Childhood Friend of the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate Family
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Childhood Friend of the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate Family

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재벌집 막내딸의 소꿉친구
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Childhood Friend of the Youngest Daughter of a Conglomerate Family

After returning, I was picked up by the youngest daughter of a chaebol family.

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  1. TheSinglesLord says:

    Kinda great but third heroine was so rushed but nevertheless a good end.

  2. amogustimestwo says:

    lol title looks like: I’m the childhood friend of the cousin of their best friend who’s the youngest daughter of the conglomerate family

  3. Cero says:

    The ending…well, it’s not what i expected but i’m satisfied 👍.

    1. rob z rob z says:

      Same – I’ll take it.

  4. Kyryuu says:

    Me ofende este final pero lo acepto por soi

  5. Zzz says:

    I checked only the ending since i got curious from comments but this has such a ridiculous r19 ending that it was almost funny

  6. clown 🤡🎪 says:

    wheres the update on interspecies wives its already a week and that was mostly the schedule of that novel every 1/2 weeks.

  7. Nohay K Nohay K says:

    They know when they update incompatible interspecies

  8. rob z rob z says:

    This novel is now complete (ep 98 was the last episode). Last chapter is entitles “Lived Happily Ever After” so it seems like a good ending.

  9. DURARARAR says:

    Summary after reading 23 chapters; This not going in a good direction. A guy dies trying to save his girlfriend who was from an extremely rich family and the guy was broke with trajic past. The guy regresses and become 6 year old, constantly getting abused from his mother and not eating much, stuff happen and this very rich 6 year old saves his and now he lives with the rich people, people accepted him without much resistance. The mother was my favourite character and was genuinely very kind, but she wasn’t treated as one of the family member by the grandpa since he wanted his son to marry a woman with much more wealth and influence. The mother dies of some sort of cancer (It was a cannon event, the mc tried to save her). Now the mother left the note for the daughter (who is very close with the mc) to take care of his father. The Daughter (Ara) now trying her hardest to get better and help her father as soon as she can, goes far and far away from the mc. Now they are graduating elementary school and the daughter has decided to go to girls middle school to stay away from mc even more. This is what the story has progressed to, the following things I didn’t mention but are important to the story:
    1. There are 2 sibling of Ara who are both studying abroad, mc is cool with them both.
    2. The mother that died also left a note for the mc asking him to take care of Ara.
    3. The grandpa who owns the company dislikes his son because he did’nt forgive his ex-wife who cheated on him with multiple men just because his ex-wife has a lot of power in the politics side of things.
    4. Ara also has another female friend (Min-Ah) that she has been with since kindergarden and the three people mc, Min-Ah and Ara used to be best friend before the mother’s death. Ara is still close with Min-Ah. Min Ah aslo has a small crush on mc.

    This is my theory where the story will go now on: Ara going to the girls only middle school will continue to get distant from the mc and this will continue until after highschool, Then the prologue will come of Ara setting up mc and other girl and mc will feel betrayed by her. After all this mc will find his girlfriend from previous life, which he loved very much back then. They both will get together and then the author will start using the regret tag.

  10. rob z rob z says:

    Zdoger – I don’t think you understand how horrific burns can be, particularly oil burns that are left untreated for any extended time. No surgery or skin grafting can fix that.

  11. rob z rob z says:

    This is the type of novel that some people will love, and some people will hate. I will try and give a more fulsome summary to give you a sense of where you may fall (without giving away too much). Please note that this novel has some serious themes of child abuse, so be warned. Also, in reading this novel, the one overarching thought that kept coming across my mind is that “this is a K-drama in novel form”

    In the orginal timeline, MC is a young man (23) who suffered terrible abuse as a child from his single mom, culminating in her horribly burning half his face with oil. As a result, MC had a very difficult life in poverty with no friends. MC encounters first girl (let’s call her OT Girl for old timeline) through a meet cute, and they start to date (OT Girl is really sweet and kind). Note OT Girl is from a well off family. They date for three years, and MC finally meets the OT GIrl parents. Parents are kind of evil, and hurl abuse at MC, and demand they break up. MC is traumatized and leaves. Drama happens, and MC gets killed while saving like of OT Girl (who sees him die in front of her)

    MC regresses to when he was 6 and no longer has scars – great, right? NO! He is being horribly beaten and abused by his mother (for a cliche reason that happens in real life). MC realizes he has to escape; trying to, he is beaten bloody by his mother, but gets away to a public place. He bumps into NT Girl (who is also 6) who finds him really cute and goes to get her mother. MC’s mother finally catches up to MC and is about to bring the pain when NT Girl’s mother shows up. NT’s mother and MC’s mother know each other (NT”s mother is the wife of a chaebol leader’s son). Truth comes out and MC’s mother is put in jail, MC is taken in by NT GIrl’s family.

    MC grows up with NT Girl and a third friend (Female Friend). NT Girl makes MC promise to be with her on her b-day every year, and its clear she has feelings for him (MC does not have any feelings at this time beyond NT Girl being his savior and wanting to protect her). Two major events happen. First, the evil grandfather enters the picture. He’s a piece of sh!t, and wants to destroy any possible romance between MC and NT Girl. Second event I will not spoil, but these two events cause NT Girl to make a decision that leads to misunderstandings.

    Story proceeds to college, misunderstandings remain and drama continues (including drama between Femal efirend and the other two main characters). The story then finally kicks off in college when MC meets OT Girl in new timeline. Author does something kind of neat with the MC – OT Girl aspect of the story (which I won’t give away).

    If you like melodrama, romance, and more realistic / serious situations (of course putting aside the regressor thing), yo may like this novel (I certainly did). If you don’t like misunderstanding or have a knee jerk “grooming” reaction based on the plot description above, you won’t (note: author tries to tone this down by (1) noting that MC’s mind also somewhat regresses, (2) making NT Girl very mature for her age (more mature than MC at times), and (3) noting MC does not have any romantic feelings till later.

    A good litmus test is incompatible Interspecies Wives – as Gladiator noted there is a similar feeling between the two novels. If you like IIS you may like this.

  12. Dagonsuznyz says:


  13. Zdoger says:

    As far as I remember, plastic surgery is very well developed in Korea. So the idea that a guy has a bad face doesn’t work very well…

  14. MTehsan says:

    poison. proceed at your own risk.

  15. Q D Q D says:

    This novel reminds me of the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling. Initially its lesson is to wait patiently for happiness to come to you. But it’s not, the real lesson of it is that if you’re pretty you’ll own everything, and if you’re ugly you’re nothing.

  16. SenatorArmstrong says:

    >Drama, Exhaustion, Obsession, Romance
    >Power gap between FML (conglomerate family daughter) and ML (average boy)
    Imagine reading a novel to tire yourself lol.

  17. Velcon says:

    Full of drama, no happy, sad.
    This is a test cause last comment I made with a review of sorts did not post

  18. Salty1 says:

    Nah man get some rest you deserve it

  19. Bob Marley Bob Marley says:

    You want some french fries/chips/taters with that?

    Idk what I’m talking about it’s 12:00 and I haven’t sleeped since yesterday

  20. Sephir says:

    Yeah @Key BirdandTree, dont get disappointed if you end up with a girl that’s not an heroine coming from a book.

    Learn to cherish her, (dont be a bastard that can’t appreciate little things like her cooking or doing shores, help her or do it yourself sometimes. Little things like birthday’s, sounds silly but when you’ll turn 35 it’s not the first things you think about. A healthy relationship starts with little things that change everythings overall).

    The most important fact is that an heroine got a personality that won’t last long until you get tired of it(no joke) i can’t see a spoiled girl in her 50’s or a yandere grandma.

    Misunderstandings literally can be the downfall of a relationship, novel’s aren’t reality be aware of that.

    I literally dont have any love experiences so don’t expect to be enlightened or something but it’s the basic of a good couple (as a boyfriend or married man).

    Probably doing somethings like this cuz i’m seeing a lot of bastards who can’t be kind to their wifes.

  21. Misib says:

    The prologue is very empty, like cf just gave up mc…(so its confusing).

    Protagonist in first life died saving his loyal gf,(omiting a lot of info).
    Second life the cf save mc before his face is burn and adopt him, the problem is.. What about gf … He is just going to give up on her?

    The history is a bit dramatic, especially the first chapters.

  22. Actually, what amuses me is how the main girl in the book is always incredibly talented/rich/strong/whatever else. It’s almost the same as in girls’ novels, where princes and rich guys always chase after the main character, who is just an ordinary village girl. It wouldn’t be so funny if people didn’t start expecting their own partner to be just as “the best at something” after reading such novels.

    And either I have déjà vu or I’ve seen the comment above somewhere else on this website.

  23. Poison Tester says:

    Last reading: ch 5(dropped)
    Synopsis: it started when gf father broke lover relationship between MC and his gf because mc face was ugly(he have burn scar that ruined his life due to domestic violence from his mother). MC died to save her gf from truck incident but realized he was back to the past when his face still pretty and normal. The MC tried to runaway from home to avoid the incident that burn his face and due to protagonist plot armor, youngest daughter of rich family save him from his cruel mother.

    Review: good looking poison. This novel gave us realistic moral value: “If you are good looking, the world will help you. But if you ugly, everyone will treat you as a trash.”

  24. Poison Tester says:


    This book is definitely of “if you are good looking, your problem is clear”

  25. Mamamiya says:

    Too much poison
    It’s straight forward answer sometime to rejection – get lost Witch

  26. Insufferable says:

    The chapter titles gives off melodrama/tragic vibes.

  27. kk77 says:

    ^bro is not even trying anymore

  28. Sephir says:


  29. Poison Tester says:

    I don’t want to go and suffer..

  30. Kaniya says:

    Childhood friend + regret = Deadly poison 🥶

  31. Zero says:

    Childhood friend = Poison 😰

  32. Kaniya says:

    Childhood friend

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