Surviving the Reverse Harem
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Surviving the Reverse Harem

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Surviving the Reverse Harem

My fiancée looked at me with an awkward expression. My fiancée was possessed by the heroine of a romance novel today.

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  1. amogustimestwo says:

    It was a decent read until the end. At the end they forget about many of the characters such as: The fake Iriel, her harem, the unicorn, the MCs harem, the dragon squirrel, and the entire fantasy world. I was really disappointed in how rushed it was, and the last few chapters are also blocked.

    The MC Finally there’s a huge section where the porter and the fake Iriel are both back in Korea and then the author proceeds to destroy the fantasy world. This really annoyed me and I don’t even understand why that goddess sent them there in the first place anymore.

  2. definitelyNOTnverthles says:

    gold my guy, the porter bro was the best sidekick i ever seen

  3. asf says:

    This is a really good fantasy isekai. Will give you a third person PoV of the reverse harem genre. While MC have a pure love end .

  4. Forgotten one says:

    This is on a different level…
    I suggest you to read this….

  5. Msh188 says:

    Sem dúvidas o melhor que já li aqui na Noble, simplesmente fantástico.

    Ps : estou no cap 34, tiver q vir escrever uma resenha, hahahahah

  6. (Last read – ch 70)

    Surprisingly a better read compared to rest of generic plot novels on this site.

    It can hardly be considered ntr since mc doesn’t care as he doesn’t love his fiance. Dude only wants to survive. There is a good twist regarding mc’s original fiance (not the posseser) and the porter of the mc’s party is a chad.

  7. rob z rob z says:

    Some of the comments above created some real ambiguity for me that I only resolved by going in and reading.

    (1) Be prepared when you read this – the novel needs NTR tag. The MC’s fiancee is a sl#t, and apparently is repeatedly banging multiple men while still engaged to the MC – i.e., she doesn’t just flirt with other guys, and she didn’t break up with the the MC before shtupping other male leads. Moreover, the MC is sanguine about it – he just accepts he gets cheated on as part of the perversity of this pseudo-game world, which actually gets annoying after a while.

    (2) The world apparently operates on a weird game system whereby fans in Korea are following what is happening in the story and rating the potential / actual love interests of the fiancee character (like a poll). The MC sees this as a status window listing the male leads in order, as well as running commentary. It also appears that the MC gets benefits if he stays towards the top of the list.

    (3) The MC has a number of flashbacks to his prior life (he is a reincarnator), but they are hard to follow. There are also perspective changes from the MC to other characters that are likewise difficult to follow. The translation, contrary to comments above, is not all that great, and probably the worst I’ve read in a while – 5/10.

  8. Byul Yi says:

    I, I think the comments are enough for me. I won’t even bother 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Julio Abel Julio Abel says:

    best comment section I’ve seen on this site

  10. Takerial says:

    Don’t you see the Unicorn on the cover art.

  11. Sephir says:

    unicorn is a term used in machine translation it means a girl who’s a virgin,a half unicorn half human, an human unicorn morph,or an unicorn.

  12. bruh says:

    …a unicorn, not some kind of monster-human hybrid? if so thats more absurd than Monster Girl Quest. or did the unicorn transform into a human before doing the deed?

  13. Yo where is the beastiality tag
    There’s a literal unicorn having seggs with mc

  14. kk77 says:

    @Gladiator_02 bro wtf…

    what do i with this knowledge now…

  15. I have read it all…
    A great novel
    If u can stomach the start..
    Has the best porter bro…..
    The posessor is not a heroine and has a trashy ending befitting of the slut….
    I highly recommend it for the porter bro……
    And the fmc which was posessed is the original heroine….they meet at the end again…….although this novel has its faults.. but the porter bro won me over…
    Still sad about the unicorn though

    I wanted her to have a happy end too……

  16. I haven’t read much but I was curious so I read some future chapters and the author is pretty crazy…

    Mcs fiancee was possessed and Mc is also a reincarnator. The fiancee leaves him and has s*x with everyone. Mc is pure and is loved by a unicorn. Becomes a hero. Fiancee realizes that she likes Mc but he is protected by the unicorn

    There is a part where there is a gay demon lord who is like 4m tall lusting over Mc and trying to r*pe the Mc but the unicorn thinking that demon king would lose interest has s*x with the uncouncious Mc. Demon King went mad over that. And since unicorns like purity it has to now leave Mcs side because he is not a virgin anymore eventhough it did it herself.

    Lmao this is the most absurd comment I’ve ever written.

  17. Tinyrock says:

    I’ve tasted the poison (regret, romance) up to 28 chapters.

    There ain’t much poison :
    It about Robert who lives in a reverse harem world, and his fiancée is the heroine.
    Basically he broke up with her during his live but he lose a lot of apportunitis since his talent could be boosted depending on the male lead ranking.

    During his live in the novel, he’s using it, and now riding a unicorn, with a holy sword(an Angel who possesed a sword) and also now à dragon girl compagnons, he is called a HERO.

    For his fiance( I don’t remember her name), she’s a korean that had a tragic lofe(bulling, Child abused,etc..) and got a second chance and possessed Robert original fiancée.
    She has a power that made every man that she has a crush on love her and she abused it and sleep aronde with them.
    About now the male leads are obessed with her and start Killing each others and kidnapping her.


  18. RealEason says:

    another fire art 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Tabibito says:

    In ch 30 there are pink hair and Ntr..

  20. Aside from synopsis we can agree that whoever did the cover needs a pay raise .

  21. Hmmm what to say , A new experience for me as I have never read a reverse Harem story . But i had to say that it’s at moderate level .also the translation is better than most so i will give it a score of 7.5 ( till chal 15)

  22. Djdjh says:

    Only read 8 chapters, but so far it is gold. Basically MC in 1st timeline did not want to share a lover (since this is reverse harem), so divorced the OFL. Got a lover, and was living peacefully but accidentally met the OFL and incurred the wrath of the readers, and basically got “cursed” because suddenly his lover became lesbian, and misfortune keeps happening. In 2nd timeline he is determined to remain no.1 in popularity ranking because it makes him grow stronger easily. He still don’t like the OFL though. The OFL is basically a hypocrite, who thinks that they are kind when all they want is to fish around a lot of men. Keeps making “reasons” like wanting to keep MC safe as an excuse to cheat and have affair. I hope the OFL is not the romance target

  23. says:

    the author’s calligraphy on the cover is horrendous

  24. Millionenfresser says:

    “I Became a Genius by Running Away From the Academy” was surprisingly good despite it’s cover, so this one might be good too.

  25. Extra Extra says:

    As reassuring as that cover art is, I’d like to hear back from poison testers first.

  26. dagonsuznyx says:

    I am going in for poison testing. Wish me luck.

  27. Putu says:

    Am I the only one who wasn’t surprised by the cover and synopsis?

  28. Kirill Popov says:

    At least they would try to interest…

  29. Wtf bro its reverse harem its discusting

  30. First time seeing novel without chapters

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