Please Do Not Abandon the Adopted Heroine
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Please Do Not Abandon the Adopted Heroine

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분양받은 히로인을 유기하지 말아 주새오
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Please Do Not Abandon the Adopted Heroine

I became a professor at the Academy. I got a student.
PS, if you carelessly abandon it, we cannot be held responsible for the future.

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  1. milky violet says:

    It’s decent. Misunderstandings are annoying and there’s no real plot.

    Wish they would just make Freya a yandere already

  2. rob z rob z says:

    Based on what I read so far, it’s freaking poison. Garbage harem. D!ckless eunuch MC who also regularly acts like a buffoon. “Hide my powers” because “reasons” trope. Seemingly dense MC as well, although not fully clear yet. School administration that deliberately turns a blind eye to attempted murder of a student for no real reason (some excuse about the “greater good” basically), which the MC goes along with. A gender switched FMC (male reincarnated into a woman’s body). The litany of sh!t in this novel goes on and on.

    Reminiscent of Running Away From The Hero, which I absolutely hated (there are even references to MC having a bat). 1.5/10 – the only reasons it gets any points is for the yandere.

    1. Error_Irrelevant says:

      I don’t like your review

      1. rob z rob z says:

        Well, your comment offers nothing in response to my review and provides no response based on the story. I actually offer critique of the story, which is admittedly harsh.

        1. Error_Irrelevant says:

          Annoying person

    2. amogustimestwo says:

      not FMC, it’s just a gender-switched important character. not even an FL. You could consider her (she calls herself a male though) a main quest NPC in a game.

      1. rob z rob z says:

        She is one of at least 3 FMCs, the other two being Undine and Cecilia. She plays a critical role to the story, and as such, is one of the female main characters.

        1. rob z rob z says:

          Just did a rough count, and she/he appears in or is referenced in at least 90 of the 112 published chapters so far, including up to 112.

  3. Workout says:

    Oh, for that one person; Undine is silver hair, red eye heroine

    1. Workout says:

      Cecilia, she is a fox species and has a tint of pink hair as her hair color

      Freya, she is a reincarnated person and is now a member of the baneer tribe and has pure white wings with blond hair

      Undine, she also changes hair color to red in specific moments

  4. Clown 🤡🎪 says:


  5. Error_Irrelevant says:

    6/10 There’s hints of comedy/parody elements, like as if the main character is being shown as the character and serious items have a funny effect like when he appears he falls straight on his face, the romance and obsession slightly start to begin at CH 11, and so on.

    Main character is just the main character, doesn’t get fleshed out and other characters get introduced in the beginning as the focus of the story during the whole events

    I’ll continue reading but the story isn’t that special, the first chapters where main character is slightly locked up by the heroine isn’t reallly how the story is going, tho for some people who want a story where you see how the heroine begins to obsess from not being obsessed at all it’s alright

    Ps: the current lady on the cover is a man who was unfortunate enough to reincarnate as a girl angel thing with wings, she even has her own fanclub

    1. Error_Irrelevant says:

      Ch 10* not ch 11, that is when you begin to see how the obsession will likely play out, obsession actually begins ch 18

      And the lady on the cover has blond hair, it just looks white, her wings are white tho, and personal mention, the fan club is unreasonably strong and insane

  6. amogustimestwo says:

    not pure love. says harem. although its a teacher MCs harem

  7. Sephir says:

    The start is pretty rough i’ll stop at ch0

  8. Immenent Sama says:

    If there is an eminence in the shadow, then I declare myself as the “Imminent against the poison”. I who lurk within the poison, I who hates harems, and the one who loaths Ntr!

    I hereby declare this novel as a poison imminent one!

    1. amogustimestwo says:

      I lurk in the poison and hunt down poisons.

      1. amogustimestwo says:

        Btw as Cid Poisonou I have a few girls in my harem and as Lord Poison I have a harem of 666+ girls.

  9. Amante del haren ts con amor Puro says:

    La waifu de la portada es la heroína TS de la historia. Mc tiene suerte 🥵👌

  10. X33 says:

    I can’t poison test this so to anyone who can please do so ill jump in dependjng on your review.

  11. Big Blackclock says:

    8.8 rating💀💀. Most of the novels below 9 in this site are poison.

    1. Crosz says:

      Nahh bro, it’s a new release one with 10 bookmarks at most currently, so we’re judging it too early


      3th? ._.

        1. Error_Irrelevant says:


  12. Novel reviewer says:


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