Weird Defender Joo Ji-Tae
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Weird Defender Joo Ji-Tae

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이상한 수비수 주지태
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Weird Defender Joo Ji-Tae

“This is a defender…?”

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  1. Dan says:

    I think the 2nd transfer translation is a bit wrong all the number got an additional 0 to it

  2. nolifeboy says:

    We need update

  3. IME says:

    lmaoooo you know what, i find this interesting and read till chapter 11,

    the author use the real name of footballer in this novel, if he just mention it, its fine for me.

    but in chapter 12, the author make arda guler, madrid player become a side char kewk, and competing with other fiction characters 🤣

    i feel my body shiver in cringeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Su 183 says:

    First day
    Reading ch.0
    Meh football? Dropped
    The next day…
    Lets try again maybe it’s good
    Reading ch.1 to 3
    The MC personality is so bad 😔 dropped
    2 days later
    Okay this is your last chance
    Ch.4 to 9 not bad
    And here I am ch.40
    Tbh the author must add comedy tag
    If you’re not used to mtl it would be a bit hard to read/understand
    Overall it good
    Ch.0 to 3 is dog**** so at least read till ch. 20 before judging
    who knows you might like it

  5. kk77 says:

    chapter length expositions followed by sweeping one line summaries of events followed by more chapter length expositions — repeated ad nauseam (98%). empty “dialogue” in the gaps (2%).
    not a novel, more a newspaper article; or perhaps a biography (a poorly written one at least).
    if the exposition was useful then maybe something, anything – but it’s just total gibberish to anyone who knows nothign of fotbal; and a pointlessly belaboured outlining of information to any enthusiast – that they would mostly already know.

    do not like

  6. Luis says:

    No es mi taza de té, me encantan los animes y mangas deportivos, pero en versión novela no tanto.

  7. Jack says:

    Still he’s better than Maguire (I’m a kop) btw 😄😄😄😄😜

  8. Jack says:

    Still he’s better than Maguire ….(I’m kop) btw

  9. Big Blackclock says:

    Reviews where??🤔

    1. Big Blackclock says:

      Off topic and random but Kuroko no basket is one of the best sport anime I have watched.

      1. NTL Fan says:

        Off Topic and random but if you want a good Netori novel you should read ‘Cuckold Wizard Adventure’ and ‘Stealing Spree’

        1. D1Grandmaster says:

          I agree

  10. Insufferable says:

    The only sports genre media I’ve ever consumed is that one baseball game in jjk.

    Anyways this should be the first sport novel in this site no? I feel like this would attract a lot of aggro from the readers that don’t like sports and will also get a lot of points from the ones with an open mind towards sports.

    1. Nah if i remember there is one with romance and football

    2. Insufferable says:

      There ia actually two others in this site. They were so niche I forgot aboit them

    3. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

      well, I watch a lot of football but I don’t like sports novels, I started this one just because I’m bored

  11. LuxX says:

    This is a bit off topic, but can you recommend me some novels about the post-apocalyptic survival genre?

    1. Werewolf survival in apocalypse is pretty good one in this site

      1. LuxX says:

        Your name… Okay, I’ll try…

  12. IME says:

    I’m curious about this one, I’ve seen it in Novelpia before but haven’t read it.

    1. IME says:

      200+ chapter and 1.7 M views. i believe in you Korean ppl, lets dive in.

  13. Mae says:

    If it is football, I will be there, always

  14. ughhh sports in books, how even more boring.

    1. Shadow says:

      I get the feeling

  15. Shadow says:

    Actual reviews though?

  16. Mission failed. We will get em next time

    (I am not the type to enjoy sports anime etc not even the real ones except maybe mma so… I will skip)

    1. Nightune says:

      What’s mma?

  17. Reiii says:

    Nooooo Sportssssssssss pleeeeazzz!

  18. Big Blackclock says:

    Oh? Defender from football?

  19. TS lore says:

    This is not the time for me to shine…

  20. TS Lore says:

    Hmmm……. I wonder when my time shines in the next novel…

  21. salcrimson says:

    Faster than the speed of light

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