The Main Heroine Likes the Extra
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The Main Heroine Likes the Extra

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메인 히로인이 엑스트라를 좋아한다
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Main Heroine Likes the Extra

He is the fiancé of the sub-heroine and an extra who appears briefly as a villain early on.

Despite his self-discipline and amicable relationship with his fiancé.
She went to the protagonist’s side.

Author note:
There is a description reminiscent of NTR in the beginning. It has nothing to do with the heroine, but please be aware that some people may find it offensive.

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  1. Zzz says:

    This novel made me go mental boom
    If you are going to read just skim through or dont up to you i wish you good luck
    First time i am noting down an author so that i can avoid it

  2. RealEason says:

    not a bad read… binged it all in a few hours. 8/10

  3. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    ooooohhhh….. finally updated every chapters here, what’s next? “Possessed in a Game That is Full Of Mods”? It’s just 120 chapters remain

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Yeah, a couple of us got together and paid for this to be updated.

  4. My Children!!! Always remember. I never die. I am still hereeeee!!! Go crazy like you usually are. You have my blessings.

  5. Def says:

    Please update

  6. Mob Mob Mob Mob says:

    It’s like “shimotsuki-san likes the mob”

  7. Phantom says:

    The novel protag reminds me of the protagonist in those Chinese Urban Villain novels that have the protagonist halo.

  8. Rone says:

    I think there is enough of explanation of what kind of novel it is, so I think I just leave my impression here.

    The mc is moderately powerful, the heroine got a surprising twist on her, and the og protag is a mary sue, but his luck has run out lmao. Just think the og mc as braindead as always.

    Anyway, aside from the usual troupe, this novel is readable for me as this site contain so many poison that made me picky tbh. 7/10

  9. Franz says:

    People are so sensitive to NTR from a fictional novel.

    1. Daver55 says:

      Nop. People are sensitive to wasting their time. Why whould I read 200ch only to get hit with something that makes the story worse in my eyes? I wished they did the same with lesbo cr*p. It makes me puke as much as NTR.

  10. Enoh says:

    It’s more of a villainess daughter-type story, and the similar type of tropes seen there. If you’ve read any villainess story where she and the main Heroine are reincarnated/transmigrated together, they notice how the Heroine has a type of mind control over the harem or people in general (EX: MobuSeka, An Observation Log of My Fiancée Who Calls Herself a Villainess, Otome Burikko, etc…) Building their harem or obtaining unfettered obsession and loyalty without care to anybody or rules. Their words and actions are hypocritical and light but somehow magically gets everyone on their side.

    So, instead of the commoner Herorine having some mind control flower field powers it’s the commoner Hero and he is terrorizing the main FMC who is a Duke’s daughter. The FMC’s life, friends, and family is being controlled and manipulated by him while she can barely utter any response to it. She’s seemingly locked in a cage by the Hero who is her “protector.” Unluckily our MC who is a Count’s son in this story gets his fiance taken away even though he knows the story and tries his best to prevent it. He doesn’t know about the mind control powers but feels something odd about the behavior of everyone with the Hero, slowly realizing the twists in the narratives caused by the Hero since the story he knows is only from the Hero’s POV.

    Our MC and the main FMC of the in-game story find comfort in each other while fighting against the Hero who is only obsessed with the FMC even with a legion of fangirls following him. You’ll see the same scenes of things you see in those villainess stories, like a former fiance kneeling and apologizing for their actions in which the Hero shows up and reprimands the victim as being unjust for making their fiance kneel and apologize. That nobles disgusts him for their totalitarian actions and unforgiving hearts yada yada.

    So if you like these types of romance villain/villainess stories, it’s a basic read. Not bad but not that good either.

  11. TheBoredOne says:

    Well it’s actually not bad there seems to be a possibility that the ex fiancee might regret later.

  12. Shadow says:

    When things escalate, they escalate fast in this novel. It is a romcom, comedy part is a bit hard to come by, with some sprinkles of horror. What might seem illogical at the beginning will become logical later. The novels not bad, just too boring for my taste.

  13. Mista says:

    I am at chap 7 and I won’t lie, it is not bad. And I hope wouldn’t become so for the rest, but that’s a small hope.

    Story is nothing new, but the fact that the author got basic characterization right, well not completely but that’s a minor issue, is a huge plus for me.

    Story is about guy stuck in harem story that is enforced by reality from what it seems. He, unknown to him, futilely tries to be decent fiance

    Harem Protag is a SCP that mind whams people into acting cliché around him, and get love interests fall for him.

    Main heroine is very aware of that and is very horrified because he is basically a parasite attached to her.

    3.5/5. Totally would continue to read it unless something goes wrong.

  14. Backbonez says:

    Ok so. The plot is mc is novelised into romcom drama as Villiain side chara who harasses hero. But the thing is he is actually a pretty decent guy and works towards it. Then there’s the original “protag” harem fu. Alan this dog. He’s a commoner protag who uses hypnosis unconsciously to destroy and break relationships and eventually devolves into a r**e degenerate.
    The big bad is controlling the world tree church to get revenge on heroine family. The Duke daughter and her family have been ruined by parasite mc cause parasite mind breaks family slowly and is self righteous. Our Kyo Wentos saves her and from there it’s a slow descent into heroism villainy light hearted ness and slowly destroying the disgusting romcom plot and the villains who would destroy thw world. Also rom subplots everywhere.

  15. Initially the plot felt forced with forced devlopment,

    Later on the plot pieces start to come into place… The pace is okay with good character development, but there are quite few places where the story is very confusing and power level is not explained properly….

    Overall it’s an average read… The original protagonist of the novel is eventually started to be portrayed as evil, which is confusing… Its like he is shown as a passive evil at one place and an active at another… If anyone understands this part to do let me know… Thanks in advance.

  16. Man I was expecting the sub heroine who left mc regrets her action and mc gets revenge but from synopsis it’s seems ntr is already done in starting plus there’s no such regret/harem/ obsession tags. Since I am free I will dive in and provide a review by tomorrow unless it’s below average

  17. sirareda sirareda says:

    -MC go reincarnated in novel

    -MC’s GF left him for N.MC (Novel MC)

    -N.H (novel heroine) got attached to the MC

    -While they are enjoying their life

    -Meet other sub heroines

    -N.MC got jealous and try to break their relationship

    -Then MC and N.H are trying to get away from N.MC

    -And church also got entangled with them

    This is the story till chapter 50 I left many things so that you can find them yourself when you are reading the novel

    I thing you can dig in

  18. Q D Q D says:

    Poor the author, he had to add the note that there isn’t NTR in the story to appease readers xD
    The “NTR” here (and in some novels) is just something bullsh*t for the plot

  19. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Okay the gist of it is:
    -MC’s GF left MC for Alan (the original MC)
    -Heroine becomes aware that the people around her are forced acting like life is a romcom harem (which is very horrifying in her normal PoV)
    -MC befriends heroine and they kick it off
    -Weird forces revolves around Alan causing people to do stuff they do not want to do
    -Probably external forces are the ones causing it (like a god or the novel attempting (and failing) to correct the story

  20. At first it’s a typical 3rd rate novel about revenge love and etc. But at least read till the chapter 10. It will become something more. Mystery with a bit of horror. You will like the surprise

  21. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Honestly its pretty similar to other novels I’ve read with plot tropes like this. A little revenge here, a little regret there. Havent gotten too far.
    Its average so far for a cookie cutter. Not that good, but not that bad.

  22. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Nah. Rather novels like this should not really be classified as an “NTR”. Its only considered as an NTR novel if the MC proceeds to get cuckolded the entire novel. Which isnt the plot of the novel as the MC becomes a better person and finds a better girl. Honestly more of a wish fulfillment more than anything.

  23. This is basically Shimotsuki san likes the mob KR version.

  24. Hash2O says:

    the moderators are secretly NTR fans

  25. Aith Aith says:

    Pure love , Fantasy
    Seems like it will be good. Aand there is a 2 Para description

  26. Hans says:

    Ok lets doit

  27. Zorrow says:

    The poison was so strong that it corroded all the chapters.

  28. Salty1 says:

    It went out so fast no chapter was uploaded and do not worry brothers as i shall test the poison of this one

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