Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess
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Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess

Read full chapter Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess, Light Novel Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess english, LN Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess, Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess Online, read Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess at Noble Machine translations.
천사로 빙의하길 3년 여황제가 집착하기 시작했다.
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Becoming an Angel 3 Years Later, the Empress Began To Obsess

I ran away.

In the arms of the master as a slave.

I couldn’t live this life any longer.

After hiding deep in the mountains, he built a cabin.

Now I wanted to live a peaceful life here alone.

It was then.

“It’s my defeat that didn’t break your wings.”

A female emperor appeared before my eyes.

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  1. Workout says:

    I’m pretty vanilla, I can’t stand ntr or anything like that, however I’m open to things like yuri, gender bend, etc.

    This story however is just not that good 4/10 (slightly below average), readability is a solid 8/10 for mtl
    If I had to make a synopsis or review it would be;

    Synopsis(minor spoilers): Mc transmigrated to a fanstasy world as a female, and an angel, got forced into the slave of the empress with dead-sibling issues and I want to escaped and soon my broken wings will be fixed and I can fly away
    Synopsis Extra Details (some spoilers):
    -mc made a real friend who seems to want something from mc, oh how it will turn to love
    -mc is obssed over by both the empress and an ELF

    Review: It seems like the author had a story in mind but as it went on they began to just wing it and finish the story;

    The love is 7/10 (above average), most of it felt like obsessed love but with the main love interest it feels like caring love so 7/10

    The story is 6.5/10 (slight above average), aka there was a smooth-ish story, it goes quickly but it felt more like the author wanted to add some 18 age scenes inbetween to show love because the author doesn’t know how to, I didn’t like the quick story but the author conveyed the emotions well.

    Mc is 7/10, the author manager to build the character, i didn’t really like the main character, they felt like a broken man that had a personality but the empress wiped it clean and the mc held onto a little masculinity but it seems that too ends up changing because of yuri love, it’s fine, but mc just seems like the author made him into their version of a “normal girl in love” by the end

    Characters are 7.5/10, in my opinion as far as Korean obsessed characters go they were fine and, again, in my opinion carried the plot along for this story and were probably the best part of this story.


    1. Workout says:

      Little note, mc gets played around by the other girls, not sex but light sexual harassment.

  2. Some guy says:

    As a person who enjoys Yuri and TS, this novel was a good read to me even if it’s short. The first half of the novel seems much like other TS novel with the MC being in denial of having been treated as a woman, but in the later half of the novel, MC somewhat admit now that he’s in a girl body and can feel the joy and happiness from it with her lover. Although the ending feel rushed, it kinda makes it up somewhat with pure love ending from being exhausted from the obsession of the emperor or the shrewdness of the elf, which in the end they felt regret for what they have done to the MC. Thank you Noble for posting the MTL for this novel and I awaits of other TS and Yuri novels to be posted here.

  3. Lector_OP says:

    Wtf bro💀

  4. Cringe says:

    Yuri is cringe

  5. Dao of Hentai says:

    Let’s gooo

  6. Thanks for your hard work Rennes to test out poison this book already in my blacklist.

  7. I was drinking coffee, the moment I saw those tags I vomited everything yuckss! Judging from rating and reviews I wonder why this is here in first place cuz noble not support yuri stuff, right?

  8. Rennna, you are gonna create a haren in this novel i guess.

    As most transmigrator do.

    I hope you have a happy life.

  9. Kim Dokja says:

    Noble, out of all the Korean yuri novels out there on the internet, how could you pick this shit?

  10. Is this finally my turn? 😭💀 My life isn’t that bad…. And nice knowing you all, my fellow comrades.

  11. Demonnight9 says:

    You really did the 5000 word comment
    Tell your family if someday they wake up and never find you to start reading this novel or any spinoff of it
    It was good knowing you

  12. What do you call it? Sexually played by others without one’s concern and doing it forcefully? I forget the words for that…. Ahh yes, the sexual harassment. Oh yeah, I forgot she’s a slave who likes to be harassed sexually despite always saying “no!” but honestly she might probably pretty like it deep down by the way she described her feeling and her thougts to her surroundings and scenes. Sorry, yeah, I forgot. How silly can I be? Hehehehe…. Hmmm, maybe this isn’t really a serious / even half-serious type of story…. How foolish of me even considering that in the first place? …Aha! Or maybe, is this just not for me?

  13. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the pure love tag… I didn’t even know should I consider this as pure love or not. Why? Because the main character almost in like the majority of the stories always got fucked, teased, manipulated, and played sexually by the people who’s not even the main love interest — the people who’s obsessed with her. She did end up with her main love interest though, not gonna deny that. But in like 60% of this novel, the main character, as I’ve said, always got sexually played and manipulated by the others. Can you consider a pure love story where the MC constantly got sexually played and manipulated by the other characters other than the main love interest / one where the MC will and should be ended up with at the end of the story? If that’s so, then the pure love tag is correct. Heck, there’s even almost a rape scene at the later chapters.

  14. But I’ll give one more star to Mr. Noble for taking the brave on his first step on discovering and taking the new genre and theme beside since like almost 90% of the web novel here are written in the male perspective as the main character of their story. Thank you, Mr Noble for the new fresh novel. Keep up your good work! May you have a wonderful day. Cheers.

  15. Weak-ass man. 💀 if you like emotionally weak vulnerable character. You might like this. The regret only came out like near the ending (middle-end) of the story. The MC kinda weak in all aspect (including intellectually, emotionally, mentally or wisely), what’s make her strong and still barely alive after countless embarrassment torture is that she’s cute and vulnerable make everyone wants to tease, seduce, tempt, and protect her. There are a lot of smut stuff here. Gladly and fortunately, the writing is good and the pace of the flow of the story and events are written in a right proportion so when it needed to be in descriptive narrative writing, it did land on the right way (its written like that depending on the scene / event) so the pacing is somewhat good. And the style of language / writing is kinda good too but not the best by any means. What’s irritating is just the MC. And the world building too. I don’t understand the magic system, don’t understand the geology of the world / kingdom, don’t really understand and grasp the history of said place where the event took place. About the plotline itself… It’s only in one arc in which the main goal of the MC is to escape but the main conflict and tension come from the fact that the people around her is a sadist and obsessed with her and + she’s weak (as I’ve said, emotionally, physically, mentally, ) and vulnerable, even though she still somewhat has her own strength and power in her charm and the fact that she’s a fallen and broken angel kind of thing. Oh yeah, you trying to find a S-M sexual relationship, you will probably find this quite amusing at least to you. And there’s this one question whenever I read and dwell into this story : Should I identify this web novel as the type of serious story or not? It really feels like it’s not since almost whole (60% hell no maybe even 70%) of the story is about smut and sexual activities. While the rest is going into the characters development (not only to the mc’s personality and ability but also to her relationship, which I include it in the characters section since this aspect is related to the characters themselves). But I’m not gonna deny though, as I have said on the discord server noble community, this is quite new and refreshing to see TS main character on this website. + Yuri too I forgot to mention.

  16. Rachel says:

    i just read it as obese instead obsess haha

  17. Does anybody know how to make novelpia account??
    I don’t know why can’t i make 1

  18. Rone says:

    And yea it’s full of smut, be warned

  19. Rone says:

    Okay, this is not my cup of tea. It’s infuriating to read, as always someone always torture the MC in the name of love, smh if you want a SM relation maybe you can read this. Maybe that’s why even noble translate it to ch 33 lmao

  20. Valddz says:

    Brothers rule of the thumb is any thing less than 8.8 rating is not even worth poison testing.

  21. Tens says:

    Oh shit, i love yuri

  22. Weirdo says:

    What’s the meaning of TS? Transgender??.

  23. Phobi21 says:

    Brothers, I’m sorry, but, even as a veteran poison tester, I’m not willing to try this.

  24. What did I just read like wtf

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