The Divorced Man Has Returned
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The Divorced Man Has Returned

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이혼남이 회귀했다,Return Of The S-class Divorced-Hunter
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Divorced Man Has Returned

Return Of The S-class Divorced-Hunter novel mtl

3 divorces. I was infertile.

But this life will be different.

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  1. Ojama says:

    Fck, it’s fcking frustrating to read this dense mc! Why don’t u just realize they also regressed like u! Fck!
    It’s fcking clear to even blind person!

  2. can anyone give a spoiler?

  3. [Messages to the future me.]

    [When you want to mind rap* youself. Read this shit. You will become even crazier.]

    [Good luck]

    1. nverthles says:

      bro’s a sleeper agent from his own plans

  4. Blue Shadow says:

    Its irritating the MC doesn’t realize anything about butterfly effect and they all show hints about the same things that is they regressed back the same as MC, but maybe because he suicide he became stupid. Can someone tell what chapter at least he realize about them became different from first life??

  5. Webgod says:

    Muere la amiga de la infancia, después de sufrir y arrepentirse y escuchar todas las noches como el mc tiene sex con la bailarina y recordando como lo traicionó, hasta ahí lo deje yo

  6. Dragon says:

    What about inside an adult game as a former hero

  7. Luis says:

    El mc es un s hunter que se suicida después de su 3er divorcio,y regresa a sus días de escuela al parecer un “espíritu”le dio la oportunidad de rehacer su vida y arreglar el problema(su esterilidad) que causó el divorcio, prácticamente las acciones de las heroínas al verlo o conocerlo da pauta para saber que ellas lo recuerdan y más por la forma en la que interactuan con él. Pero él mc ni sí quiera puede razonar eso. Es mas que obvio pero parece que el mc es más idiota que un niño de 5 años, si así es en los primeros capítulos ni siquiera quiero leer los siguientes, me frustra un mc asi

  8. Oh my God! I love this novel, ahhh 10/10 A+.

  9. Please could you translate the novel Academy sexagenarian cycle one-tool suit gentleman and this is the name in Korean 아카데미 간지 원툴 정장 신사.

  10. Lmao, I wish I was that handsome. Ugh I want to eat soft rice lol

  11. Ryuu says:

    Divorced man? What kind of superhero is that? Getting divorced many times to get rich?

  12. DoubleFacedManX says:

    Post the MTL of “City of Witches” pleaseeeee🥺

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