I Became a Villain’s Hero
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I Became a Villain’s Hero

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빌런의 히어로가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis I Became a Villain’s Hero

I regret living as a villain.

So when he regressed and was given his second chance,

He tried to live a good life… but the villain started to get obsessed with him.

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  1. KillingIsTheWay says:

    this is a good novel. I liked it very much. The ending is a bit rushed but it doesn’t have much of a bad change. Though you might feel that some of the parts are frustrating, i assure you that the rewards are worth it if you bear it and continue reading. I binged this in like 7 hours.

    Overall its a 8.5/10 for me. Nice book

  2. Zzz says:

    This novel is like my antithesis because i dislike modern life hero/villain stories to begin with plus the frustration stuff
    But i was still able to force myself to read to chapter 50 easier than quite a few novels and skim through rest skipping frustrating parts

    It is quite ok read, tags dont include regret but if you ask me there is a bit of that too.

    Slight spoiler below
    If anybody is curious about ending it is a happy one i wont tell you how exactly tho

  3. Suherman Joshua says:

    @CrovoloDesu I agree I think Suyeon/Luna ended up with MC because he pity her and is afraid she will commit suicide if he leaves her. MC is still obsessed with Solas, even though he finally knows that Solas is not the ideal hero he imagines. I think the author rushed to end the novel without solving Luna and Solas’ conflict and made the MC realise that he also loves Luna like Solas.

  4. Eshya says:

    nice story, good climax, and the ending is acceptable. not poison for sure

  5. k says:

    This really a hidden gem, the character feeling feels real and understandable. The story is simple but on point.

  6. CrovoloDesu says:

    I honestly don’t know why this author even made the novel a harem if he’s going to make the mc not stop mentioning her every damn second and always prioritizing her over the other members. At this point I dislike the MC, Solas and the author.


    Honestly coming home from a 10 hour shift to see this makes my day 😭

  8. Yuki says:

    Good read and I like the ending with a happy ending. 8/10

  9. Zorrow says:

    Well this is worth rereading to feel the angst

  10. Extra Extra says:

    At some point in the future, I’ll reread the entire novel (and feel frustrated at the characters again lmao) to refresh myself for those final chapters that were added.

    TY for this final update.

  11. Common Bandit says:

    Very good. 8.5/10

    This is excellent, however if you don’t like heavy drama and misunderstandings then you may not like this one.

  12. Noble Lady Noble Lady says:



    I really love how suyeon’s character developed a lonely, bullied, abused, and cautious girl. throughout reading the novel it felt like i was really forced to symphatize/understand her she was really so beautiful and ugly at the same time a girl that is hardworking and strongly enduring the hardships that came to her but as with no one to depend on or either a reason to live just to gain money just cause she wants to get out of her hellhole of being bullied and abused, sexually harrased by boys, with all the pressure it makes her emotions very unstable with some suicide tendencies but that changes when she met the mc as interacting with him discoveres diffrent emotions(companionship,reliable,understanding additionally recieving platonic love which she misunderstand etc.) she shoulve normally gained through friends and families were all gained from the mc as time goes on she understood that this person was different from every person she met in her life no malicious internt and is able to accept her vulnerabilities(mc found out she was being bullied) also needlessly helping her.

    as such becomming attatched but that attachment becomes a problem as a person that was unknowingly feeling love for the first time feel like she wanted to feel that emotion making her a always needing reassurance that he would continue loving her no matter what… so what does she do? She would always test the mc and pushing him away as anything she throws at the mc such as verbal abuse and rejecting he would always brush it off like it was nothing but comes a point in time where the rejection she gives becomes too much and hurt the mc realizing she pushed him too much she wanted to reconcile she didnt mean it really.. she as for forgiveness but realizes what she had done was bigger than she thought and experiences consequences at that point solas comforted the mc, suyeon felt something inside her and it was jealousy so and this is where she starts to become ugly at heart the attachment she felt soon turns into obsession as she felt like solas was stealing the mc from her she developed different tendencies becoming more agressive,possesive and bold asking mc to hug her, carry her, trying to cross that line however she was still lacking compare to solas who was aiming for mc too solas was the complete opposite of suyeon beautiful, loved by everyone, rich, powerful, not only that solas was also much more better at expressing her emotions asking favors, going to date, creating subtle romantic atmosphere, and making the mc concious that solas was a woman of potential romantic partner unlike suyeon who was seen as like a younger sister
    Suyeon felt fear from that her instinct told her she wont be able to compete with something like that and only a matter of time before the mc is stolen. she again was forced to change not wanting to lose the mc the only bright light in her life her obsession grows deeper she would demand more affection from the mc but has’nt been able to cross that line she would start looking at the mc with sexual urges, and imagines planning on putting every picture she has of him in her walls, at night whenever they were drunk and suyeon would kiss the mc while hes asleep even knowing what she done she would even admit that it was rape and she was enjoying that feeling eventually she would look at the mirror and see that she herself has become what she hated the people that sexually harrased and molested her at school however she just didnt care as the instinct of immorality overcomes her guilt

    Suyeon becomes a creep and horrable character throughout the novel but even so i didnt really hate her cause reading her POV’s u understand that she didnt really change but also changed she was still the suyeon who was vulnerable has no one else but the mc.. the one that wholeheartedly makes gift for the mc, puts efforts into planning sweet dates and helping the mc with his financial problems,

    looking for the only love she recieved that kept being stolen she was still that lovable person like in the early chapters she learns that just saying ” i wont do it again” doesnt return everything to the way it was but she also turned into a creepy yandere that fantasizing about raping the mc theres no denying that what she did was wrong but damn the novel still made me want to root for suyeon through the POV’s and make her rewarded through all of this just even accepting that she can move on without the mc is even good for me letting go of that obsession and becoming strong by yourself.

    Anyway not only suyeon but every girl did felt creepy at some point solas at one chapter or more said that “Mc would definitely would not have an appointment cause he’s just a loner” which screams red flag to me for some reason just unlike suyeon this solas i have no symphaty for this uh creature she was the root of all evil

    Stella felt like an unessary character in the end(as of 120 chapters) was at the wrong place and the wrong time she was basically the suyeon replacement in the first life of mc who acted as someone that will not make him feel lonely was loving and also has a sad backstory but the relationship with the mc just did not developed and i felt unpleasant in the order of her story where her backstory suddenly was being told after mc left suyeon which was about to reconcile after kissing i think that was peak part of suyeon’s story that needed the conclusion immediately but nope it didnt happen cause she was part of the harem and soo-yeon needed to be away from the mc for stella and mc needed some time alone to develop their relationship so felt

    MC/Jeong-gyeom a damn dense frustrating mc for real with so many misunderstandings with suyeon that he does not understand but immediately notices that solas was crushing on him, i think mc is pretty much reasonable in his actions he take whether it was finding about the truth about something or reacting to gifts but just felt annoying really sometimes.

    alas it headed the harem route and fuck solas tbh she was the better girl materialistic but suyeon was the true sweetheart. I like harems polygamy and stuff im fine with it but i think this type of cultivated love like suyeon that went through hardships are infinitely much better than harems just my opinion though and theres only 1 route that bitch solas should go and that is the route to the trashcan of unrecyclable materials and be burned to oblivion.

    I encourage to read this novel for suyeon

    An 8/10 novel bias from soo-yeon

  13. [Last Read: Chapter 36]

  14. Extra says:

    I’m absolutely invested after reading up to the latest chapter (ch. 121).

    I enjoy the hell out of this novel. But even so, I can’t help but caution a warning to all those interested in reading it.

    Be prepared to get angry and frustrated at all the main characters, some more than others *cough* Solas & MC *cough*.

    They’re all flawed in different ways and their actions reflect that. Understandable, but still incredibly frustrating nonetheless.

    If you can’t tolerate frustration, DON’T read this.

    Otherwise, enjoy the emotional rollercoaster!

  15. Caïssa says:

    the Misunderstanding between Mc & Soo-yeon is frustrating & is abt to kill me, pls i hope this Misunderstanding trope stop its unbearable.

  16. says:

    Check out KMTL Adult TXT channel for many wholesome and pure love novels ☺️

  17. DR. says:


  18. Tea O Ais Tea O Ais says:

    thanks extra for the review.

  19. Extra says:

    A great novel so far. Very character-focused.

    The MC was the Ranked 1 Villain before he died and regressed. He wants to help people after being inspired by his ‘Archenemy’ and set up a small shop that offers free food to those who can’t pay. Ends up getting involved with the girls.

    Luna was the Ranked 2 Villain in the Original Timeline. She comes from a troubled environment and has terrible communication skills and trust issues, specifically with men. The MC ends up supporting her, hoping she won’t become a villain this time around.

    Solas was the Ranked 1 Hero in the Original Timeline. The MC’s Ideal Hero and ‘Archenemy’. She’s an up-and-coming hero who keeps up the Ideal Hero image in public but in private is just a normal girl her age that’s been mentally and emotionally battered by her Hero work. Ends up wanting to involve herself with the MC after watching him in a viral video.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the girls’ relationships with the MC develop and change in the future.

    PS: Can we get an update? The latest chapter as of now is CH 120.

  20. matachi says:

    good for u, i read this and every damn chapter the mc always mention solas solas solas and its makes me hate her, if he so obsessed with solas he should just become her sidekick hero or something. luna is better for me as she is act with a real human emotion. suspicious and wary are obvious emotions when you are bullied and couldn’t trust anyone.

  21. Supernoob789 says:

    Luna has just dissapointed me immensely first there was the abusive relationship which i thought would improve after the graduation ceremony fiasco but then she went and did the thing which MC clearly said is the only thing he hates….upto c66 I can say solas is infinitely better than luna

  22. Gustavo says:

    Veamos que tal…

  23. Arcus 101 Arcus 101 says:

    I search Kancolle yandere on google and I still don’t understand. And if a soft yandere is a non-violent yandere…isn’t that just jealousy? Or maybe soft yandere is…a yandere that is only violent…verbally?

  24. Reina Vena Reina Vena says:

    Have you guys seen the kancolle yandere tier shit on /a/ ? If not then search “kancolle yandere” on google. Pretty much answer all your question.

  25. PissFetishizer says:

    Yoo, How does that work? Sound’s paradoxical af.

  26. says:

    @QD A non-violent Yandere.

  27. theres such thing as a soft yandere?

  28. Q D Q D says:

    What the f*ck is ‘soft yandere’????

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