The Nature of Possession
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The Nature of Possession

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빙의가 체질
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Nature of Possession

I became the scapegoat to stabilize all dimensions.
He blows a pad lip at the god who promises to reincarnate, and becomes possessed.

[I hope you will be loved to death by the opposite s*x and live well.]

Before I even thought about what it meant, a woman stood in front of me holding a knife.

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  1. milky violet says:

    The heavenly demon one is just sad. I want her to win

    She needs to find him and pin him down plsssss or else it’ll be too late

  2. Adcium says:

    I thought there was going to be a way for them to meet again one day, but that doesn’t look like it’ll happen based on the comments.

    I don’t want to see a new FML and then never see them again after MC dies..

  3. In short, this is a good book and I want it to be updated more frequently in the future. In long, the main character gains the ability to move between dimensions, and each dimension is a separate story with its own yandere and theme. However, all these dimensions are united not only by the main character moving between them but also by a common developing meta-plot, so there is no feeling that previous changes never existed. The book develops quite slowly, and due to the setting, the main character is not a super powerful hero, although in each dimension, amusingly, he has sufficient power in one form or another, so he never finds himself helpless, although, of course, nothing can be done about the yandere. Overall, the book manages to sit on all chairs at once – if you like harem, there are quite a few girls in love with the main character, and if you don’t like harem, then in each individual dimension, the main character has only one girl. There are different dimensions with different types of settings, different types of yandere, from fairly mild, which are the majority, to those that the main character encountered at the beginning of the book. What I personally like most about this book is that it, albeit very carefully and briefly, tries to say something. You don’t necessarily have to pay attention to this if you don’t like to burden your brain while reading, but with a fairly thoughtful viewing, it’s interesting how the main character expresses his thoughts on adulthood, free will, unity, the value of life, and other views on life. Overall, it’s a pretty good book, although it doesn’t leave you deeply impressed after reading it.

  4. Freak says:

    Is the mtl will be going to be like this even in the future chapters?? It is understandable but not good enough to immerse myself into.

    1. Freak says:

      I think I got spoiled from reading quality mtl to come again on this. I want to read more of this but currently not so much enjoying this mtl

  5. Emphat101 says:

    Will he become strong? Im at chapter 50 but he’s so weak that he can’t even protect himself and just die stupidly

  6. Is there any brave hero here who can do a review of this story?

    1. gege says:

      its ok if you had enough patience at beginning since he will keep dying one way or another

  7. milky violet says:

    …they- they uploaded! !! I understand a yanderes obsession now, it’s like my master whom I adored for years thay just disappeared came back. Nah jk I read it on the KR website lol, speaking of which they’re so scummy!! Korea is so boring man “oh you need an ID to comment, send pic of ID, we follow the law!!” Boring !!

    1. milky violet says:

      21 Korean social workers should be happy that they reincarnated, transmigrated, or possessor into a novel or game.

      Oh but now I have to fight a demon king and live in a- yeah but you lived in a country where you can’t find the raws for novels online for free. Way worse.

      1. milky violet says:

        “Uhmmm actually you shouldn’t pirate because that hurt-“ shut it before I possess you into a dark fantasy where the DK is winning just to make your life even harder.

        1. Frauuu says:

          Holy sh*, my sides died reading that lmao

        2. amogustimestwo says:

          100000000% agree here. If you’re not a pirate, you’re not noble. If your not noble, get off nobleMTL.

    2. Sephir says:

      ur intoxicated dont spread ur disease to others

      1. Padre damaso says:

        Milky may be way WAY out of line but he do be speaking facts, some countries censorship are way something else

        1. Sephir says:

          i remember replying to milky but it wasn’t on this comment??

      2. milky violet says:

        Nyahahaha the disparity between my comments now and from 2 years ago.

        1. Sephir says:

          Time truly flies fast, i wonder when will the internet be censored, sadly

  8. gege says:

    350 chaps? is this some sort of miracle? that’s crazy 😭

  9. Well, since this isn’t going to be updated any time soon, the novelpia is up like 100 chapters and it’s free.

    Hehehe I can’t wait for more~

    1. Tch, murim master has me in tears so much. I hope she finds the MC while traversing other worlds and gives him a big ol passionate hug that is done while tying down MC, more specifically, the mc cannot move and she can do whatever she wants to him.

      She deserves it 😢

      1. milky violet says:

        Omg in the current chapter; the MC is getting dogged on by yandere androids 🥺

        Kyaaa that’s so scary and hot~

        Scary in that you’re going to be drained dry and forcefully taken against your will, but hot in that the androids can nibble on your ear while~ you get drained dry~~~~ nose bleed

  10. Shalan Shalan says:

    Endless cycle of death and survival

  11. Enter says:

    A meeting of coprophiles declared this creation a masterpiece.

    1. irrelevantCommenter says:

      coprophile: excretement lover

  12. Lku says:

    *hidden gem*

  13. I’ve reread this like a billion times but I still feel sad for the Heavenly Demon, she really got the short end of the stick and gosh darn it I’m hoping she wins in the battle for MCs love

  14. Zhenki says:

    please update sir😭🤣🤣🙏

  15. Bro the maid one was so sad, I’m glad it had a sort of happy ending. Now the heavenly demon one, sheesh, not so happy ending.

  16. Kibik says:

    Masterpiece. Can you update ?

  17. HY says:

    should have r18

  18. Phantom says:

    an endless cycle of yandere

  19. Ashborn1609 says:

    Is this one a harem

  20. Nay says:

    Nature of possession? No, it’s yandere survival

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