Suici*de by Raising a Heroine
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Suici*de by Raising a Heroine

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Status: Completed Type: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Suici*de by Raising a Heroine

If there is no one who can kill me, wouldn’t it be better to raise someone who can kill me?

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  1. asf says:

    Its bad. The moment you open chapter 1 theres already tons of girls thats obsessed with the MC already.
    Its just obsessed girls popping up one after another. Cat fighting for the MC for no reason.
    MC isnt really likable either. All the girls are basically a selfish bastard that treats other human not MC like dirt.

  2. Baalgares says:

    Its not complete yet, there are 50 chaps more from novelpia. I’ve requested the chaps at discord, I hope it will be tl’ed soon (⁠๑⁠•⁠﹏⁠•⁠)

  3. Merkz ZZ Merkz ZZ says:

    This was a fun read. If you like yanderes this is definitely the kind of novel for you.

  4. Rader says:

    Well people here ordering to translate some novel is not a desirable behaviour but still this is a good thing as it means that more are getting in this site.

  5. Since the request is taken care of can I hear opinions on this story before adding it to the list of stories to read?

  6. Yahde says:

    LOL XD
    I seeing that dude in in every comment

  7. mfss says:

    Where can I get discord link?

  8. Do says:

    Yeah there is a “request” chat at the discord group. Better to just leave this place for actual comments about this novel.

  9. Puru instead of mentioning here join discord server and make request there

  10. Writing 'please' is free. says:

    Use the word ‘please’ if you’re requesting a novel in a free website, or donate so you can request the novel you wanted if you don’t want to wait.

  11. Heraxia says:

    Be polite seriously! People aren’t at your disposal! A small ‘please’ is nothing !

    And thank you for the MTL novels, you’re a lifesaver for poor students like me 🙂 !

  12. Putu says:

    Translate i killed the player of academy and childhood friend of zenith

    I’ve made several comments like this one, I hope mine gets read

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