Surviving as a Villain at the Academy
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Surviving as a Villain at the Academy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving as a Villain at the Academy

I fell for a novel I wrote about ten years ago.

The problem is that this novel is a dead-end academic drama, and the subject of possession was the attempted r*pist of the main heroine.

The most f*cked up thing is… I have to fulfill my role as a villain in order for the world to not be torn apart.


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  1. Thank you very much for updating

  2. How much am I waiting for *Sub-Protagonist is retiring* to get updated… That’s one hot s*it.

  3. Vamshi says:

    Update please
    The novel is really good

    1. IME says:

      yoo, noble answer your pray just in one day 😂

      1. vamshi says:

        haha yes i didnt think they would update it as they are not updating it from 45 days but they did hehe

    2. rob z rob z says:

      How? Unless something happens in the new update, it is irredeemable. Did the MC finally give up being a dickweed and slavishly following the plot? Do we have any consummation of romance? Is there anything that takes it out of the generic shounen level academy setting? I’d really like to know, because I really don’t follow why anyone would consider this “good”.

      1. IME says:

        this is good for me.

        this suit me more than “how to live as an extra academy villain”

      2. IME says:

        also dude,,, did you read that MC and the devil part?

        the moment when the devil feels what MC feels and then they know each other’s pain, that part is god

        I don’t know if you read this until chapter 65 or not, but if you haven’t, then you should.

        and if you did and dont fel anything, then your standard is too high maybe kewk

  4. k says:

    This is surpirsingly good, its okay to consume guys, dive in

    1. k says:

      The mid point is full of bs thou, bunch of grinding and power up no one care about

  5. Komaru s Komaru s says:

    The relationship between MC and Asti “the fallen angel turned devil” made me keep reading, it’s surprisingly wholesome.

  6. Zefroz says:

    It’s good!! And why the fuc did you guys say it’s bad!!? Why!? I know that it’s kind of “I have to become the villain”, “oh no it’s not like the original story~”, and “I’m absolutely can’t become the MC” tropes, but listen! If only you guys also said that the MC in this story is not a dense MC and act sweet like those of “Komi San can’t communicate” (the infamous meme “get married already”) then I’m happy to say that I will read it. And yeah I also agree for the comments who said it’s a B tier novel since the only reason I still read this novel is because how sweet the relationship between the MC and the main heroine (Asti). As for the performance of our MC.. yeah I agree that he is op too quick (for my own judgement) and the battle storytelling is at mid tier (fast, not too much passion, yet you can see a glimpse of how the battle ended)

    1. rob z rob z says:

      I’ll have to go back and read it again to give you a full breakdown, but the MC’s slavish adherence to the need to follow the plot and act as a villain is a grotesquely stupid and lazy trope; because of the MC’s gaslighting after the attempted r@pe scene – as Insufferable put it, the MC is “garbage disposal bin scum of the earth”; because the plot otherwise is a generic harem academy setting that amounts to nothing more than shounen level tripe; because ambiguous, unresolved harems are poison – I could go on.

      In short, people say it sucks because it sucks.

  7. Evernight says:

    Idk why others hate this novel
    was about to drop at first
    I feel this one isn’t that bad after I’ve read till chapter 65
    The relationship between the devil and MC makes me read more ….

  8. 4/10

    That’s it… The very premise is brain dead… Not sure why he wants to save the world at the cost of his life.. he just wants to.

    1. And those long narratives of how the plot should progress and how he should balance his meddling and the progress of the plot, and how desperate he is to save the world, and how much he struggles to develop OG MC…. Sigh… At most I could handle till ch30… And the Romance is vague… It felt like torture when almost approaching ch30…

      1. Not sure what I am writing… Need to recuperate….

        1. Kaniya says:

          U didn’t read it carefully and we don’t need it opinion

          1. Never personally gave u one… If you like it read it… I don’t need a dumbass to tell me whether I should give my opinion or not.

          2. rob z rob z says:

            Ignore him – your comments are solid.

  9. IME says:

    the interaction between MC and devil is more wholesome compared to humans kekw

  10. Shadow says:

    I recommend it, the charecters are relatable and actually feel alive and our mc isn’t brain dead or a goody two shoes. Shame this wasn’t a pure love though, the best girl is one-of-a-kind.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      No, the MC is pretty brain dead (although the author tries to justify it).

      1. But that justification is brain-dead in it’s own way

  11. TheBoredOne says:

    It’s cliche but hey, I like it. It’s not too bad.

  12. Cero says:

    What exatly does this rule mean bro?.

    Sorry For the ignorance 🙏.

  13. Extra Extra says:

    Better than decent. It’s rather good, actually. I quite enjoyed this novel.

    I would’ve liked to request a chapter update on Discord for this one in the future.
    But I can’t, as I’m banned from posting in the update request section. Lmao.

    1. Cero says:

      I’m curious about the reason for such a ban?🤔

      1. Extra Extra says:

        IIRC I mistakenly broke rule No. 1

        1. -Avoid duplication of series requests. Any instance of duplication will result in the discontinuation of updates for that particular series.

        1. Cero says:

          What exatly does this rule mean bro?

          Sorry For the ignorance 🙏.

          1. Daver55 says:

            If you spam a message about wanting certain series to get an update, the admins will get mad and not post them just to laugh at you?

  14. Dagonsuznyx says:

    He writes a whole ass chapter about how he has to follow through the plot, yet it remains utter nonsense. I hate it when the possessed character tries to follow the storyline believing only in their knowledge, while things constantly go wrong and they even gave opportunities to other characters who may or may not be hostile to them. Complete and utter nonsense. Just kill yourself dude. Your life and your characters’ lives don’t really matter. Their stories are worthless and their pains are only ever slightly amusing if anything. Just do me a favor and kill yourself. Now that would’ve been a better choice. Weakling. Coward.

    1. VELCRO says:

      Zamn boi who hurt you this bad

    2. VELCRO says:

      Zamn boi who hurt you this bad. Do you need to cope?

    3. rob z rob z says:

      Agree 100%. This novel follows that grotesquely stupid. archetype. I don’t understand why it’s gotten the positive comments it has. Just garbage.

  15. IME says:

    arghhh this is good but also dissaponting me in the same time.

  16. Rader says:

    Not a bad novel. Easy B tier and even close to A tier. Here we have an author possessing a villain character who loved the heroine but due to plot Heroine didn’t try to reciprocate and villain tried to r*pe her. MC got in the moment of attempted r*pe.

    Anyways, this is the basic summary. It’s about an Author who don’t want to deviate the story since potential of possessed body is not so much as per him. So he give the lucky chances to the MC. But of course as he personally experience the power and potential of his body he find that he can become powerful too, maybe as close as original MC if he takes the hidden pieces he didnt introduce in the novel or the ones MC can’t even use.

    Also, there is kind of pure love between Asti, his contractor and him. But it’s harem novel precisely because he has a good amount of compassion towards character he wrote and especially towards those he designed bad plots. He also have some other mysteries which he don’t even know about.

    It’s like this Original MC is a Hero maybe planted by Heaven as he hear some voices sometimes which tell him to beat the villains so his actions are kind of scripted. And the villain MC possessed seems to be the Hero world would have created as he is a human who wants to save the world regardless of the method and has great untapped potential.

  17. Dropped at chapter 23

    Super duper boring cringe common troupes.

  18. Extra Extra says:


    I was reminded of a particular work I’d rather forget when I saw the situation with OG Frau and his childhood friend.


    1. Autumn Leaf says:

      Thank you for the holy code

    2. shelwyn shelwyn says:

      Fk, lmao. What was that story LOL.

  19. Jahe Manis says:

    One thing I don’t like here is the topic of rap*. The victim now feels guilty towards the perpetrator and realizes she has feelings for MC. C’mon writer, make her move on. Now the author makes it seem like the only way to get your childhood friend to like you back is to attempt rap*, then ignore her and make her feel guilty because she didn’t pay attention to your feelings.

  20. time traveller says:

    I don’t know what the author was thinking, if you want to tell a villain story, be a complete villain. I hate it when the MC tries to be a villain but still openly helps the MC, isn’t that hypocrisy

    1. Kont0llond0n says:

      it’s called an anti-villain

    2. Fuze says:

      Not really, he just act to be a villian cause the role of that character he trying to be is a villian, secondly, he is someone from our world and wasn’t used to the act of being a villian too, he just wasn’t forced to make hard choice. Give him times, the moment will come when he is forced to become a truly bad guy.

      1. Fuze says:

        More than anything, he is trying to save his own world from destroying itself. Already put on the goal of it.

  21. milky violet says:

    It’s dog water because I think it is!!!! I hate villain novels, oh I’m so pitiful because I was a villain- man why don’t you become a true villain scum. Do it buddy, you’re already a villain!! Just be a villain instead of pretending you’re not. You cant pull that “acktually I’m a decent Korean social worker” because that’s a lame excuse, it better be something like “I’m a decent guy because I killed 98284 people and I am also known by the moniker ‘EDGY VILLAIN’ but since I have taken so many lives, I know the reward for such is an amount not worth it.” Type stuff

    Alternatively you could just be underage like 15 and that’s why you’re decent, but dying at like age 11 is cruel in itself so not jeejejeiwowoowwldkdk idk what I’m writing anymore but now I think this novel could be good.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Unrelated but I’m curious if you know what dog water tastes like.

      Anyway, villain sh*t is good for me, any way it’s presented either through genuine villainy or roleplay is fine by me as long as it’s written to be a good read. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a good premise massacred by an incompetent author. Oh, it reminds me of the many wasted potential and I’m crying.

      Unrelated again but I really like it when novels embrace the edginess and doesn’t try to make things too realistic and just accepts the edgy energy. I have respect for those authors. I wanna kabedon them and raise their chin and approach my lip– kyaaaaa!!

      1. Your thoughts are leaking out. Control bro control.

  22. Bocchan says:

    Is that good MTL novel

  23. Insufferable says:

    My initial impression is it’s good enough, tension is good, his goals are realistic and although he wants tp keep the story flowing as he wrote in the orig novel, he doesn’t have unrealistic expectations and plans for when it eventually gpes to sh*t.

    Intial cons I observe are unnatural and somewhat weird dialogue, enough that it can be a deal breaker for some that has a high threshold for immersion. The same is true for the pronouns and names, it scrambles in a confusing mess so it’s quite annoying.

    1. Insufferable says:

      Fu*k. The way the almost r-worded heroine Asti is feeling blame for herself for letting the villain(mc) keep their friendship despite her knowledge of his love for her. And she feels guilt and self blame that his attempt of touching her was partly her fault for giving him chances. I know that it’s her traumatized and paranoid self making those monologues but it feels disgusting to read that an attempted ra*e even gives the victim blame no matter hpw small.

      Anyways I’m disappointed.

      1. Daver55 says:

        Oh c’mon! Rpe by MC =/= Rpe by someone else
        I hate rpe or attempted rpe done by randoms, I dont care if its the mc doing it or reverse rpe. The perspective matters. Believing it doesn’t it is just as brainded as those dudes saying netorare and netori are the same and crying in the comments in every cornhua out there.

        1. Insufferable says:

          Hm? I was fine with the attempted r-word the mc did. What I am not gine though is the authors approach in the emotional turmoil between mc and fmc and how the mc justifies and gaslights her more and leading her to a darker mindset. I know he does it to fulfill his villain persona but c’mon don’t tell me you weren’t disgusted by how mc shamelessly put all the blame of the r*pe on fmc and brazenly paints himself as a saint.

          We all like a villain mc but this one is just scum. The attractive villain mc’s are ones with actual character and conviction as well as being self awere with elegance. This one is just plain garbage disposal bin scum of the earth. If god were to choose between mc and a smelly malnourished dog then god would choose the dog. Not that the dog is any more useful than the mc but that the dog is just that much better to look at.

          1. True man , good to see some rational people on site who are not hypocrite about what they like. Atleast he should own up to his mistake and damn even if he went ahead and did I would not have felt as bad as trying to victim blame her as he is a only a ‘nice guy’ led by her

  24. M-Art EA M-Art EA says:

    Mc got whipping treatment lol

  25. uhhhhh… another villian one, imma pray that this one isn’t generic af

  26. volt zone volt zone says:

    Pretty decent, MC is a writer who abandoned his work 10 years ago and is thrown into the setting. He takes role of an extra villain , makes contract with a demon and wants to follow the story. Things dont always go according to plan, mc isnt a villain. He is helping Og mc grow while protecting his back but he himself has to grow to keep up with the story so he wont just leave things to MC. Demon Asti is an interesting character, and in all similar vibes to Stopped Sponsoring the heroines and academy extra villain.

  27. time traveller says:

    Does Novel really like the academy theme? every new novel, which the academy never misses

    1. time traveller says:

      I will try to dive, pray for safety

    2. time traveller says:

      I will try to dive, praying for safety. if I don’t come back I’m dead

  28. Insufferable says:

    Seems intriguing. Let us see the poison or potion energy of this work. My Myriad Poison Body is now able to withstand a thousand poison, I must see if it can hold it’s own.

    1. Bronya's armpits licker says:

      You are the poison

    2. CrovoloDesu says:

      The myriad poison body really is the most common constitution among recurring readers of this site.

  29. Yorghuul says:

    Also First.

  30. First yay 😂😂😂

    1. Nigawat says:

      Faster than light

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