The Damn Family Is Back Again
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The Damn Family Is Back Again

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Status: Ongoing Type: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Damn Family Is Back Again

There was nothing left to torment me.
By escaping from a place where nothing belonged to me, it seemed I had severed the ties with them.

However, the game I had started with the intention of seeing the ending ultimately possessed me and led me to hell.
To that house full of damned family members.

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  1. rob z rob z says:

    Definitely better than I was anticipating. No bad tropes (i.e., no dense MC, d!ckless eunuch MC, garbage harem, turning MC stupid to create tension, etc). MC is generally a solid character, who does the best he can with a bad situation / sh!tty choices offered by the system – he doesn’t just bend over and take it when mistreated. Also, most of the really awful stuff that was done to MC is off camera (i.e., happens before the main story begins), so you only read some stuff about it in flashbacks. Really should have a romance tag for the relationship with the fiancee, as well as a clever protagonist tag. 7.5/10 for me so far.

  2. Hakeden51 says:

    Really enjoying this novel and have read all the translated parts so far! Looking forward to more updates and grateful to the creaatos!

  3. Zzz says:

    i love this novel so far (155ch)

  4. Thanks for the chapters. Still nice

  5. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    I like it very much, when will it be updated

    1. I know right? Till this day I’m waiting for the update

  6. I like this. It kind of feels like those Japanese regret novels “You didn’t believe me when I was falsely accused but it’s too late now that the truth’s revealed” but it’s fantasy setting with his family being the focus with a fiancee who is probably the only person who didn’t treat him bad from the start. But his family is all non-blood related so idk if author would ever go…that route.

    Anyways, I read up to ch 110

    1. Until chapter 110 does the mc shows any signs of forgiving his sh@t family ?

      1. Not really. Third and second sister realizes their mistakes and try to make amends to Mc by apologizing and doing him favors but the first sister is so sh*tty without even being a bad person that Mc thanks her for keeping his head grounded again in his thoughts lol. Mc doesn’t forgive them (yet) but his intentions towards them isn’t revenge, even if they try to help Mc in any way he usually outright refuses their help making them feel guiltier, he only wants to clear the game and leave.

        So far he only forgives his maid that bullied him with the orders of youngest sister though. But he doesn’t treat her well or trust her until later chaps. She proves herself by helping Mc without him asking.

        To summarize his relationship with family at ch 110:

        Mother: She picked Mc from the streets deluding herself to think he was her lost son but she never actually gave him affection after bringing him in. She never believed Mc when he was falsely accused and had the prejiduce that Mc was arrogant and chaotic. MC little by little cleared his past misunderstandings and shoved how sh*tty of a mother she was to her face many times.

        Eldest daughter Ariana: Literally worst. Never believed in Mc. Despite herself proven wrong times and times again she still thinks Mc as ungrateful and selfish. Out of everyone in the family, her intimacy towards Mc is the lowest. Mc probably hates her the most as well. Also she tried to secretly abondon Mc to the streets when he was younger.

        Second daughter Claire: Better of the bad bunch. She has a strong sense of justice. She also never believed in the Mc. She was the first one to realize her mistakes and with the help of the princess, she apologizes to Mc. She also tries to help him many times. But well, Mc doesn’t see them as family and treats her coldly so this girl too gets the guilt trip many times and still does.

        Third daughter Flora: In short a misguided brat. She was acting like a kid and said she hates the Mc and he’s not part of the family so the people around her took advantage of that. Some people like her nanny and a knight she collabrated with, misguided her to think bullying is the way, some others bully Mc just to make her pleased. Later she realizes her wrongs and gets the guilt trip too. Tries to make up with favors and helping him and such but Mc ignores her. Mc sees her as a brat, same as her og sister and doesn’t like her. Also many of the false accusations game Mc had was orchestrated by the brat and her servants so much that when something happens to Mc that she didn’t do, she goes to him and clarifies that it wasn’t her this time.

        Fiance: Good girl. Illegimate child. She is not seen as a family by her own family so she plans to leave after a year. In that year makes a contract with Mc for engagement. But she probably likes him or will like him sooner or later. Slightly tsundere

        1. I wrote the summary in case this gets updated way later and I forget what all it was about and since you asked as well.

          Btw, interestingly, most characters in the game matches Mc’s first life not just his family but even some minor ones like his knights or some bullies or the traitor maid. It made me think if Mc is in a coma and thinks his Korean life with a fantasy game setting lol. Because just saying his soul is the same as game Mc isn’t enough this time

          1. I would also like to thank my past swlf for making this summary. I was just about to pass by thinking I didn’t read this themn I saw my own comment. Thank u past self. U are a real bro lmao

        2. Thank you very much for the summary

  7. I have only one question
    I hope anyone can answer it if it’s revealed in the story
    Will he forgive anyone from his sh@t family because if it yes then for me there is no need to read the novel

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      doesn’t seem like it.

  8. kono dioda kono dioda says:

    why is the last arc dragged for no reason for 40chps

  9. milky violet says:

    They removed her breasts from the cover!!! Now it’s just her face!!! Fair. Although they’re sizable, thou shan’t be tempted for it is against white hair scripture!!!

    1. better than the frog

    2. amogustimestwo says:

      I decree it is not. This tinge of purple ends up only making it look silver and so it is not purple. Therefore its purple silver and silver is a variant of white hair and so purple silver is safe and therefore it is not against the Scripture.

  10. Moemiaw says:

    Bruh, I think I am reading Death is the only ending for the villainess.

    1. i got that feeling as well
      here’s something i didn’t understand though,wish someone would explain it to me
      around chapter 34/ it revealed that he’s the real son mistaken as being the wrong one?
      i didn’t understand that stone tower interaction at all

      1. Welp guess I’m late but nevertheless.. so first of all our MC was picked up by the duchess because her mental health is at the lowest, so he’s technically not her real son. Second, the interaction with the tower is MC seeing the past where the oldest sibling gave Carlstain money, in here Carlstain thought she gave him money so he can play like any other children, so after playing for a long time he’s waiting for his sister to come back, but yeah they never came back until Carlstain got robed and almost got killed by a bunch of bandits.

  11. Yorghuul says:

    Review at chapter 50, need more updates please.
    Came for the cover girl, stayed for the feels and possible love interest.
    Overall this novel is all about the regret stories but here instead of it being the mere prologue it keeps going and going.

    The MC clearly developed a twisted personality to survive and you know it’s bad when the system offer for any wish to be granted and the only thing he want is to go back to being independent in his modern day studio working a part time job and studying away from his family, that’s how big and unrealistic of a goal it probably felt to him and after achieving it, B00M the story starts.

    If Warhammer is about all factions being different shades of evil then this novel is pretty much the same for all the characters, excluding doctor and fiancee so far, idk how to rate this, the system is pretty contrived but keeps the plot going forward while reminding us of how dire the situation actually is, like he’s at risk of dying all the time … I guess a 7.5/10 will do for now.

  12. Dagonsuznyx says:

    Pathetic. Oh my goood dude who careees about your little fewings. You are also incorrect on being unable to eat normal food due to malnutrition. That’s not how it works dumbass. Pathetic mc, lame story and awful characters. The author needs to touch grass

    1. Yorghuul says:

      Check out what Refeeding syndrome is, he also specially mentioned it was a lot of rich food.

      1. Dagonsuznyz says:

        Their “rich food” is our low quality food as it is a medieval fantasy. What they eat barely even qualifies as food. 3 days is not enough for the Refeeding syndrome to occur. It is also related to your state of mind and consciousness, so it doesn’t make sense for him to experience it in his first day post transmigration. Why this is even talked about is the weirdest part. Lame and boring. Read it if you like misery

        1. Laki says:

          Refeeding syndrome can happen when somebody who is malnourished begins feeding again.

          Karsein’s body is suffering from hunger, fatigue, sleep deprivation, and more. Karsein’s body does not recover just because the MC possessed them.

  13. Laki says:

    Read 50 chapters.

    I don’t know if I can express all the emotions I felt reading this. I felt frustration, sorrow, pity, and hope. All because the author portrayed these characters so perfectly.

    This novel tells the story of a broken and unfortunate family. As the story progressed further and further, my feelings of frustration turned to sorrow and pity.

    The father is absent from the story. The son went missing at a young age. Both presumably dead.

    The mother, stricken with grief, replaces the son with a commoner from the slums. There’s no way the other children could just accept this commoner as their brother…

    The eldest child prohibits the MC from traveling to certain locations. She still remembers when Karsein was beaten and mugged at the Snow Festival.

    The middle child, although prejudiced, still tries to help resolve conflicts.

    The youngest child desperately wishes that this family could return to what it once was.

    Reading this was taxing on my fragile heart. As much as I want to hate these characters, I just can’t.

    My rating will remain undecided for now.

  14. Thug Shaker says:

    Actually decent, there’s a possible romance and regret is good enough.

  15. amogustimestwo says:

    best girl is girl on cover. She doesn’t have silver, but purple hair. she’s fiance and love interest. no regret from her

    1. Laki says:

      I love the way the MC and the love interest interact with each other. They both have similar circumstances and understand each other so well. I really want to see more scenes of them together.

  16. Pray that I can win the rate off at gacha tomorrow. btw if any of you have fuxuan you can add my uid (826269440). I have jingliu+lc if you need it.

    1. Hell knight says:

      Honkai star rail? Though i don’t play i love jiang liu. Specially her white hair and red eyes . So,
      BEST OF LUCK buddy. I might also play in future

    2. Daver55 says:

      NGL I lost interest in gachas after so much pandering to lesbians, hoyoverse specially

  17. gege says:

    this kind of plot felt familiar somoehw i think ive seen this kind in manhwa’s tho ,right?

    1. Zer0 says:

      the only end8ng for the villainess is death

      1. Zzz says:

        Yep exactly that manga but male mc
        Maybe slightly worse
        Filled with sufferings and he is a male with no visible redeeming qualities while mc in the only ending for villainess is death is a beautiful girl

  18. Shadow says:

    An in-dept description would be nice

  19. Well if after all what happened to him he forgive them it will be really a sh@t story because they crossed the line far enough for him to hate them for lifelong time

  20. milky violet says:

    It’s decent, but I mean it’s a bit frustrating to see that the MC is locked into so many choices because he will die. Like so many of the situations could be solved if he was like “weren’t me, here’s the evidence!” But the system is like choose this roundabout wording “it appears that your accusations lie faulty and thine self is too beget by grief and anger that she fails to see reason in herself, now butler! Shuffle forth thy evidence to prove thine guilt naught” or you will die because your sisters and mother hates you speaking efficiently and easy!!

    Like so annoying, such a roundabout way to reach the same conclusion.

    Also they’re going for the low key romance where it’s like “at first I wanted nothing to do with you, an uneasy alliance, but now all I want most is to embrace you ❤️“ which I mean fair.

    I hope for more updates though because while there are some flaws, I am invested in the story

  21. Laki says:

    Reviews on Novelpia seem generally negative. I’ll still give it a try though.

    1. What’s it called there?

  22. milky violet says:

    I’m always down for redemption, I love seeing people better themselves. Hell I could probably forgive a certain mustache man from the 1900s if- I’m lying, he could spend his entire life repenting and it’d still not be enough for redemption. But I’d respect the effort with a disgusted feeling.

    However one thing I will never be glad to see redemption is mfs who treat you like dog despite being “family”. That’s such a level of disrespect and trust broken. I’m not talking about the harmless pranks where you get an arm broken or something, nah I’m talking full on abuse like the MC in this novel. That’s just vile, so vile in fact that I had to stop talking about white hairs.

    Just pisses me off because as a child, you need family. It’s you sole comfort before you develop enough to have real thought.

    Mfs like these, I hope don’t get salvation. Maybe at best they’ll get a “I don’t like you, but y’know I could really care less now. Don’t contact me.”

    1. milky violet says:

      Oh yes, they say blood is thicker than water, family is the only thing you have in a world that doesn’t care. That’s precisely why they won’t get a red dead redemption moment, Nuh uh.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        They’re aren’t real family though. And honestly… Not all of them are irredeemable but… That girl, Flora, she really sucks. And the oldest sister. They are honestly horrible. The mother too, is awful. Claire is decent. And his fake fiance Harnier or something is forced to become best girl because everyone is terrible (besides maybe Claire).

        1. milky violet says:

          Idk man, family isn’t just being blood related. It’s hard to explain, yes your technically family, however you’re not family at the same time. You might be my mom but you’re not my mommy.

          But in this case, MC has no mommy or mother.

      2. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

        The problem with that saying is the misinterpreted meaning passed down “BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER” means that water is more valuable because you chose it. They are the people who you believe are more trust worthy other than family you’ve got cuz sometimes even family don’t got your back and surprisingly jack who you owe 10 dollars is more likely to help you than your aunt

      3. Rader says:

        Yeah blood is thicker than water but blood is mostly made of water too…lmao. Meaning, it’s a useless phrase and why we even care about family is due to DNA, this allows best chance for proliferation of genes of a family. Similar thing happens during incest, if DNA didn’t encode defects in such practice people would just hump day and night within family. Since this practice will lead to less mutations, which occur when genes from different families combine, nature penalized this practice.

        In short, a lot of things we attribute to emotions and what not actually are due to encodings in DNA. We don’t like NTR by default due to DNA, we have jealousy due to DNA, babies even form chemical level bonds with their mother due to DNA and so on.

  23. simplethrone says:

    I’m in the mood for regret poison novel, so this arrived at a perfect timing. Just hoped that the comeuppance won’t be half-hearted. I won’t mind if he made peace, this 2nd family are different from his 1st ones after all.

  24. Luckyzero says:

    I am having hysteria playing azur lane? Because I suddenly thought the cover girl looks likes the version of adult Unicorn

  25. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    I don’t like, might be better loved by other readers

  26. Suherman Joshua says:

    Just yesterday I read it, basically it is story about toxic families. MC who have bad relationship with his families especially his sister, run away from home, but instead get car accident, now he possesed game character that have similiar situations with him, the difference is, MC have status windows that give choices, just like in the game. I don’t see any romance, most story about MC and his family.

    1. amaliaks says:


      1. Hakeden51 says:

        Did you find the name of the thing he mentinoed?

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