My Ex-Fiancée Is the Female Lead in the Romance Novel
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My Ex-Fiancée Is the Female Lead in the Romance Novel

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Ex-Fiancée Is the Female Lead in the Romance Novel

I broke off the engagement with the female lead in the romance novel who had no interest in me at all.

But all of a sudden she started hovering around me.


  1. Daver55 says:

    @ASmith you a woman or a cu*k, every comment of yours I see when we have a 403 female in a story and she’s obviously the one at fault, YOU start throwing shade at the male MC and try to make him being the one at fault for her behaviour. It’s weird.

  2. Enter says:

    it’s dropped by autor at 27 chapter

  3. Enter says:

    novelpia ID 107530
    status: abandoned by autor

  4. D says:

    So is his ex gonna join his harem or what
    And does he actually get laid in this
    Those are the two important questions

  5. ASmith says:

    Hard to judge with so little available, but two points: Cesar is at least as responsible for the breakdown in the relationship as Seria—in fact it seems difficult to call one-sided indulgence a relationship at all—and meeting with a man/woman when you have a partner is not an ‘atrocity’ it is at worst an indiscretion. Cesar’s perspective is also severely skewed: he almost doesn’t notice the casual contempt that Seria has for him and his family but instead resents Seria’s coldness and unfaithfulness—a rather mild unfaithfulness to be honest, even in the context of the European nobility in the middle ages; moreover, the cultural setting is clearly more like the early enlightenment (or later: gossip newspapers, no less!) and Seria’s infidelities in such a context are rather unremarkable—ignoring that his tolerance had encouraged such behaviour: if he had tried to deal with the problem seriously at the start, he would have at least given Seria the opportunity to understand the ramifications of her behaviour and amend it. Seria of course needs a severe lesson—she is effectively an adolescent—but since he apparently treasured the relationship he should have tried to protect and respect it rather than effectively nursing behaviours that work to undermine it.

    1. WhatDidIJustRead says:

      A comment full of victim blaming and misandristic undertones while trying to whitewash evil misdeeds commited by a wicked woman. You are a horrible person who should not interact with other people. Get some help.

  6. Backbonez says:

    Here’s my honest review. Mc is a patient typically jap kor no backbone kinda guy. Then there’s his ex fiance who obsessed with him after the fact. She flirts with other guys and the breaking point is her father the archduke who isn’t noble blood trying to use her affair as an excuse to consolidate political power for the prince he supports. When all hell breaks loose the mc family break ties and mc finds comfort in a potential harem of girls who are interested in him and even maybe the rival villainess girl who hates ex fiance.

  7. Aether says:

    The amount of communication barrier i see in this type of story with regret tag is just simply astounding. An introvert would be more clear than these frictional characters for real

  8. Despite not being this novel’s main character and being unlikable up to this point, Seria has more character development than the main character.

    Main character is just typical kind, capable, handsome guy. This would be okay but I wish this was explained through his actions rather than just narration of others.

    It wasn’t unreadable but I wish Mc had more focus in the story. Mc is a side charcter

    And the fmc reminds me of the girl from “Breaking up with a S class” (which i regret reading for many reasons so i don’t recommend). So if it goes the same way, she will cling to Mc for forgiveness. But Mc would have already made a harem so rejects her first. But due to her persistance he had ro accept her in the end. Just my prediction not a spoiler.

    I don’t really regret reading because I had low expectations due to other comments lol

  9. Len Len Len Len says:

    What i get is the MC knows really well that her fiancee is cheating behind him but still trying his best to love her until certain point, and he get to broke up the engangement thanks to his patience alone otherwise his dissengangement can’t be rebuked by emperor (this world setting is pretty much like when mid age law where The king is the law) without evidence to shown. tbh i just want to see how this ex fiancee portraited by author at this point, so i will wait for the next chapter to see how things would turn. because i’m more of character development person i hope ex fiancee is doing her redemption good but don’t let her to be back with MC because it will ruin the story and MC personality development.

    this fiancee personality just make me realize that even in modern time there will be a woman who think like this, you’ll just become a “back up” plan for her until she met someone better than you because she feel she’s more superior than her significant other or her close male friend (what make some men get into friendzone).

    If you don’t like drama about cheating or something like that and a MC that is naive at first scene, i dont reccomend this novel at all. this novel highly toxic for someone who’s looking for “pure maiden in love with mc”.

    I dive to every poison lakes i found interesting by it’s theme and i already get the immunity from it. let’s meet on another lake my poison tester comrades.

  10. Misib says:

    For those that want to read this, mc fiance got a plan to to have se* with 2 prince in public, so yah.
    Thats IS the plan and she has been dating guys for 2 years.
    Haa become lazy rsss.

  11. anonim says:

    Is this how it’s over. Will there be a sequel?

  12. jinx says:

    tf that is not the ending ……….how tf

  13. Only Little Girls going through puberty would read this shit.

  14. Chapters are too less mc is a bit naive dumb in beginning as even after transmigration he acts submissive to his fiancée and ignores her dating other men. This is the biggest shit right there! Who in right mind would accept her fiancée whom he grew up since childhood date lots of other men for 2 years straight, at this point it’s your typical Japanese mc portrait but thankfully he realises his shortcomings within first few chapters and take initiative to break off engagement, actually in fact mc was a top shot in business empire but he kept it as a secret when the ex-fiancée realizez she has truly lost him and he won’t come back or give her chance to forgive that’s when the chapters ends my dear.
    Also no ntr for now as all the other guys his fiancée was seeing there was never any physical interaction except the only time she was held in arms of second prince for ball dance.
    And the most important thing mc realised that he was beta and submissive because if he hadn’t showered his affection on fiancé blindly she wouldn’t had gotten confidence that he will always be waiting for her no much how bad things she does.

  15. AP3X says:

    I regret reading it

  16. Lku says:

    Why so short

  17. huehue huehue says:

    Only 27 chaps for now, aight I’ll read since I’m bored 🤣

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