I Picked Up a Witch With Amnesia
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I Picked Up a Witch With Amnesia

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기억상실에 걸린 마녀를 주워버렸다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Picked Up a Witch With Amnesia

A ‘witch’ who brought winter to the entire continent.

After many twists and turns, the moment he subdued the witch, he returned to the past 10 years ago.

With a witch with amnesia.

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  1. Reader_X says:

    I need to know if this is harem ending i need answer guys!!!!!!!!

  2. SleepDeprived says:

    It’s a very good novel starting from 50 chapter forward.

  3. SleepDeprived says:

    From the chapter 60 upward, the mc finally opened his heart and became smart after losing his memory temporary.

    Mc at least realized the love from FMC that have a chained reaction making all the misunderstanding resolve?

  4. Prettyboy099 says:

    Alright, I read upto 54 chapter, this novel is not my type…. The mc is dense and Weak willed…. To be honest, all the things that happened to him, karma biting his ass back for his weak will-ness…..

  5. Myaha says:

    You asked if it has a harem ending? You can read the first epilogue chapter to answer that question. It’s a spoiler for others to answer it here.

  6. Shinigami says:

    Does it end in a harem?

  7. Wowybu says:

    I have read up to 70 chapter. I think it a good story if you just read and enjoy it. The story itseft is very fun and creative. It maybe cliche at some part but its worth reading. Oh and you will feel sad for some of the heroine

  8. Cryingabriel says:

    I think it should have a minor yandere tag

  9. Read up to chap 50 all i can say that this each love interest has a degree of yandere on them which im a big fan off

  10. I can understand why some may not like but so far I’m loving it at 20 chapters in. Basically boils down to a regression novel with a harem where all the love interests express their feelings horribly leading to misunderstandings and the MC not noticing (think tsundere). He could be considered dense but honestly with what he’s experienced from them and his perspective that he explains I can understand it. Throughly enjoying the novel.

  11. Rone Allza says:

    Wtf should I write here? I read until ch 26, and it’s not really my cup of tea. It’s korean styled novel but the plot is JP-like. Well, not quite, but anyway. The MC is a sweet potato at first but somehow after the regression he became mature a bit. There is also a hint that his comrade to slay the witch also regressed, so I expect some obsession as always.

    I rate it 6/10, it can change anytime, considering I haven’t read it any further.

  12. Donald129082u83 says:

    Yup waiting someone’s review here

  13. Nitro says:

    Es esto seguro?

  14. Phobi21 says:

    First comment, waiting for someone to do the poison test here.

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