I Was Banished From the Hero Party I Raised
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I Was Banished From the Hero Party I Raised

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내가 키운 용사 파티에서 추방당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Was Banished From the Hero Party I Raised

I’m going to find a hero who listens well.

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  1. Oh! I forgot to make a small synopsis of the story, cuz the one here sux! Every time I look into a novel here, I have to read all the comments, looking for a good synopsis cuz the one from the main page always sux.

    So, the main character here is the manager of the hero’s party. He was the one who scouted all of its members and trained them to be heroes since their very beginning.

    He took care of everythting within the hero’s party, apart from the combat. Food, lodging, clothing, finances, everything so the heroes could dedicate themselves exclusively to fight the demon king army.

    After staying together for 4 years, the heroes decide to fire the main character under alegations of embezzlement of the party’s money, bad management of the heroes and even sexual harassment (the heroes were all girls).

    Well, it was all a lie. Being smart as a brick, the heroes got easily deceived by a third person, who wanted to take the main character position. In great part, this was also the main character own fault, because he never explained his actions (while managing the team) to the heroes (maybe because the were all dumb as f*ck), which made quite easy for them to be deceived.

    Feeling betrayed by the girls, MC accepted their decision without arguing back and left the team.

    After that, he decide to create a new party of heroes, and that’s how the story starts, with MC scouting new heroes while the old ones start to notice the big mistake they made.

  2. After reading almost 30 chapters, I think I can say for sure, this novel is quite good. It’s not a marvelous work by any stretch of imagination, but its far from bad. The story is nicely written, being simple and straightforward, nothing much complex or deep.

    The main character is strong and smart, but he does everything in his power to stay “low key” as much as possible because he thinks being like this will be better for his objectives. But being “low key” doesn’t mean he is a pacifist pushover, he does have a limit that should not be tresspassed.

    The other characters are OK. My only complain is about the characters from the hero party. For f*ck’s sake!!!! They are completely braindead, so much so that you ask yourself every time they show up how the hell they became the hero party. Well, looking at it for another angle, they being complete f*cktards may have been intentional, because they are quite fun to watch… hahaha…

    Another good aspect of this story is the regret. Well, I’m not at the part where the characters feel remorse for their actions, I’m still at the stage where they, bit by bit, start to notice their mistakes, but I’m finding it quite enjoyable. I think the author is doing a good job in making the characters notice what they did wrong, it’s happening in a very subtle and reasonable pace.

  3. shelwyn shelwyn says:

    Chapter 87, Ian is finally pushed down.

  4. Shadow says:

    Even I think that the criticism is too great, sure there are a senseless things here and there, but overall its on the better side of banishment novels, not by too much though. Still the MCs ruthlessness to his enemies is nice.

  5. Misib says:

    Okay 2 part review, first it has r-18 scenes, (later) 190 ish.
    About the regret tag itself, its one of the better ones, protagonist itself has good reasons too, but he is weaker muc weaker than his former party members, since he cant fight that well, if u like regrets, this one is good and if h dont like, sry and if u want op mc, he isnt he has political power, and he is seen as a god(hidden identity).

  6. The original party is a lot less pitiful than I thought but MC is to blame for a lot more than most of these regret novels. He makes a lot of dumb decisions in retrospect but it does not seem like he acknowledges them? I can understand why he acted the way he did, but it was the incorrect path. On ch 45.

  7. People give the MC too much hate. Setting up a pseudonym was the best choice at the time as taking away from the attention of the hero party is ultimately detrimental to their image. Good image leads to more potential connections and relationships. Of course this hindered him after he was kicked out, but at the same time how boring of a novel would it have been if he just flexed his name and got whatever he wanted. Go read some Chinese power fantasy where all they do is flex their name if you want that. Also MC is quite tolerant which can be understood as being weak willed but once he get pushed enough, death or worse aren’t off the table. Also him being weaker than the strongest hero party in existence or the demon king doesn’t mean he’s weak. Soldiers and the like don’t stand a chance. Also must say I do like how the party that kicked him aren’t totally evil so when he inevitably takes them back (as almost always is the case), it doesn’t seem like a stretch. I will say it is much more jp-esque due to this but I found it refreshing when all the regret novels are so dark you need a flashlight to read them. Only 21 chapters in.

  8. The Extra The Extra says:

    Dropped. MC was too frustrating for me to continue reading after learning about his past mistakes with his original party.

  9. The Extra The Extra says:

    The MC is quite an idiot in this one.

    A lot of what ended up going through could’ve been avoided if he didn’t stupidly use a pseudonym to take credit for himself.

  10. Mamito0924 says:

    Rone Allza
    thats right, there are so many jp oriented novel, is a shame because I begin reading KR novels to escape from the jp cliche

  11. Rone Allza says:

    Dan juga buat reader Indo, plis deh ini emg webnya isinya obsesi, kalau lu jauh-jauh komen kesini cuma buat bilang gitu salah server bro, kalau mau yang non-obsesi jangan disini

  12. Rone Allza says:

    I think the platform is to blame tho. No, not noble to be blamed, but novelpia. I think most of novelpia novels is more JP-like nowadays, where as the overused plot that makes it so bad that you didn’t even want to read it. But yea, there is a gold sometimes like Shin Haru and Egostic, soo I guess you need to be picky about this?

  13. matachi says:

    i just cant feel the harem part when the mc is so damn dense like jp mc… really disappointed.

  14. Mamito0924 says:

    The plot is too forced in Banish the mc that I do not think the party members can be so stupid or/and blind to not notice who is reason for the success and the MC maybe is not overpowered physically but has the background to get anything just metioning he is the one who create the hero system.

  15. Mamito0924 says:

    First of all, I want to thanks noble for all of his work.
    Now I have a problem with these banished, kicked out and discharged light novels and is that HOW THE PARTIES THAT BANISHED THE MC ARE SO STUPID AND DONT NOTICE HE IS THE CENTER OF THEIR SUCCESS? really stupid. moreover the mc discover he is strong and find new companions who are better in few chapters making without effort. Pure copypaste all Novels with this plot.

  16. Rader says:

    Okay, I have read around 40 chapters of this and will continue it sometime later.

    The problem with this novel is exactly the plot holes of these banish novels. Moment the MC leave the Hero Party they become third grade insects. There is always a woman who loved the MC but came to despise him because of his weak power or the knights who get corrupted in front of the wealth and hospitality of the nobles.

    One chapter they say bad things about MC and talk about killing him off and in other say that they regret sending him off. Lol. Also they treat him as nobody and talk about killing him off infront of him when they are in monasteries of a Holy Kingdom where MC himself is an Apostle and is a living saint. It sounds hilarious to read about threats when even the Inquisition appeared 2 chapters before.

    In short like all novels of this type old Hero part is not realistic. They are one dimensional. They are either against MC enough to want to kill him or regret their actions to some absurd degree. Besides that MC has weak physical power but has enough background to move the whole continent with one letter, so MC is not a pushover. If you want a little bit mindless revenge novel where MC got banished, this one is good.

  17. Ryuu says:

    I had a bad feeling when I see banished word. Was it because of 4 yandere elf?

  18. Sectne Sectne says:

    ya kalo ga suka tag obsesi, silahkan pergi. cari sendiri web lain yang mau ngasih mtl kayak gini sesuai keinginan masing masing

  19. Rader says:

    It’s because these banished ones have predictable story and numerous plot holes.

  20. EX-RANK Revolver user says:

    Please upload military genre novel….!!!!

  21. Q D Q D says:

    I don’t know, for some reason novels which have “Banished” word make me cringe

  22. Rexion says:

    Need more novel academy

  23. Notnot says:

    Saya menyukai cerita dari novel santai yang di upload admin seperti my gf is so nice, kehidupan sehari hari yg tidak bosan dibaca

  24. Notnot says:

    Kadang2 tag obsesi bagus tapi bukannya di web ini terlalu banyak novel yg ceritanya mirip terutama yg memiliki tag obsesi

  25. chaeruleum says:

    somehow, mc looks like an idiot. how can he not know the condition of his country with the reason that he is too focused on the hero party. In the end I give a rating of 6/10

  26. Thelostdreamxo says:

    Hey can anyone who have read this tell me if the mc is weak goodyshoe pushover mc or mc who actually isn’t afraid to show his full power to get the work done without amy bullsheets

  27. Became Sword Monarch says:

    Gini amat pecinta obsesi 🤮

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