs additional time in the alternate timeline, he was maybe 7-9 years older than FMC? What the hell is wrong with that? And in the medieval setting like this, FMC was basically marriageable age already even before he starts tutoring her; indeed, she becomes empress in the next year or so. Moreover, the point of the story is that the MC screwed up tutoring her the first time around such that she was taken advantage of and outmaneuvered by her opponents – leading to the destruction of the empire – and so he is going to fix it the second time around. Again, what the hell is wrong with that?

    And for those decrying such novels, I haven’t seen you on this site commenting on harem in general, which is offensive to women, and often features a beta or lecherous MC who has multiple beautiful women with no sense of self respect fawn all over MC for no apparent reason. Or hell, any reincarnation novel suffers from the idea insufferable complains about where MC will have accrued more “years” mentally than any other girl his actual age – do you plan to denigrate all those as well? Same with possessor novels where the possessor takes over a much younger person, as usually happens. Don’t you see a little inconsistency here?

  18. i don’t like blind loyality based on what the princess do in the past i fell kinda disappointed because we don’t have a revolution sooo bye i out

  19. Hash2O says:

    You’re mistaken Key BirdAndTree, the problem here isn’t the fantasy, it’s the romantism and the “normalization” of such things. Then again, if you want a lifeless doll you don’t need to go in a fantasy, you need monney and power, whether it’s in a fantasy or in real life and being in a fantasy would probably not even to allow to do what you want, futhermore brainwashing doesn’t even need magic, it’s already deeply developped. I won’t comment on the kind of person you are for thinking such things but at least, I can say that you are ignorant. You believe that if magic existed you’d be a MC or something? An OP munchkin? Even if magic existed it wouldn’t be like koreans like to think “oh yeah you just need to work hard as if you were going to die” and even if it allowed you to do whatever you wanted, other people would also be able to do it..

  20. I hope that if I end up in another world, there will be the opportunity to create homunculi.

  21. By the way, I would be more than happy with a lifeless doll, as it will never betray me, ha-ha… Ha-ha… Ha…

  22. I have always liked fantasy because it allows for creating a situation where something impossible in reality becomes possible and thinking about what that would lead to. Want an innocent girl who doesn’t know any other man but you? Create a homunculus and brainwash her with psychic magic. Problems in the country due to a foolish ruler? Kill him and create a new royal family from someone capable enough, of which there are plenty in every generation in fantasy. Being able to create such a hypothetical situation allows us to properly assess what we will gain and lose by actually having the opportunity to solve the problem, rather than just accepting it. Would a girl who is nothing more than a doll made by your own hands be interesting to you? Would there be real power even in the best years in such a royal family that can easily be replaced? Fantasy allows us to look at reality from a different angle, properly evaluating what is usually taken for granted.

    And that’s why I find some of the comments above a bit… inappropriate. Not incorrect, but inappropriate.

  23. Kim Party says:

    50/50 Chapters (Not Spoiler)

    The work is good, it escapes the cliché a little. There are very refreshing moments throughout the work that are worth the effort to continue reading.


    Quite satisfying, not just at the level of passing time.

    Sorry for my english

  24. I haven’t read the novel but I’m assuming most of the nobility is corrupt with cultist anyways because no way the queen is gonna ignore big dogs like sir bepemeus the 4th Duke of windingtonborough who is a devout aristocrat and frequently delivers gifts of diamonds and the finest steeds but then favor John the peasant from a town called flowen with no ties or history just because he said “your majesty, you are looking charming today” with a yellow tooth smile.

  25. Wimp noble families fr. If I were a Duke, I wouldn’t take that lying down. I’d raise a rebellion like typical noble families would do.

    The tyranny of the queen is corrupting this kingdom, so I, Sir Bephemeus Magnus Swildia Glenn d’Tyrializea, Fourth Duke of Windingtonborough and Son of Alistar d’Tyrializea, will claim the crown to purify the corruption she has sown.

    And if I lose, hey at least the queen gets some good points because she executed traitors. If I win, I win.

    It’s totally logical that this conflict would just increase the cultist influence but hey, I fought and died for what I believed in (pride) so I’m not the one losing. It’s all you bozos that have to live with the fact that you let the eldritch entities win.

  26. Hash2O says:

    Ahh my bad, I’ve switched cyrano with “l’école des femmes”

  27. Hash2O says:

    Exactly insufferable. For these grooming novels I always think about “cyrano de bergerac”, it’s a french theater play about an old guy who’s uncomfortable at the idea of being with an experienced girl, what he’d like would be a naive little girl, who’s a virgin, who doesn’t know other guys, who only think about him and only him because at the time it was said that the ladies were unfaithful, so he finally decided to raise a little girl to be his wife in a monastary were her only contact was an old lady and cyrano who’d come from time to time. Long story short, it doesn’t work and she get a lover her age and of course it’s a comedic tone so it’s not as shocking as it could be but it’s still deeply disturbing. But these koreans still think it’s cool or something just because the guy he’s not old physically or something…

  28. rob z rob z says:

    I was wondering why this description was so bloody familiar – then I remembered readingpia was translating this (only up to chapter 4). I will probably post a review once I get through these chapters, as I have a different viewpoint than those above.

  29. Insufferable says:

    Agree. Tame her tropes are really disgusting to read.

    Not to mention, even if the characters themselves are sometimes close to each others age, oftentimes the mental age of the mc guy is more bscause of his past life. And there are also who are actual uncle age that raise slaves that grow up to literally have the desire to mate with him. Disgusting.

    There’s a novel a guy goes back again and again to stop dragon siblings from destroying the world. The novel doesn’t make it weird and sexualized, and keeps it a pure childcare novel. Which is how these kinds of novels should be.

  30. Hash2O says:

    “tame her” “pick her up” “fix her” regardless of what the actual story is, that’s deeply disgusting, and that’s not 1 or 2 novels that are named like this..

  31. Sephir says:

    Can someone remind me and write 8 apples in the next novel update

  32. So there’s wouldn’t be need for harem.

  33. Kaniya, in order to prevent your girlfriend from cheating, there are two options: 1) since she is a yandere, she won’t cheat on you because she finds any physical contact with another guy too disgusting. 2) optionally, you can lock her up in the basement and love and take care of her. Before kidnapping her, make sure she has no experience with other guys because a fruit that belongs only to you is especially sweet.

  34. Kaniya says:

    I am done and I didn’t read a chapter

  35. salcrimson says:

    @yuki so it’s tearmoon empire but ludwig regresses instead of the sage of the empire mia luna tearmoon sama 😂😂😂😂

  36. Kaniya says:

    If you chase 1 girl , there a chance that she will cheat on you In the future…

    That’s why young soldier like harem!

    You can correct me if I’m wrong

    (Sorry for my english)

  37. Kirill Popov says:

    I don’t understand why the harem was added …

  38. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    People really do like harem, don’t they?

  39. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Oh, also plus point for the author for being refreshing enough to have the MC be an actual native and not a transmigrator.

  40. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    Okay, I’ll write my review later(maybe) but here’s my synopsis:

    Jeniel is the son of a duke and he is the former teacher of Princess Irea. He tried to teach her properly but because of her attitude and worrying that his family’s prestige will fall he is very submissive towards her and obey her. Irea took a liking to him and push him to follow her increasingly unreasonable demands and he ended up resigning after the contract period is over, not liking that Irea ended up pressuring his father to get him back and ended up making his father resign too.

    After all of that, she ended up becoming the empress but because of her liking people who flatter her more than one who actually is competent she ended up surrounded by greedy idiots who scheme behind her back and help the cultists that wants to summon world ending beings to this world, basically she ended up being a puppet empress.

    Because of that, the cultists achieved their goal and the empire fell and the world is slowly being destroyed with the heroes falling one by one. Looking at that landscape with Jeniel, who teleported her to a safe location, Irea is filled with regret and revealed to him of a holy relic the empire has, which has the ability of regression. Irea, recognizing that she won’t be able to change much with her lack of skills in politics and many other areas because she just won’t listen to her teachers properly, decided that Jeniel is the best bet to change the future and sent him back using said holy relic.

    And so, the story begins.

    *Keep in mind that I had only read chapter 1 at the point of writing this.

  41. Yuki says:

    Rough summary: MC is the regressor and teacher of the princess. Princess is a spoiled girl. In the first round, the MC only obeyed and allowed the princess’ bad behavior. As a result, when she became queen, she became a bad ruler and could not govern properly. As a result of rebellion, corruption, and attacks from many kingdom’s enemies, her kingdom is in ruins, and she is about to die. She regretted her past and gave items to the MC to return in time to fix her attitude. It should be noted that in the first round, even though the MC was always irritated by the naughty behavior of the princess, he still like her, and the princess was also obsessed with the MC. So can MC fix her in current timeline ?

  42. Usually, I don’t dive if there’s no yandere or obsession tag, but… this looks somehow… Wholesome? I hope the book won’t disappoint my expectations from the synopsis.

  43. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    From the synopsis, more like a haughty ojou-sama correction.

  44. Rone Allza says:

    ???? Mesugaki correction?

  45. crow says:

    God damn it no chapters

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