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Dear My Knight

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친애하는 나의 기사에게
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean Posted by: Noble nible Posted on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Dear My Knight

It reminded me of a conversation we had as a children.

that he would be her knight.

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  1. Hehe says:

    Bruhhh … Okeh my comment deleted 2 times ,
    So for me this is poison for vanilla lover like me…

  2. I read up to ch61. Still going.

    But i kinda agree to @milky violet. Mc feels a little lifeless. It’s a little like those self insert visual novels. You know you see characters from 1st person Pov?

    However bad things aside. I like the heroines. They have strong mentality and uncounsciously obsessive. All of them are so far stronger than the Mc

  3. Well I can definitely say it is not for me.

  4. yeah the protagonist doesn’t feel like a protagonist, just kinda feel like I’m reading someone else’s pov instead of his, even when he monologues.

  5. I’m back!

    It’s a good novel, but definitely not my taste.

    From the title, I was expecting lots of action and adventure, the story of a knight, etc.

    What I got (read up to ch 33) was a romance novel that glosses over strength growth and training and instead focuses mostly on romance. There is some action, but it all links back to romance so far, and various Yandere characters.

    It’s mostly a romance novel, basically.

  6. Aside from that, I don’t see any big problems where I’m at yet.

  7. does not guide his grandchildren in any way whatsoever: is shocked when they come out as trash and losers

    Like dang it’s almost like children are impressionable and stupid- I can’t feel pity for you when you whine about your lineage dying out because your heirs are trash when you did nothing to guide them.

    Of course, I just can’t blame you. Your grandchildren should’ve learned self discipline and responsibility by themselves, however there is an equal amount of responsibility for both sides in growing up and developing well. Both sides are guilty and your family was doomed to fall anyways due to your high reward high risk type family management, if not for your decent granddaughter.

  8. Salty1 says:

    Any review ?

  9. Hehe says:

    I see harem i click !!!
    Thanks noble 🙂

  10. Hahaha less goo, obsession

  11. Ag Sen Ag Sen says:

    May luck is with you, leutenant!!

  12. Bob says:

    He’s pulling his C**k out!

  13. Extra Extra says:

    Tags I like – Check
    Poison levels – Unknown

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