I Was Summoned To Be Sold as a Son-in-Law
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I Was Summoned To Be Sold as a Son-in-Law

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Summoned To Be Sold as a Son-in-Law

I was summoned to another world, but instead of subduing the Demon King, the request was to marry a duke’s daughter.

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  1. Although I don’t usually like rgr, this was actually quite readable. In my opinion thats 7,5/10. But you probably won’t like this one if you don’t like rgr

  2. Roy says:

    It is anything but a pure love story. MC is raising flags left and right with most women in the novels at this point. The focus on the duke daughter is very lacking , which is a shame since she has been lovely so far. MC carelessness with his ambiguities only make her worry and hurt her already low self-esteem (which evolves into yandere tendencies) . MC has no goals so far except graduating but the pace is so slow it doesn’t even feel relevant. I also really dislike his cowardice. He is 28 yo ffs, why is he acting like a teenager who started puberty and can’t control his hormones ? He barely takes initiatives, and his passive in most of his endeavors. He is told to do this so he does, he is told to do that so he does. All in all , barely a 4/10 for me.

  3. Zzz says:

    Barely readable, no dopamine rush
    Mc feels like a side character
    30yo mc and 16yo fmc
    Read if you dont have anything else to do
    Translation is good enough

    1. Zzz says:

      ++Misunderstandings are not severe braindmg lvl it is bearable
      Yandere /obsession havent seen much yet probably in later chapters

  4. Gahar says:

    I usually don’t touch this gender reversal novels because they feel forced and stupid with this whole concept that you can simply swap gender roles in some 19th century society (and I know that they are calling this period medieval like, but it is usually a copy of late 18th to 19th century culture with some strange – Korean? Social hierarchy on the top of it.) Female dominated societies do exist and they are quite different from typical “medieval” male dominated ones. But I digress.

    This novel supposed to be funny with MC accepting everything without a second thought and the heroine being dumb as brick (she is the only one in this marriage conspiracy who is not informed about what is going on). But the whole situation is creepy and far from funny to me.

    I forced myself to reed first 10 chapters. And now I understand. MC of this novel is the main reason for the plot the ever exist. MC was kidnaped and forced to act as his new “family’s” tool. He is deprived of any freedom and on and under surveillance all the time. He is undergoing a bridal training which he himself is describing as humiliating and exhausting. Nobody is concerned of what he wants. And yet he really likes and respects his kidnapers!

    This guy has literally zero respect for himself. I was reading about many opportunistic people in my life but someone who can do everything for his kidnapers (and yes, he is practically a slave kidnaped to this world) just because they threatened him once and is genuinely grateful because they give him a WERBAL promise of a payment if he endures 5 years of this farce is really something.

  5. Dagonsuznyx says:

    An incel’s dream. Not even worth reading a single chapter.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Nah, the incel dream novels are the ones where you have a loser introvert otaku MC who has a harem of girls fall in love with the MC for no apparent reason (or because the MC is the only one who rejects them and they become all hot and bothered by it), typically in an academy or school setting.

      1. Flat is justice, so 100% this is incel dream

      2. Dagonsuznyz says:

        This is worse.

  6. rob z rob z says:

    Thirty-five chapters in, and its OK. The basic premise is MC is transported to a reverse gender roles world to be married off by a powerful sorcerer family to the daughter of a warrior family. The sorcerer family, however, is the one of the only families where men control, because the head of the family is a powerful mage.

    MC at first says “hell no, send me back” because he is pissed that they messed with life. The head sorcerer then threatens him with some funky purple magic, so he gives in. (As an aside, the sorcerer family keeps all information about the family secret, so people outside the family don’t even know who the kids are or how many they have, so they can play off MC being a family member because he has the same trademark black hair which only members of that family seem to have.)

    So MC asks what the girl he is supposed to marry looks like, and the answer is basically “well, she’s really talented.” However, remember this is a reverse gender world, so women who are rugged, outdoorsy and flat chested are considered attractive. FMC, who is an amazing swordsman, looks like what our world would consider beautiful – pale skin, huge mammaries, thicc, etc. She is also very passive and quiet, which is also considered unfeminine / unattractive. Because of that, every potential marriage partner rejected her (and no, she is not 5 like one poster commented, she is about to graduate the academy, so I am guessing around 20). MC is not informed of what she really looks like, however.

    So MC trains to become a husband (really, a bride) – etiquette, piano, painting, etc., but is also trained in magic. He has no magic power internally, but incredible magic control and talent. MC’s new family (and they really do get along well and embrace him as a family member) send a picture of MC to FMC. Seeing a big, rugged man for the first time, FMC is smitten – love at first sight. But she is really concerned he will reject her if she sends a picture back to him, so she doesn’t.

    FMC and MC finally meet, except FMC is under an illusion spell that makes her look more like what that world considers beautiful. MC still finds her attractive enough, and is very polite and kind with her, but maybe just a little disappointed (lacking those tracts of land). MC’s adopted mom knows there is an illusion spell, but doesn’t tell MC right away. There is also some comedy gag about her knocking over her tea because her breasts are just too big and get in the way, but because MC doesn’t see through the illusion spell, he thinks she’s clumsy. And the story goes from there, which seems like it will be a sweet romance.

    I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but there are some politics involved (e.g., fights between the noble faction and the faction that supports the king). Also, the main story seems to involve the return of the demons who were thought to be defeated over 300 years earlier. The story is what I would call a
    measured pace, so maybe a touch on the slow side, but its OK so far. I like both the MC’s and the FMC’s characters, MC seems just like a normal dude, and FMC is the cute shy type (although maybe a little scarred by how she was treated sue to her looks) – however, you already see some signs of possessiveness / yandere. The RGR elements aren’t too offensive, although there is one stupid gag that really annoys the f#ck out of me about a pervert potion maker who keeps making gender switch potions that the MC ends up taking (I think the potion maker is FMC’s sister).

    So nothing poisonous and worth a read. I will hold off on a final rating until I get through all the available chapters, but likely a 7.5-8 out of 10 for me.

    1. Jack says:

      Thanks for the review

    2. Jahe Manis says:

      Thanks for review, unfortunately I am not fan of reverse gender role. So I skip this

      1. rob z rob z says:

        I get you, I am generally not a fan of RGR novels either. This one wasn’t too bothersome in that MC is never abused or discriminated against because he is a male, but you do get goofy scenes like where the FMC wants to princess carry the MC away from danger.

    3. Hahaha that’s funny you say that the family that adopted him care about the mc yet they threaten him and you can say this is just in the beginning then why they didn’t told him about his fiancé real appearance and the illusion magic
      So in the end they just use him nothing more

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Nope, you need to read it, since I did not give away all the plot / details of the relationships. You may not like that the MC ends up getting along with the family, but that is what happens in the story.

        1. I didn’t read it but from your comment you say that when he met her and cup broke his adopted mother didn’t say anything thing yet she knows everything I am sure if it’s her real son she would tell him everything thing so yeah my opinion it’s that he just a tool and when he knows about everything of course he will not the family because (reasons) anyway that’s my opinion and I don’t like male mc without any self respect and dignity where he’s just forgiving everything those characters for me are simps with no confidence and respect for themselves

        2. Gahar says:

          I read only beginning of the story and from what you write it is some kind of misunderstanding comedy. By in my opinion kidnaping someone, threatening him and lying to him is not a good sign in any relationship. So, I’m having very difficult to understand how him ending accepting this situation and even liking his new “family” can be anything other than some kind of Stockholm syndrome. And that is just creepy.

          1. Yes I respect your opinion but for me this is not comedy this is just another trash Korean mc I mean first kidnapping him then threatening him to marry so they can get a benefit and for him there is no benefit at all the he have to learn everything like a woman since this a woman leading world and the mc from a normal world so that’s f!king insulting and then they lied about the look of the fmc which it should be ugly for there standard and in the end he ended get along with them that for me so irritated and not comedy at all and I don’t like mc like this without any self respect they treat him as a tool for their benefit nothing more

      2. Cero says:

        The MC is just a family tool 😐

    4. Layios _ Layios _ says:

      From your review the only word that came to my mind was convenient, FMC which has world model physic is considered ugly in this world, has quiet/shy personality who’s considered ugly too. Like a hero, MC appear and got thus beautiful girl smitten with him lacking confidence ‘cuz yk she’s not on part with this world standard so MC capturing her is rly easy.

      Straight up from a pornwha r-rated novel plot seriously. Idk about other stuff but just with these thing I’m alr losing interest.

  7. milky violet says:

    Bro is thirty. Who knew they were going to have historical accuracy, I’m going to guess the young lady is 5 years old.

    1. milky violet says:

      Close. They’re actually 28 and 16-18!! Omg I’m disappointed.

    2. milky violet says:

      Disgusting. Red hair?! Preposterous. I despise red hair, it is a disgusting hair color. I would give it a pass for any hair color besides red, but they had to- I’d do even for pink hair 😰

  8. milky violet says:

    None of these “no one wants to marry my daughter, also I’m the Duke of a duchy” would happen because in real life, every noble would be like

    “I’m sorry son, you will be forced to marry an ugly hag/insane/infertile/all the above/handicapped/Vlad the Impaler/etc because we want to control said duchy hehehehehe you can thank me in 90 years when you’re a powerful Duke hahahahahahahahahah HAHAHAHAHA NOW BREED!” oh whoops too far.

    Anyways, the title of Duke weighs heavy on those who want to climb the ladder of power.

  9. rob z rob z says:

    What’s wrong with you people? Yandere, Pure Love, Obsessive Love, the tags are pure GOLD! I am going in.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Sh!t. This is missing the “Reverse Gender Roles” tag. Still giving it a shot.

  10. Verud says:

    Time to dive

  11. Shadow says:

    I hope someone comments after actually poison testing the novel.

  12. Insufferable says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of some stuff happening in china and other countries where some reclusive villages kidnap women to marry them.

    Not that I’m comparing the two (the novel amd the incidents), but I’m just reminded of that scary fact, where women with proper lives and dreams will just suddenly be kidnapped and forced to marry and bear children or sons for a man who bought you off the kidnappers and be imprisoned there for life.

    Anyways imma give this novel a chance because of pure love.

    1. Insufferable says:

      I immediately don’t like it. It seems that summoning trope is way past me to enjoy. It just seems so scummy to fight for people that abducted you from your life. In this novels case, to make a proxy to marry you off to a ducal house by a viscounty that only has one male. Imagine abducting someone and forcing them to marry off so your family that has nothing to do with him gain benefits from being connected by marriage to a duchy.

  13. Azparo says:

    I summon thee the almighty poison tester!!

  14. Skyte says:

    Finally yandere

  15. TheDiir says:

    Ah ~ yandere

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