Regression Is Too Much
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Regression Is Too Much

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회귀가 너무 과하다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Regression Is Too Much

regression ability. It’s such a fraudulent ability that it doesn’t need a detailed explanation.

It’s a fraudulent ability, but…

It’s not too much to go back even with just one small injury… ?

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  1. matchamilktea says:

    when is the next update noble?? T^T i refresh this page daily

  2. Yorghuul says:

    A pretty good start with a MC that isn’t dumb and in a generic tower setting.
    The problem arise due to how easy it is for him to regress, the author doesn’t shy away from making him regress thousands of time simply for the sake of it, like clearing grass or fighting himself when other answers would have been available, it feels like forced tragedy and there’s barely any break to it.
    I’d say a 6.5/10 would do.

  3. asf says:

    A story about a clueless boy getting an infinite regression skill in a tower climbing environment. Regress at the tiniest bit of dmg he recieves.
    How this ability is both a blessing and a curse.
    How he is driven into insanity but still tries to maintain his humanity and a series of choices he have to make.

    Its good. Theres not much like it


    The regression ability can also take people he strongly feels about too, back in time.
    His girlfriend is such . And his enemies who baclstan him when he feels strongly for them can too..

    1. Rather then taking others back in time. Its more like letting the ones who has close feelings for him and he have for the others get their memories back from previous timelines which he regressed from for a certain duration or for the mc’s current timeline.

  4. Poison Tester says:

    Good, readable, interesting.

    But slow pace, it took 30+chaps just for 1 floor.

  5. Zhen Wu says:

    Thank you very much for updating

  6. Shalan Shalan says:

    When will this get updated?

  7. Manamana says:

    What a great story.
    I’m also surprised how intelligible the MTL is.
    Truly recommended, so far I love it.

  8. Finally, it got updated. I am back.

    1. Spoiler alert of Quest going on at chapter 98.


      For those who might have forgotten the situation till chapter 98. I remember a bit. So i will tell.

      Players in the tower get summoned in a placed with snow and a castle with the mission to survive. A baron and his citizens from another world was found in another spawning area by the players who were later merged with the players in castle to fortify the castle for longer survival.

      Our MC Junho became the leader of the group in castle. Later due to clues he found the gate where 1 person can escape from the game from under the castle which was hidden by mc to stop others from going. They found through the texts in the castle but mainly from the regression of Junho(MC) that the monsters will be coming in a wave and now they seems to be fighting the wave in chapter 98 and according to MC. It’s the 2nd regression for him on this Quest Floor.

    2. Those who remember. Pls tell me what was the quest on floor 2 and 3 was. I remember the first on clearly. But not others.

      1. I think quest 3 was something about nobles, city lord, commoners and players. They had to get gold tags to clear the game or they will forever stay on that floor until they conquer it. And mc instead of choosing that, choose to take away the tag of the city owner and removed the noble tags which replaced people’s postion. And conquered the floor.

        1. FoolishSociopath says:

          I think that was floor 2. The city created by angel raphael. Floor 3 was a cave or maze or something with lots of traps. It was a team challenge and there was that one guy who was weak but bluffed everyone into being thought of as powerful. Sort of like king from one punch man. Ultimately there was this poison user chick who betrays them

          1. Yes i remember it now. A girl with some sad story was killed there by mc otherwise she would later cause a lot of problems. She had a good talent for assassin due to her skill of subspace and able to make things within her subspace explode. She had an SSS class skill. Mc got her skill due to admiration trait i think but in a lower form. Which let him explode things just like her through which he defeated her with surprise attack. He didn’t regress to save her somehow during that floor.

          2. The sad story girl was 3rd floor and the arch angel giving quest to acquire the colored balls is on the 2nd floor.

    3. Heroine – Choi-jiwon

      1. A heroine who is trying to under what it feels like to help people because her father a fire fighter died while trying to save others. He always felt good when he saved other people. And unable to understand it. She tries to learn more about this feeling her father spoke of. For her, the talk about her father is very sensitive and secret topic which she doesn’t bring out herself. Of course her close friends knows about it but she doesn’t talk about it unless someone brings up the topic.

        1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
          Why did i write “under” there instead of understand?

          Seems like my mind got affected badly by the mtl. Didn’t even realise I just left it as that.

    4. Current read: chapter 116

  9. Luckyzero says:

    Ohhhhhh!!!! AN UPDATE!!! THANK YOU NOBLE

  10. Losty says:

    Wow finally

  11. Losty says:

    Will someone be updated one day?

  12. Losty says:

    when will this novel update?

  13. Nightune says:

    Huh, this thing just revived my addiction to regression tropes

    -Last read 97 ch.

  14. Updater Bot says:

    plz update this??

  15. [last read: chapter 97]
    [Status: hooked]
    [Rating: 10/10]

  16. M. E. M. E. says:

    The 3rd floor is divided into 5 different gates marking 5 different challenge difficulties. This may be the reason for the confusion.

  17. Nvm i literally reread it and It literally just says “return to when you first entered floors 3-5”

    Do you mean like floor 3 or like what happens before??? Confused but that’s what happens when you read mtl.

  18. Doesn’t he literally regress back to the 3rd floor while on the 3-5th floors? Unless I read it wrong. Of course I’m not going to reread it so correct me if you may.

  19. xxx xxx xxx xxx says:

    Fun read good translation.

  20. Jonas says:

    Update update

  21. Feng says:

    Current read 96
    First things first. Story is damn good. Like a good juicy piece of chicken. Savour it slowly.
    Pacing is too slow. Each level takes nearly 20-30 chapters(according to the story there are 66 levels) At this rate? We will prolly finish only after 1000 chapters.

  22. Feng says:


  23. Chaos says:

    What? There are only 66 floors and each time you reach a new floor, that floor is recorded as a setback point. So what you say is not possible.

  24. I also suspect the regressions will get more and more difficult as he climbs. For example if he’s on floor 89 and gets injured, he’ll probably regress back to floor 30… which is a bit interesting to see how this affects his psyche

  25. It’s the 3-5th floors blud, he’s not gonna steamroll them as a newbie. He’s literally one of the first tower climbers, there are no guides for him to follow for the fastest clear besides his own intuition and regressions.

  26. Tian ‎ Tian ‎ says:

    I think it’s going slow because it’s the beginning of the tower climb, I’m sure it will go faster later. Although if it’s good I won’t complain about the speed

  27. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Current read: chapter 82

    Mc has just reached the 4th floor. The story has 66 floors. Does the author plan on writing over 1k chapters? Or does he think he’s writing Sword AR Online Progressive? Wow is he really going to do this chapter by chapter??

  28. Lune Lune says:

    We readers can’t help worrying about MC’s mental health. This regression is hella make everything hard 😂

  29. Des says:

    Current read: ch 58

    Well, you can find the plot up described Joshua.
    I’ll tell my opinion:

    It’s entertaining, especially the tutorial and him exploring all the possibilities of regression. He decide to have the “stay alone” mentality but there are signs of ppl getting the memories back if conditions are met.

    Each floor seems to gnaw at the mc’s mentality…

    Definitely keep reading.

  30. Mc will def get insane. It the worst type of regression any type of damage brings him back to square one. His sanity is def gone

  31. This story is about a modern fantasy troupe that towers suddenly appears around the world. If humans cannot complete the tower to floor 66, they will become perish. Our protagonist is just an ordinary man who was chosen to enter the tower. Whenever he was injured, despite how small, he regressed, even if he didn’t want to. He even had to go back in time because he was injured by the grass. Our MC wants to be a hero; he says he wants to be a hero for selfish reasons but likes to help people even though he says he won’t help. He’s a kind of tsundere male lead. For romance, I think the girl on the cover is the heroine, who is his friend on the 0th floor and the MC’s mentor in learning swords. Both of them have the same behaviour and always tell that they are not good people, but their actions are always the opposite. For now, the novel is quite entertaining, but I won’t know about it later. Novels with continuous regression often suffer from repetitive plots, as in the novel “The Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon” that make reader tired. Hopefully, the author can continue to make the story interesting.

  32. Lune says:

    Finally a decent novel after all of those poison😌

  33. milky violet says:

    It’s heat. Basically it’s just MC getting regressed over and over again until he gets what he wants right.

    Right now it seems he is entering the destructive path of not getting too close to anyone which I am a bit excited to see how he will develop from that.

  34. says:

    Finally, an interesting novel that caught my eye after seeing the tag “loop”, and it’s not harem, which is alright, but there is no yandere nor obsession, yet there is no mention of academy in the synopsis or tags, so maybe I’ll read it.

  35. Carlos Niggelson says:

    Where harem?

  36. rob z rob z says:

    Misunderstandings with no Romance, Yandere, or Pure Love tags? Sounds like poison. Will wait for reviews.

  37. salcrimson says:

    The synopsis is too funny i will try this later 😂😂😂

  38. Zzz says:

    Im a simple man, i see ponytail noona i click read

  39. milky violet says:

    I’m pretty sure it was a banger too, but unfortunately the problem with being too fast is that you live in darkness- I mean the chapters aren’t there yet.

  40. milky violet says:

    I saw this one on NovelUpdates but it had like 2 translated chapters. Anyways time to dig in

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