Surviving as a Rival in a Martial Arts Novel
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Surviving as a Rival in a Martial Arts Novel

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving as a Rival in a Martial Arts Novel

I’m diving into the possessed story too!

The hero’s rival, who nobly sacrifices himself, a popular character equipped with a painful backstory.

But when I tried to put in a little effort because I didn’t want to die…

Something feels a bit off here?

No, actually, it seems quite a lot off?

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  1. Noah Lambert says:

    Poison! That too very strong!

  2. Human says:

    Not recommended to read unless you want to waste your time. Poison. Mostly read everything besides skipping 10 chapters near the end, but pretty sure it ain’t even a harem. All the heroines are throw away characters to not be acknowledged in the ending or terrible excuse called the epilogue. There are no character that really grows in personality besides power for plot convenience. Was not worth reading, but I was lead on by the false hopes brought upon by subtle romantic advances by some of the heroines. List of heroines?: (Spy girl, childhood friend girl, beggar sect girl, heavenly demoness girl, blind medicine girl, gender bent original mc girl, and uh well literally can’t recall cause every heroine be forgettable as crap.)

    Spoiler warning: Mc becomes alone at the end, he marries (? Maybe) medicine girl who dies from weak body so he raises a disciple and basically cuts contact with all the other heroines. Basically harem is a lie despite gender bent og mc blushing way too much while facing mc. Mc literally the most powerful guy at the end of the novel and chooses to be hermit.

    1. Suherman Joshua says:

      Wth authors, false harem ending is one of the tropes I hate the most

    2. kk77 says:

      omfg thank FK I had the wherewithal to stop at 15. when the hell did my poison radar find time to fix itself, there shouldve been no downtime between all the recent doses??

    3. SenatorArmstrong says:

      >Fake harem end
      >MC cuts off all contact after becoming the zenith
      Sounds horrible. And I was interested since it’s a rivalry-murim/cultivation novel. Thanks.

  3. reafan says:

    and damn, This novel already ended at 2022 (finih in chapter 112 and no r18 scene)

    So thats why so much background skip, Better you all skip this, this series just test drive from author
    i warned you, Have some mercy in your brain Read hard mtl

  4. reafan says:

    first, too much Backgroud skip
    Second, less detailed information/background scenarion and some sudden clishe

    Tres , Mtl murim is sucks, you Even have hard time recognize some character who speak who, combine with background skip,Unreadable skill,miss translate character name and etc

    Even if you can read this with good mtl, you can smell the poison, even tough not much

    better read CFOZ, Worst MTL murim, but really interesting story

  5. milky violet says:

    Hmmm if it’s as the other comments say, gender bent ori MC?

    I love gender reversal original MCs, They’re best girl and nothing bad will happen if you flirt with her.

  6. Suherman Joshua says:

    Translation is pretty bad, which I captured, MC possesed rivals character. He is a dense MC. He had a sister (not a sibling but his teacher daughter that he considered his sister). In Ori the story, she is destined to die, but MC mess stories. Obviously she like our MC and his father (MC Master) also blessed their relationship. Yep, but the MC has never been aware. MC down the mountain, meeting other heroines, they started to like MC too. I also don’t understand whether ori MC (rival MC) is a woman or man, but it looks like crossdressing woman. I suspect like this trope “what, my rival actually woman not man, and she like me, but, but, in ori novel, MC is man”

  7. Asalty 1 Asalty 1 says:

    Carefull young testers this one is definitly poisonous and seing its a harem means the mc will cuck the ori mc without even trying.
    And that my friend is poison

  8. IME says:

    murim MTL……..

  9. Big Blackclock says:


    1. rob z rob z says:

      So murim, dense MC, and gender bent original protagonist? The levels of poison are off the charts.

  10. Guywithaname says:

    The MTL of this is even worst than the site codes I’m working with I can’t connect words that makes sense

  11. Cero says:

    The mtl…😬

  12. It has the curse of every martial arts novel
    MTL incompatibility

  13. Insufferable says:

    Martial arts yaaay! Time to break my skull and burn some brain cells trying to decipher the military grade cipher just so I can read a good ol’ murim mtl.

  14. Looks like generic japanese possesion novel from synopsis

  15. Nameless says:

    Yo am i first ?

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