Bamboo Forest Manager
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Bamboo Forest Manager

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대나무숲의 관리자
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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  1. [Adds 4 m to branch size]

    Great novel, heroines are (mostly) natural and plot is fun. Honestly surprising quality for a MTL.

    WARNING: R-18 elements are included (but IMHO makes the novel better than w/o because character dev goes hard)

  2. moneng85 says:

    This novel is the best i have seen so far, in urban life, romance, harem categories
    all characters are engaging, and even every arc is done satisfactory with no forced scene in it
    And am pleasantly surprised at how smooth everything goes, from each action the characters take, and there is no stagnation at all in the tension of the series,

    and to my fellow brothers here, i would like to recommend the manhwa(+18) ‘Circles/Theater Society’ where the synergy of characters is up to the level of this series, but without the drama, and with lots of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) too

  3. Birch Hero Slayer says:

    chapter 90 is best chapter for me. that chapter make me laugh non stop. the bald old man they pick up on the way for the avengers assemble kill me. wwwwwww

  4. Luis says:

    Me gusto bastante, el MC tiene personalidad al igual que las waifus, cada una es única a su manera y aportan lo suyo, es de esas pocas novelas en donde quieres que el MC se quede con todas

  5. X33 says:

    F0king chap 66 the cliff is too intense! Im glad it was updated now that i read it because if not, i’ll be breakin smth

  6. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

    oh my god more than a 100 chapter update! After a million years of waiting, we all eating good bois. many thanks

  7. PakuNaru17 says:

    Is this r18??? Can someone tell

    1. Miguel O Hara says:

      YES, my young padawan.

  8. birch hero slayer says:

    i see blue archive sweaty girl

    1. PakuNaru17 says:

      Is this r18 or whut?

      1. Birch Hero Slayer says:

        i think its should r18. although they skip r18 scene. cause there a r*pe and torture there

  9. milky violet says:

    ahhh why did they have to specifically target us now man 😭😭

    That stupid cyberpunk novel I found a while back cause they deleted due to obvious reasons has 87 chapters now, but I have to pay for it cause kr and novelpia🤬🤬🤬

    I don’t need it I don’t need it I NEED IT!! Ahhh my cyberpunk obsession novel 😰😰

    It’s like $15 but there’s only 20 more chapters, it’s not worth it. BUT it’s getting good!!! I DONT NEED IT… it’s getting translated properly though but it’s 70 chapters behind, ahhhh I don’t need it I’m not paying $15 for something easily obtainable for free. Confuscious ideals wise turtle master give me strength

    1. milky violet says:

      all the author needs to do is just write something like

      “Oh no I’m the main character and despite seeing obvious hints that my FRIEND is in LOVE with me who just so happens to be FEMALE, oh nooo I’m pinned against the wall and she’s staring me down” all the author has to do is that ❤️❤️

      Like Omg dude if you’re gonna create a dense MC, create an overly aggressive heroine then please. But that’s not fun, it’s funner when you tease a heroine and then they snap and ❤️

      “Oh No Madam Larissa of the 89th Juhuxolion family of Nicurice, I would be willing to save you for thy beauty is as beautiful as the ugliest diamond and greater than the prettiest dragon” and then after the MC is done fooling around blah blah the heroine pins MC done and goes “about that kiss~”
      “wait I was joking” and devouring ❤️❤️❤️

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Man, when you sound insane you sound hilarious.
        But this time you’ve gone too far… I mean come on, using HEART EMOJI’s…. I expected more from you.

      2. Idont Know Idont Know says:

        bro you comment too much CHILL I see you everywhere lol

      3. Wayne says:

        The GOAT Milky is back,
        please never stop commenting.

  10. milky violet says:

    I just saw Magic The Gathering season 2 episode 20, and the “All three were now drawing 120% of their potential” scene was so hard man 😭😭😭 and then you have less than numbers playing in the background 🔥🔥🔥🥶

    PPAMA was cooking with shadow clone jutsu

    1. milky violet says:

      Specifically only episode 20, idc about jjk so I skipped everything just to watch ep 20.

  11. Omg it got updated 🤯. This is why Noble is the goat 🐐

    1. Btw last chapter was 66 if anyone is wondering

  12. I love this Novel!!!! Thank you!!

  13. Rinrin says:

    Nobel pls update, goat novel fr fr

  14. xixixi says:

    please update this bro, raw 131

  15. 10/10! One of the best novel in this website. Please update!

  16. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

    Its been a year 🙁 please update

  17. SilverInk says:

    What I really like about in this novel is the MC.

    He is not afraid on comitting social suicides for others for as he said, He do not care about what others think and he who does not have a friend is invinvcible.

    And this acts of self-sacrifice manage to solve other’s problem.

  18. SilverInk says:

    Why do I see Hachiman on the MC?

  19. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

    I dont usually read this kind of novel since most of the times, its always end up as a drama but god dmn! This one is one of the best novel in this site.

    It has comedy, a bit of drama, The MC isnt dense but more importantly, He is like 8man. He’s not afraid to say what on his mind.

    1. Shu Chou Shu Chou says:

      also yeah, Like what others said, don’t read ch.66 until there’s new update. The cliffhanger is just painful.

  20. Su 183 says:

    One of the best novel here

    Must read YOU MUST READ **MUST**

    *Note don’t read ch.66 find good spot to stop until the next update

  21. damn i need moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  22. Layios _ Layios _ says:

    One of the best novel I ever read on the site.
    Funny, sexy, harem, Slice of Life and no worry about useless drama.
    MC is quick witted, now what he want and sometimes a bit dense but it’s just a bit for plot.
    I hope it’ll be an harem, all the girl are cute & interesting to read.
    Ch 66 was really the worst cliff I ever had, left me hanging.

    Anyway I recommend it strongly.

  23. rob z rob z says:

    I usually dislike harem so wasn’t sure if I should give it a try given the tag but it has been a really good novel so far – much better than the 8.8 rating would suggest. Hope this one gets regular updates. And that cliff at the end of Chapter 66 (last chapter in the first upload) was brutal.

    1. IME says:

      so that’s why, you and my favorite novels are always different, I really love harem, and it seems like I only read harem on this site.

      i always got boring fast if there’s only one heroine.

      1. Hehe says:

        Waw same here , but i hate if MC just married 1 wive

      2. rob z rob z says:

        I find harem generally (1) vile and offensive, (2) essentially a form of self insertion wish fulfillment, and (3) almost impossible to pull off well. I can think of only a handful of novels that get it right – Incompatible interspecies Wives is what comes immediately to mind.

  24. Sorry for my writing, English is not my language, use translator for this:

    The story is about the protagonist who is the administrator of a social network at his university, where all members are anonymous. He accidentally discovers that one of the most beautiful girls in the school is a regular user of that social network and learns about her peculiar “hobby.”

    The protagonist had an incident with his ex-girlfriend in the past, which is why he is alone and has no friends. The reason for his breakup with his ex is unknown, and it is also uncertain whether she will become a heroine.

    Additionally, there is another heroine who approaches him to find out why he broke up with his ex, but gradually they fall in love. It is one of the most natural romances I have seen.

    One of the strong points of this novel is the protagonist’s attitude; he is very honest, not easily intimidated, and doesn’t care about others’ opinions. This makes the heroines admire this quality in him.

    I have read all the chapters (66 chapters), and the last one left a significant cliffhanger.

    My only wish is for it to end in a harem.

  25. Zzz says:

    I have read to ch52 im stopping for now until next update
    This is good stuff
    It is a modern slice of life setting and story takes place around our mc who is the administrator for their college board.

    There might be slight spoilers but i will try to tell you what the plot is about

    The board is a place students can type anonymously, people freely talk about hot topics and almost everything
    Our first female lead pretends to be a guy and posts pantsu pics etc while our mc naturally deletes them
    Second female lead gets connected with mc because mc’s ex girlfriend has a shared friend with her(cover pic girl)
    Another female lead comes in because of some past problem with first female lead

    Story is mostly comedy from what i have seen but some drama is included. Character interactions are fun to read.

  26. SenatorArmstrong says:

    Fun read, not bad. Looking forward to more.

  27. Cain says:

    I rarely talk here, but this was kind of fun. I literally read this from 12 AM to 5 AM. Safe to say, Chapter 66 was the worst cliff I have ever seen in my life.

  28. RINRIN says:

    That synopsis didn’t help me to understand what tf this story is all about

  29. Insufferable says:

    This is a 4CHAN admin story hahaha.

    FMC is a coomer lol. It’s funny

    1. Cero says:

      The Fmc is a being created solely yo break the Mc’s balls hahaha.

    2. SenatorArmstrong says:

      FYI, the 4chan equivalent in Korea is called dcinside. It functions similarly as an imageboard, and the users are just as autistic.

  30. Cero says:

    Oh no, a management novel, my weakness 😶.

  31. IME says:

    huh? same author with “I became the academy necromancer” ?


    1. IME says:

      one of the goated author.

      lets try it, i hope this suit my taste.

      1. IME says:

        wtf i just remember, when will you update “i became academy necromancer” noble-sama.

        the last update is in may 2023 holyy

        1. Danoc says:

          Ask on the discord server

    2. I read because of this comment. No regrets until ch50.

      1. IME says:

        good for ya mate

  32. TheSinglesLord says:

    A bamboo what now? Are kr people insane!?!?!

    1. Anyway, another popular work lets dive in

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